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    Kejriwal attacked with shoe in Luckhnow

    On Tuesaday an attempt to assault Arvind kejriwal was made in Luckhnow.He was attacked by throwing a shoe at him.The attacker was idenitfied as Liteder Pathak from Jalon, Uttar pradesh.
    He claimed that he attacked kejriwal on the issue of corruption as he is not doing anything to fight against corruption. He called himself as a social worker.
    Is the attack on Kejriwal justified or you sense any political will of some politicians behind this attack?
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    No, this type of attack with a shoe is a National shame. Such incidents should not recur. Such people are sick and hypertensive and lack the patience to watch things get done in the correct time.

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    Very rightly said nupur k, such people should be dealt strictly and I think here police and UP govt should take some appropriate actions.
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    I think we need not see much meaning in this. It can be that someone wanted to get some cheap publicity just exploiting the present situation. Any big schemed attack will not be so public. This can be forgot as a small distraction with just a temporary news value.

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    I don't know who or why the shoe-chappel-throwing strategies are practises by the people all over the world. It just shows how immature and naive some people are in this world.

    If people believe in democracy, they should practise the way it is and not by following the practises of goons. utter Shame.

    Ever heard of Indian Blockade?

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    Hello friends,
    I don't think it is a justifiable to throw shoes at a person and when get caught say himself an activist. They are trying to eliminate the corruption from the country and are rewarded by shoes thrown towards them. It is certainly a wrong deed and the person who did this should be punished for his deeds to throw shoes at someone.
    If the man feels that the act of the person in the stage is wrong he can show his feelings by simply leaving the place rather to throw chapels which would become a national shame when the news spreads to other nations, The headings of the newspaper of other country would look something like this "A fighter against corruption had some shoes threw at him in India" which affects the name of our country to a great extend.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    hello bhai.
    i am totally against this. This is not justifiaable to throw a shoes on any person. This is not the right way to to express his opinion or anger . If he want to say something he can talk with them or media. He can express his thoughts by any other simple way. This way is not effective. It will harm him very much no benefits. If there is any group or political party behind this this thing doe.s not work for them . The peoples who do this types of things they should think that they are heartingthe feelings of all country. I requested them please do not do this it is not the right way.

    jai hind.

    With Thanks and Regards
    Deepak Kashyap

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    Such actions are deplorable. I think a shoe throwing culture has developed after Bush incident and it has penetrated in India too. There have been many such incidences here also. Giving vent to one's feelings or anger must be suitable dealt with by law enforcing agencies. It sets a wrong precedence and must be curbed.

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    Dear friends.
    It is a clear case of Political revenge. It should be condemned strictly. The people should act strictly against such aliments who support this type of acts.
    Thank you.

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