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    What are your views for negative marking in the competitive examinations?

    Some of us are of the opinion that the absence of negative marking will be of great help to the students as they will not lose marks for giving a wrong answer. A student may not attempt a question of which he is only partly sure of the answer fearing to get a negative mark if the answer goes wrong in the case of negative marking. But the same student can get a mark if the question happens to be correct if attempted when there is no negative marking. Those who favour the negative marking say that it is good system because it discourages the guess makers who will just guess the answer and will get the credit if it happens to be correct if there in no negative marking. Medical Council of India has recommended that there will be no negative marking in the proposed National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to MBBS courses for 2012 has made us to discuss this topic. Give your views against or for negative marking.
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    I fully supports negative marking in the competetive exams. It checks the depth of the knowledge of a student. In negative marking you cant make guesses. Competetive exams are conducted to give admissions to various course and students who score good marks in those exams are the one who have thorough knowledge of the subject.
    If there will be no negative marking the luck will also play a major role in the scoring of the students and I think this should not be promoted.

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    I think negative marking is a good step towards curbing guess work. Many a times when students may not be sure about the answer they may indulge in guessing. No doubt guessing may help to some extent in improving the score but that will actually mean that that part may not be a test of real knowledge of the student. It is, therefore, advisable to include negative marking. Normally, the weightage for wrong answer is much less, may be even one fourth of the correct one. That reduces its severity. Moreover, it is a common factor and the only factor which is not common is the degree of tendency to guess.

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    First of all little bit correction in the thread the government has canceled the proposal of common Medical PG Entrance examination for 2012. Instead the government has agreed to conduct the common test from 2013. Negative marking always has the risk of loosing marks unnecessarily it has advantage and dis advantage. Only good and talented students will clear the examinations by the negative marking method. And the students having some doubts regarding the answer of the question will be leave the question and they will loose the marks.

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    Negative marking will be the tool to get a student who tries to attempt a question which is not fully aware of and still tries to answer with vague. Such assumptions and presumptions cannot be accepted and hence by giving negative marketing , he can be set right to answer right ones.

    Medical Council of India has recommended that there will be no negative marking in the proposed National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test which is the bad decision and i am against it.

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    I also supports negative marking in the competitive exams. Because if there is no -ve marking then students will attempt all questions to try their LUCK and can get some extra marks which they don't deserve. And thus, the Final rankings will not the Correct one.

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    Please correct the spelling of the word "conceled" in your response. The information is authentic and is in the news for the last few days. It is also in the news that certain states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and West Bengal are not in the favour of Common Exam called NEET since the candidates will be examined through the medium of English and Hindi only and the common examination will be disadvantageous to those who study through the medium of a regional language at plus two level. Andhra Pradesh government has also stated that there is hardly any time left for the students to prepare. The Medical Council of India has however stated that it published the syllabus for the exam on its website in July 2011 and even asked for the comments at that time.

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    Negative marking is a must for the competitive exams for higher level whereas it shouldn't be the part of the exam for the lower level competitive exams. Without negative marks, candidates may indulge in blind clicking which spoils the purpose for which it was conducted.
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    Students or any person appearing in any examination go to the exam hall unprepared and try to answer the questions following blind method. This is a very incorrect practice. These people believe in luck than hard work. Therefore, negative marking will create a fear in the minds of the people and they will go to exam hall well prepared.

    I am in favour of negative marking.

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    In my opinion this method is good for those entrance tests conducted for professional courses and for those seeking jobs, especially if the tests are conducted in multiple choice pattern. This negative marking method eliminates the luck factor which may work in the case of some candidates. But this method is not productive in normal Board's examinations in our educational system.

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    According to me negative marking is very much necessary because for every question the student either knows the answer or does not know, it is as simple as black or white. So negative marking wont affect students in any way. Competitive exams are to compete on the basis of knowledge and not on the basis of luck.

    So I am definitely in favor of negative marking.

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    I welcome if negative marking is removed from entrance tests for medicine, engineering etc.

    Negative marking concept, in general, was initiated after the experience of many students scoring high marks in objective type tests, but same students scoring very low in descriptive type questions. Then it was inferred that these students just tick on some answers, and by the act of probability playing they become right also. In that some genuine students get lower scores also. To that extent it is effective to discourage such 'tickers'. But still that cannot be fully effective as negative marks are only a fraction of total marks for the correct answer.

    Coming to the entrance tests also, if a risk taking person still takes risks and just ticks some answer , still i may work in favour for him , due to probability.

    The concept that those who score correct marks know these answers well and that when the answer is wrong , it was only guessing -is also not universally correct. A student may be knowing the answer well and would have practiced similar questions earlier. But he may go wrong at the last step without he being aware of that, and thus the total answer may become wrong.

    Even with negative marking system, a well calculated method and approach can make guess work rewarding. Many coaching institutes also teach that. This is by preparing well in high weightage questions and by answering them. A little extra can be attempted under this. Then a calculated risk in guess work. This is done by basin the cut off in the previous year and expecting a certain cut off this year and working to that level.

    As the evaluation is not manual, it cannot be decided who knows properly and who has done guess work. It is usually the bright and capable students who become victims of the negative marking system and the less studious and less hardworking who get benefit from guess work.

    Removing negative marking system will help raising the marks scored from the present ridiculous low levels , and also help students who generally are studious and hardworking and sometimes become affected by exam tensions. All students who do only guessing cannot get good marks. The probability in such tests acts itself as a an automatic check. There may be a few stray cases of undeserving getting admitted. But most others will be the real deserving, who would have become helpless victims if negative marking would have been there.

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    Hello friends,
    I do think that the negative marking is definitely good for such type of examinations. There are many students who come to the examination hall without getting prepared and play some games to fill the options. I think that this negative marking makes the best students to filter at a higher and and also filters the students who belong to the weaker section of students. There are many students whom I have come across in my life who after attending an exam state that I have attended all the questions but don't know even one question, such students would be tested when the competitive exams are with negative marking.

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    Sudhan A

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    Thank Sukhdev for highlighting the regulation of Examination
    In the competitive examination every mark is very important. Each mark of this exam decides that whether candidate is selected or not select. In this view negative mark play a useful role in the examanination. Today generation is competitive every student appear in the exam without preparation .these student attempt to touch all question by guess not sure in the answer if exam have negative marking system students aware to touch all question and board can easily pick out a good candidate

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    In competitive exam negative marking play very important role to check how deep is the knowledge of student and his thinking power.If their is no negative marking student apply hit and throw method or make the guesses.By luck if his answer is right got marks.Only deserving candidate is the right choice of any seat.Therefore negative marking is a tool for deserving candidate with thorough knowledge to give the answer of only those question whose answers known to him properly not any guess take this place.

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    I am in support of negative marking because it restricts guessing of answer and helps in checking the proper knowledge of student.With the process of negative marking one cannot succeed without knowledge.One will have to study if he/she wants to be successful in exams.

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    Negative marking and competitive examinations design for evaluation of best candidate for desired post / education / level. This is simply a screening of best candidates from a group of candidates. Every one have certain problems but he cant able to claim that for that I was get less mark or not qualified. The candidates who are clearing or scoring in competitive examinations those are best example of winning on their problems.

    Hence students have to practice on study, fear, knowledge etc to get success in competitive examinations.

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    In my view, there are both advantages and disadvantages with negative marking system..! First of all I would like to say the introduction about the negative marking system in exams. Surely the originators of negative marking system had thought about the uses of it..! Because no one would really appreciate to threaten the students..!

    So, I would like to discuss about the both sides(Negative and Positive) of this system..

    Advantages of negative marking :

    1. Genuine hardworking students will always gets the favor with this..! Because no matter how hard the questions will be - they surely get the correct answers..!
    2. Value of the exam increases..! Better example for this point is: Have a look on both entrance exams like IIT JEE,AIEEE(Which follows negative marking) and AP EAMCET(which doesn't follow) !! Surely the craze will be for the exams which allow negative marking..!
    3. The real talent of the students will come out in this type of exams..!

    Disadvantages of negative marking :

    1. Stress is the major negative point..! Because students has to face a lot of stress...!
    2. Sometimes you can't answer(Even if it's right!!)Correct because of the fear in loosing marks..! Top students don't answer even if it's 99.9% correct..! They only answer when they sure shot to get the marks for that..!
    3. Always there will be a huge competition goes around in these exams..! But only few students will be qualified..! Who knows in the future they(students) don't even about appearing in these exams..!(Because what's the use of writing this exam!! Anyways I won't be qualify !! )

    So, At the end of the day - I support "Negative Marking System" ...!
    Surely it helps out finding natural talent which is hidden in student..! Am saying this because I know many of my friends came up with this..!!

    Above all, am a student and still learner..!

    Thank you for reading this..!!!

    Rahul Kuntala

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