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    What is the definition of Teaching?

    Teaching is a social process, to define it is very difficult, because the teaching influenced by the political and social backgrounds of the country. Hence, just try for it , after reading all the definitions. There are so many educationists, complimented their definitions about teaching, Here are some, to keep in mind.
    According to Gage, "Teaching is a form of interpersonal influence aimed at changing the behavior potential of another person."
    Edmund Amidon defined it as-" Teaching is an interactive process, primarily involving class room talk which takes place between teacher and pupil and occurs during certain definable activity."
    Brubacher," Teaching is an arrangement and manipulation of a situation in which an individual will seek to overcome and from which he will learn in the course of doing so."
    Skinner- Teaching is the arrangement of contingencies of reinforcement."
    Ryans- "Teaching is concerned with the activities which are concerned with the guidance or direction of the learning of others."
    From these I want to make one definition, as my view.
    Me," Teaching is a process that improve the student's seeking level more easily and it might be overcome any situation as an easy way."
    Make definition our own after reading it.
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    Teaching is a systemic enquiry about the ultimate realities in the universe. It is a study of general principles and understanding of all that comes in the range of human experiences
    There are two type of teaching
    1.Formal-Which is systemic deliberate direct and consciously impart by specially
    2.Informal-it is teaching one get the outside of class room

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    A teacher is great and their teaching profession greatest of all as it is very noble to impart education to others. By teaching it means to me the following.

    T- Transfering the knowledge
    E- Enlighting with the present living conditions
    A- Alligning with portion and real life
    C- Character building
    H- Healing touch offer
    I - Involvement with the student in studies
    N- Nurturing the thoughts into reality
    G- Giving a final shape

    K Mohan
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    A teacher has many responsiblities for a student. A child spends a lot of time in school so he has to stay with the teachers. The teachers influence his growth and development also along with the knowledge which they impart. In schools the teachers are regularly given orientation classes, this is just to make them more skilled to deal with the children. In colleges teachers make the students aware of the reality and the situation prevailing in the country. The teachers role is to help the students get a perfect personality to face the world.

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    Teaching is nothing but brushing the knowledge and wisdom already possessed in many students. A teacher is guru who is remover of darkness in one,as sanskrit maning of gu is remover,ru is darkness.

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    I suggest that it is the interaction of the following five key factors that provide a foundation for a good teaching:

    1. Teacher knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility for learning.
    2. Classroom activities that encourage learning.
    3. Assessment activities that encourage learning through experience.
    4. Effective feedback that establishes the learning processes in the classroom.
    5. Effective interaction between the teacher and the students, creating an environment that respects, encourages and stimulates learning through experience.

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    teaching is that power which makes a savage people a human being....

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    We would love to see more such interesting topics for discussion from you in the Forum. Good work!

    I suggest you start posting self-written articles too in our Resource section & participate in the various contests announced in the Forum.

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    A person who exercises his/her ears in capacity to his/her mouth.
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    Teaching involves showing, telling and demonstrating an information, knowledge or skill which is unknown to the observer, hearer or follower. In a broad sense, teaching implies everything that needs to be learnt from a mentor.
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    very good english

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    According to my opinion, teaching is the sharing of knowledge among students and teacher or lecture.

    A good teaching means, there will be a practice of encouraging contact between students and faculty, encouraging active learning, giving prompt feedback and respecting diverse talent and ways of learning.
    Teaching is a process were students are treated as consumers of knowledge. It does not always have a fixed agenda and being rigid, but being flexible, fluid, experimenting, and having the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances

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    Thanks To Ms.Vandana for to support the work and I will try to post more articles as my level.
    I am also thankful to the ISC members, especially to Mahato, Mohan, Noopur, Ramachandran, Berry, Vishal, Nadeem and Bru. All are made such efforts, to enlarging the definition.
    Binila, You defined teaching is also very good and easy to catch your meanings.
    Thanks to all.

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    Teaching can be defined as interaction between the teacher and the taught as far as it is related to imparting of the knowledge to the students, to cover almost every aspect of education which the students are expected to learn from a teacher and which the teacher will teach them using all the teaching techniques and aids available to teach. This includes motivation, encouragement and character building of the students. A good teacher must understand each and every trait of each of his students to deal them accordingly. In a nut shell we can say that teaching is to train the students in a way that they can be useful citizens of a nation. People may try to define teaching in their own way but whatever the definition is given it must include the training in various subjects of study as well as the building of the personality of the students.
    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
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    A good topic, teaching means sharing some knowledge which we know to others in any platform, a very best profession for all.
    teaching makes both the listener and teacher to know more knowledge , which has no end. As no one is perfect in this world, all are learners in one or the other in their life.

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    For good teaching the curriculum and the lesson plans have to be interesting, so that keeps the eagerness of the student to study.

    There are schools like Bombay Scottish that has introduced Xseed program that follows practical, proven, complete school solution, which is focused on quality education and better learning performance, improves fluency in English and also aid in superior outcomes.


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    In my opinion, teaching is not confined to teachers and students only. Teaching is a process which is continuous. The process of teaching is a kind of transfer or sharing of knowledge from one person to the other. The person who transfer his / her knowledge is known as the teacher and the one who receives it is known as the taught. It even involves the nature and man. In this context a teacher is not the one who holds a teacher's training degree and goes to either a school or a college for teaching the students. Teaching is not confined to the educational institutions only. Every knowledgeable person is capable of transferring his / her knowledge to every other person. Hence teaching is a continuous process of knowledge transfer.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Yes. sure. Thanks to inform me about the matter. It is the process of all living creatures. I think, it is the appropriate response for the article below.
    What is the definition of "teaching".

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    Teaching is absolutely a noble profession as told by Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, it mainly involves in the future of a student.

    As the Sanskrit name 'Guru' contains 'GU' means 'remover' and 'Ru' means 'darkness', the Guru,another name of teacher, is a person who removes the darkness in us.

    A teacher should be out of bias or differentiation.

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