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    BJP will come back on Ram temple issue in the next UP election. will this help BJP ìn any way?

    BJP has indicated that it may return back to its ram temple issue. BJP on sunday said that its two yatras will cluminate in Ayodhya where party leaders will take a pledge for victory. BJP söurces said that in Ayodhya all senior leaders will discuss that how the Ram temple issue can be capitalised?
    What you people will say on this? Does Ram temple can save BJP's sinking ship?
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    My sincere advise to BJP. If at all it is serious to grab the power once again at the Center, never rake up the issue of Ram Mandir. The crusade for corruption initiated by Anna Hazare if is taken to the people in right direction that will fetch them good vote and Congress can be thrown in the dust bin.

    Advaniji are you listening.Now it should be the cake walk for this party as the Congress is fully embroiled in corrupt practices. For that matter BJP is also proved to be corrupt and not to the extent of Congress. So this the solace for this party.

    K Mohan
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    I think the only thing BJP has to do is to reunite the whole party again and tö just follow Anna hazare.
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    Such emotive issues cannot grab votes always. Such issues have the potential for some time but situations change. So it would be in the interest of BJP not to rake up such issues. There are so many other issues confronting the nation at the moment. Corruption itself can be the major issue as the opposition has so much of ammunition with it to attract voters. Black money could be another potential issue.



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    I think this issue still has the potential to draw votes for the BJP but it should not be raised by them on moral grounds.
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    BJP should not rake up with Ram janam Bhoomi issue now. If they take up this issue they are sure to lose the elections. India is a secular country and all Indians love all religions and their Gods. BJPs Ram mandir issue will divide the people to vote against BJP. BJP should be very cautious with their election manifesto. They should take up the issue of corruption to the fore and try to change the mindset of our people.
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    Hello sun sir,
    I also dont favour this approach of BJP

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    Dear friends,
    I don't think BJP will fight next election on the basis of Ram temple ajenda. Now Indian society is changed. The situation is not equal to that of 80 or 90's. People are more educated and aware of their basic needs. No Hindu or Muslim are interested such issues. All need peace in society. All feel the brotherhood between all religions should be developed. In this time if BJP raise this as a prime issue then it must backfire them. Ram Temple issue will not bring any profit to BJP in next election. Hence BJP cleverly kept this issue side and start campaign against cogress on corruption issues.

    Thanks and regards,

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    BJP's trick to bring back Ram mandir issue will not help it, instead it will have negative impact on people of other states . Attitudes of people are not the same as it was before 18 years. Now people are well aware of politicians and parties which are trying to take advantages of religions.

    I suggest BJP to campaign on other issues which may attract voters to their side instead of attracting people of one community. I condemn the attitude of BJP which want to re ignite the issue of Ram Mandir. As this case is under prosecution it will be much better to leave the issue to courts.

    I just want to conclude that it will be dangerous sign for both people and BJP party to raise the voice on Ram Mandir.

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