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    Which Party is most Corrupt? Indian Politics

    In last few years, we have seen a good number of scam every other day in the country coming up.

    The scams were in such a way that there was competition between parties who will lead in the scam race. Be it Congress or BJP, who are now both fighting against Corruption in the country and within the party.

    Congress has been at much loss then BJP. With as many number of scam that have come in last 2 years during their regime of ruling party.

    Let's List some major Congress party scams:

    1) Commonwealth Games
    2) 2G Scam
    3) Adarsh Society Scam
    4) Y Jagamohan Reddy Assets

    BJP Party Scams:

    1) Mining Scam
    2) Land Scam

    With the latest update on B S Yeddyurappa being arrested under Land Scam in Bangalore, Karnataka and most of the Congress minister are already in Jail for the scams that they are involved.

    With Advani, on his country wide Yatra called Jan Chaitanya, Anna Hazare against Congress at Hissar election.

    Which party according you is the right choice for the country

    Give your opinions and feedback.
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    None of the political party is corruption free. You have already mentioned the number of scams which the two major have done in the past years. Congress has been the most corrupt and the first scam ever that took place in India was under the leadership of Congress when Pt. Nehru was in power.
    BJP, has been befooling the majority regarding the making of the Ram Temple, and I consider it to be the biggest scam which has effected the secular culture of India. (I know some member might not agree with me, but this is only my personal feeling)
    If we talk about BSP the Mayawati group, it the leader in the race. Yesterday Mayawati inaugurated Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal & Green Park in Noida which has costed Rs. 700 crores to the nation for what. She has installed the idols of her parents and it is only for self esteem. Will any one allow this kind of an act to be done when the public is in distress? The environmentalists are also quiet on the cutting of 2000 trees to make space for this self proclamation park.
    SP the party of Mulayam Singh, has provided jobs to the people of his community, which is also a scam. I don’t think that any of the present political party is capable to rule India which has clean hands.
    Please read: List of scams since 1947 in India

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    All political parties are corrupt. But at present most corrupt is congress party.

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    Although all party has some corrupt leaders but for congress has crossed all the limits of corruption.
    There is not a single leader present in the cabinet on whom people can express their confidence as fair politician.
    With the likes of A Raja, Chidambram,Kapil Sibal and so on congress has given a new dimension to the corruption.
    If I have to made a choice between BJP and congress I will go with BJP.

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    Dear friends.
    We can't name any particular political party either as fair or corrupted.The present situation gives a new definition for "Political Party" as "Corrupted Party".

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    In India, the meaning of politics is corruption. Politician means corrupt people. Every good Indian want to become a politician to get corrupted. Corruption is a holy word in the dictionary of politicians. This is the one good word that is being chanted by our Indian politician every day from morning to night and in their dreams. A politician will not be able to sleep unless he earns something for the day. That day will be counted as an useless day in his political career.

    All parties are corrupt in India in one way or other.

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    I think all the political parties have corrupt people. Since the present ruling party remained more in power, it has topped the list. May be if some ratio proportion formula is applied with reference to the time for which in power, some other party, even a smaller party, can top the list.

    That does not mean that we don't have politicians in this country who are not corrupt. Their number may be much smaller. I wonder if in the times to come we will be changing the definition of a politician and link it with corruption.


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    I think this is the problem of Indian constitution an India law.Otherwise how all the parties, even it is very small,come under severe criticism for corruption?

    We saw lot of state parties are formed in the past by our famous leaders with a guaranty that their party will never become corrupted.But very soon we heard that they also made various corruptions.

    Now this is a very serious issue to think about.We have to tackle this any how.Otherwise the country can not survive long time.


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    In my view, there should be no Political party. Only Independent candidates should allow to participate in polls. So that we can curtail domination of superior political parties and give chance to win right people.
    Thank you.

    Accept the pain and get ready for success

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    In my view, today no party Is clear from the scams. Two leading party members are mostly are correpted. Both of the has do lot of correption when they are elected by people. Today the indian poltics need a big change to save india against a correption. Today this is the duty of indian public to vote carefully and should have to give a chance to those people, who are really wants to work for the country not for himself.

    "Your vOte is your power'
    with regards
    Deepak kashyap

    With Thanks and Regards
    Deepak Kashyap

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    Nowadays politics is a way to make money too. Every party is filled with a few or more greedy leaders. Big corporate lobbies are ready there, to encourage support and defend them. So, it is a race for corruption that exists in India. Always leaders of ruling parties are with great advantage in this race. Latest position in the race is 1.Congress party with big lead, 2.DMK, 3.BSP,.4.BJP, 5.NCP 6.AIADMK. There are so many running behind with great expectations.

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    We can not blame any party as corrupt because the politicians are corrupt.
    You all have observed that most of the politician always change their party when they do not get sufficient power in their party .
    So we can not say The particular party has most corrupt people.
    but we can say that some ministers are very corrupted as they do not work and also they do not allow other good politicians do\\to do something good for the country.
    We can not say UPA government is corrupt as we all aware that even BJP Government also has so many corrupt politicians.

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    We cannot say exactly which party is most corrupt. There must be many scandels from which curtain is not yet raised. Mayawati govt, Lalu Yadav Govt are not clean either. We see daily the situation of UP. My personal view is that all of them are equally corrupt. However major scams that have been exposed recently says that Congress leads the table.
    "God Bless All"
    Vineet Mehta

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    I think all political parties are corrupt. We can not trust anyone. As congress party was ruled as central government many times so, this party may more corrupt. Recently UPA government is the most corrupt government in Indian history. It is involved in many scams like 2G, 3G,CWG etc.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Had politics ever been corruption free the number of individuals entering into politics would have drastically reduced. It is because politics is a means to making quick buck and a very huge one,that lures people,especially wrong people to take part in them. To say that a party is corruption free and some other is corruption bound is the biggest mistake one can make. But I feel that the Lok Satta party formed by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan is one such corruption free party but it is more of a one-man party in Andhra Pradesh and because this man is against any kind of corruption, no eminent politician is ready to join this party. That's the state of affairs of modern India.


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    from congress party every leader in corruption except PM. compare with BJP mining scam and land scam....comparatively low but they mining scam congress party leadrees also der from AP, land scam by yaddurappa.... but they caught by Strong LOKAYUKTA in KARNATAKA.... right now only in 3-5 states had strong lokayukta.... since indepence minmum 50yrs outof 70 was rulled by congress der any strong development shown in any yr....the indian development highly in when abdul kalam as president period....after he left than same repeating....they need their bank accounts and their bank

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    There are all parties are ahead in corruption. Those who are in power always try take advantage and pick up self wealth and make scam. There is not single party rest beside. This is not Congress or BJP far ahead. If BJP will in power there should be scam on name of BJP leaders. So, I think there is need of evolution of political family and less corruption in the system.

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    To find a party free of corruption in India is like searching for fresh water in an ocean. Every party (not only political parties but any organization involving money or number of people are no exception to the rule of corruption)is equally corrupt without exception. It only depends on the goggle we wear to see the shade. As Mr Vicky rightly pointed out the Congress was in power for more number of years than the others and hence they appear to be more corrupt. If any party come to that stage things will not be different at all. The political and social system in India (perhaps it may be similar everywhere else also)is like a kaleidoscope. You have the same colored pieces of glass in a mirror tube. If you shake you may find a different pattern of colour. But the prices are the same without any change. It is only the change of place of the pieces and their reflection in the glass that makes the pattern to appear as different.

    The only way to change this position is to make through change in the system which at the moment is not possible as our political field is fragmented into tiny and miniscule parts making it difficult for anyone to do something drastic. Even if someone try to d something slightly different that person or group is having to be in a hell. So where is the question of drastic change. The only possible way in the present circumstances is to have a strong dictator which is not possible in a country like India.

    Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu

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    I will agree with Nadeem sir that none of the party in India is corruption free. All other the same; and whether they will change into good working party is really doubtful; hope to see some good changes.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Now the most corruptive party party in India is congress and there is no doubt in that. And it is right to say that party at centre will be the most corruptive party,be it congress or BJP or any other coalition . Now I think it is impossible to prevent corruption fully but it can be minimised. And even if it is a corruptive government if policies are really satisfying the people, then the government is fair to some extent. Each and every policy is done with corruption in India. But this corruption cannot be blamed to politicians alone. There are several topics and factors involved and I suggest GD in it may improve our views in it.

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    Out of 65 years of freedom congress has ruled for more than 40 years so according to me the most corrupted party is the congress party.According to the survey the chairman of the congress party has a estimated property of 45000 crores and this property can not be estabalished with the salary of 30,000 which is the salary of chairman.So according to me i have given you the accurate answer to your effective question

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