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    Importance of Exhibitions in schools

    Everybody knows about the term 'Exhibition', which mostly related to student and school. Maximum schools are conducting different types of exhibitions related to subject and non-subjects. In our school life, we too participated many kind of exhibitions, to exhibit our latent in any specific field. I am sharing some of the benefits from 'Exhibitions in schools'; please participate and share your valuable points on this topic.

    Benefits of Exhibitions in school, are:
    1. Before exhibition, subject teachers finds out or choose their best students to exhibits something different to others. In addition, teachers give their selected students a short list of contents, which they can study, create a subject, & design the exhibit. At this time, the teacher-student interaction increases; where teacher understand the knowledge of student and students too understand their teacher's quality and interest, vise verse.
    2. While preparing for exhibition, students are in happy mood in thought of participating and showing their friends a new thing different from others. Their inner core develops while doing some creativity act in this stage.
    3. At the time of exhibition, every student feels happy and enthusiastic, which we never find in other competitions. This is because, art, games, athletic or music are not fond for every student; everyone do not like everything. However, in exhibition, participants were keen to show their content and non-participants were willing to know about various subjects, and gain some knowledge on different subjects.
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    Hello sir,
    I do favour you completely on exhibitions in the school. They provide a platform of exposure to the students. Through exhibitions a student learns to express him in people. Exhibitions also play an important role in building up the self confidence of the students.
    Exhibitions come under the extra curricular activities of the student and it also seves as a mean of relaxtion from the burden of studies.

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    1. Exhibition will encourage bright students as well as weak students to learn the concepts in a practical way.

    2. It will help the students and teachers to interact with each other which will help in the learning process of a student.

    3. A student who get involved in such activities will get motivated in those subjects and thereby his learning abilities get enhanced.

    4. Exhibitions conducted in schools bring a kind of togetherness among students as well as teachers.

    5. Exhibitions conducted in school will form an important tool to bring out the hidden talents of students other than studies.

    6. School authorities must see maximum number of students have to participate in these activities so that most of them get benefited.

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    If properly used, school level exhibitions help students to learn their lessons subjects and serve a real hands-on experience and stand for the projects. Many such exhibitions have brought out the hidden talents in students and the budding scientists in them.

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    School exhibitions are very useful to school students. In class room activities students learn about different topics but in exhibition they not only learn but also involved in those topics. Hence relatively projects and exhibitions are more productive than normal classroom activities.Exhibition improves the creativity idea of a student and allow him to think beyond his textbooks. By participating exhibitions students learn to work in group. They learn to do work by coordinating each other in group, which develops their relations with each other. Exhibitions also develops the relations between teacher and student. While participating exhibitions students come across different people while explaining their respective projects. Which improves their patience and body language. This also develops public relation among students. By doing projects on different social activities they can create awareness in public on different social activities.
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    Exhibitions if conducted,will provide only good results.But very less number of schools are doing that in our country.
    It will be a practical experience to the students.They are experienced only class room sessions about the topics.So this will help them to understand the concepts.


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    Hi sir,

    I think that exhibitions are absolutely a bless for students doing their schooling. In an exhibitions, the particular individual gets a chance to present or put forward his ideas about a articular topic which indirectly increases his/her knowledge in the same field too.

    In many parts of our country, i beleave there are many "young and innovative scientists" just waiting for a proper exposure to come up with the varied ideas that they might have thought about. For these kids, Exhibitions are indeed a blessing from heaven.
    (common, the other lazy guys who dosent take part in these events will atleast get a day off !)

    Linu Chackos


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