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    Indian Education, Its Merits and Demerits

    We very well know that 'The Ancient Indian Education System' was popular in the world, due to the teaching methods, traditionalism, professionalism, teacher-student relationship and many more reasons. However, gradually it's style or pattern is diversifying towards modern or foreign education patterns. Most of the schools and colleges are teaching as per the foreign trade and trend. India is such as BIG country, where number of foreign companies are participating and looking to participate with many business ventures; but why the style of education system was changed as like them's. System can adopt the new technology, new trend, new thoughts/ideas, experiments/discoveries etc. instead of changing the total style and move of teaching. Most of the English medium schools are creating different kinds of rules for students; such as girls must wear short skirts etc. Is it necessary for them to wear such type of uniforms? What except those, they couldn't read or teachers will not feel comfort to teach them? Please share your views and thoughts on the diversification of Indian Education System.
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    When we are talking of system of education, I thought you are into a very serious discussion on the educational system comparing it with the traditional methods with the modern methods involving technology and comparing the Indian system of education with the western trends. But going towards the end of your thread I found that you want to discuss the uniforms prescribed in particular schools which have nothing to do with the teaching methods or so. This is true that the different schools prescribe different uniforms and I don't agree with you that the short skirts are prescribed for every English medium school. I don't think that any government, central or state (education is a state subject) has laid down any rules for the prescription of uniforms in the school. In such a case, the parents' association of the particular school can take up the matter with the school management and discuss the issue. No management these days can ignore the wishes of the parents. Alternatively, it is for the government to lay down certain rules for the prescription of uniforms by the schools. I suggest that the uniform for schools should be the same throughout depending on the climate of a region.
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    Your heading suggests great discussion but at the end you ended asking about the uniform format. What should be discussed now ? But i take your heading as the criteria and here is my reactions.

    Indian education is the best and designed to to suit to the wave length of understanding by the students here. We are thoroughly taught the intricacies or past and modern and present day culture and tradition in every subject. Though it is the subjective knowledge, it is a must learn for every child who must be proud to be a Indian.

    But the main demerits of this education system is the lack of practical knowledge. If a qualified B Com student was asked to do a accountant job all of a sudden, he will be just wondering and pondering. That means he needs practical knowledge of training.

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    Yes I agree with Mr. Mohan. Education system is good but they don't providing practicality. If practicality point of view every education institute need high amount of funds. And also Govt need to interactive with students.
    Uniform point of view, according to my knowledge it is conflict between tradition and modern.

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    Yes i agree with Mr.K. Mohan and Sukdev sir. Education system is better but most of student to face the problem practically program. In India practically system is very less. Many students depends on book studies only.

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    Our current education system is not so bad but also not really good. In our education system practical knowledge is less. Our students only learn theortical knowledge not going in deep with subject. Students are reading what they saw in books not by other means of reading. Also in our education system a student rate on the basis of his marks of that subject but not according to his capabilities. Students are force to read those subject which they have not like. A little bit change in current education system will helps our students very much.

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    We know that lot many Indians are working in NASA and in so many big intelligence jobs but still i say Indian educational system is too fare to create Good educated.
    The main bad thing in Indian educational system Is the grade system.I am not saying that the whole grading system should change but it needs little modification and we should include more and more practical based course and students should do more and more practical based things instead of just reading books at home and school or college.

    We all are aware more practical means more out put which is most necessary

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    The Indian education has to be changed from the current situation.Now the quality of Education is lacking in every field.We must produce doctors or Engineers but we must develop them into workable environment to attain success in their life.When we compare our education with foreign universities we are lacking behind them because of the quality of teaching.
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    Education means process of leaning.
    It may be formal and informal education.
    Indian education is full with merit and demerit
    The merit of Indian education, they teaches us about
    Our culture and constitutions
    Whereas demerit, The Indian education mostly does not
    Job oriented

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