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    Who is better?Sachin,Lara.or Ponting?

    In my opinion 3 of them are great players.Each have their own way of batting.In respective of their countries they are treated as best batsman.
    By considering the above 3 players, Sachin have a speciality or ability to ball well other than too.

    What do you think about this?
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    Sachin is the good player in the world of cricket. He has been participating in 300 test matches. It is highest position in world. The total score of Sachin Tendulkar is 1515 runs in test cricket. He is awaiting the 100th century in test cricket match.

    My best wishes for Sachin Tendular for chasing the 100th century.

    Amit Kumar Saini

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    Sachin has played 300 test innings not test matches. I request you to edit it.
    Regarding the thread,
    I also support that from the above options Sachin is the best. He has outplayed all other batsmen of the world. He is serving the game for last 22 years. He has scored more than 30000 runs in the international cricket with a total of 99 centuries. He is considered the god of god and no one can match his standards in the cricket.

    Few words from heart

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    There isn't any doubt that Sachin is better among these trio. Sachin has scored 15048 runs with 51 centuries in 182 tests and 18111 runs with 48 centuries in 453 ODIs. Ponting has scored 12487 runs with 39 centuries in 154 tests and 13602 runs with 30 centuries in 367 ODIs. Lara has scored 11953 runs with 34 centuries in 131 tests and 11405 runs with 19 centuries in 299 ODIs.
    Sachin's 200[not out] runs in ODIs and Lara's 400[not out] runs in tests are the best individual scores in the cricket history. Comparing these figures, no doubt Sachin is the best among them.

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    You cannot rate one batsmen best.

    Sachin - He is the player who himself master in all forms of the game. Batting, Fielding & bowling. He is having good stamina and ready play another five years if the board allows him. Finally i will rate him number one batsmen, because he is still playing his game.

    Lara - When you talk about Lara, you can rate him the fastest stricker of the last decade. He has the stamina for playing long cricket. He is the only batsmen who has played less test cricket with good stricking rate. I will rate him gentleman of Cricket.

    Ponting - I will rate him stroke making player with good stricking rate. Stylish batsmen, He is the good fileder when compare to Sachin & Lara. I will rate him as "best stroke maker"

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    Sachin is the best cricket player of the world. Indian cricket fans call him god of cricket. He has the maximum number of records in the game of cricket. He started playing cricket in the young age when he was only a school boy. So far he has scored 99 centuries in the test matches. He is only one century behind to complete his 100th century. He is expected to achieve this goal in the on going India West indies test matches.

    Amarjit Singh Sohal
    Devotion to duty and service to the community always pays.

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    All players listed above are best players in the world of cricket. We can not differentiate the players as per their batting skills and performance. All of the above players are match winners but Sachin lacks match winning performances compared to Lara and Ponting. Sachin still playing in both one day matches and test matches but Lara retired from both forms of cricket and Ponting also retired from one day matches, Hence Sachin has some upper seat over the other two players.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    All three are the great player. They have different batting style. they bat in different position. But in all three Sachin is the best. Because you can tally from records. Sachin has made history in cricket. And continuously doing so. Now he is on his way to make century of century. Other player are not near to it.
    In my opinion Ponting is on 2nd and Lara on third number.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    When we are representing our nation at an International level sports there not only our records matters, what also matters is our public conduct and behavior.
    In comparison to this we are fortunate to be Indians as we have Sachin in our country.
    A person who is a true symbol of sincerity, hard work as well as modesty.A cricketer who was never indulged in sledging, commenting or misbehavior unlike Ricky Pointing who is moreover busy in criticizing other players and concentrating on playing mind games.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    No one can even stand with sachin, neither lara nor ponting. He is the best in the world and deserves it. Proud to be an indian and we are happy from our hearts that player like sachin tendulkar we have. he is the best player.

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    As a Cricket Fan from My 12 th age,I can say that Sachin Tendulkar is the best Batsman in the World,I am saying this not only because of the records he has,But also The strategy of his Play and The style.When Speaking about his Style,It has something that attracts People and made to watch him.He also has good dedication in the field of Cricket that is really admirable.Speaking about his records,He is the best in the both formats of the game with almost half century tons.
    Ricky Pointing is the only next to Tendulkar in both formats of the game in terms of records,He is one of the best Fielder in the world and an Outstanding Captain.His stroke play is also picturesque but comparing with Tendulkar My credit goes to Little Master.
    Brian Lara:He started his career very impressively,but he fails to keep it up,He had lot of stamina even in over the 35s when he scored 400 unbelievable Runs.His Strategy is very good,He selects the ball nicely and play the strokes with power.He is one of the best Player in the longer format of the game,Comparing with Little Master,He is also given lower marks than Tendulkar.In terms of Man of the match awards also Tendulkar stands first.So I conclude that Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman in the World Cricket.

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    Many people commented that Sachin is not a match finisher or he is the one who had always played for his own records rather than for the country.But, we all know when some one is famous and best people will comment and there will be some criticism and Sachin never lays any importance to all those negative comments.
    It is not an easy task to get so many records and mountain like runs in International careers without being the best.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Hello friends,
    I would say that Sachin is the best among the three batsmen stated over here. I would say that he has entered the cricketing field at the age of some 16 and has managed to play for 22 long years and is still playing his natural game. For the past three years he has improved a lot. Many people say that sachin is the person who becomes younger as the years pass by. I can say that Lara is the next best who has performed well and can be compared to our master blaster. Ponting was the efficient captain who rose with other players in his team like Hayden, Gilchrist, Symonds, Lehmann, etc., He had a good set of players who start to dominate the game from the early part of the innings going wild against the opposition.
    I would rate Sachin as the best in cricket and Ponting as the best finisher in international matches.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

    "The greatest achievement comes from the biggest challenges"

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    Sachin is the best and no can be compare to him. however, ponting and lara are also excellent and they are successful in their fields.

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    In every direction I feel Sachin is the best among all cricket players. It is not that he is an Indian and he scored many runs, it is because of his uncontroversial life. He never come in a controversy after spending more that twenty years in this life. His commitment towards his team, team members and country is great. His involvement in CRY to campaign for school in India is a grate job as like as his cricket career.
    I think nobody in future able to break the records kept by him. I wish he play for our country for many years.
    Other hand others like Lara and Pointing were fallen in many controversies in past. It is not only on the field but out side field also their life styles were not free from controversies.

    Thanks and regards,

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    No doubt Ricky Ponting....................

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    I have never liked comparisons between great players, but after Wednesday's incredible game it must be said — Sachin Tendulkaris the greatest batsman of all time.
    Better than Brian Lara and Ricky Ponting, the other two great players of my era. Better than Sir Viv Richards, Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border. And I would even say better than Sir Don Bradman himself.
    Now he has the first double hundred in a one-day international — hitting 25 fours and three sixes as India beat South Africa by 153 runs — he has swung it for me.
    Little master: Record-breaker Tendulkar celebrates reaching his landmark
    46 One-day international hundreds
    47 Test hundreds
    166 Test matches played
    240 Sixes in all international cricket
    442 One-day internationals
    13,447 Test runs scored
    17,598 one-day international runs
    45.12 One-day international batting average
    55.56 Test batting average
    I played against Tendulkar on my first England tour, the Nehru Cup in India in 1989, and I could still see that excited boy in big pads in Gwalior.
    That extraordinary drive and enthusiasm are what make Tendulkar so special. He has beenplaying international cricket for 20 years under the intense scrutiny being an Indian superstar brings, so it is remarkable he still loves holding abat as much as ever.
    Halfway through the Indian innings on Wednesday, Tendulkarwas already on more than a hundred. It's almost a given that he will reach three figures. But even he had not turned it into a double in a 50-over international before, and this was not against a lowly side but South Africa, one of the most formidable bowling attacks in the world.
    There was no slogging — just pure, attacking strokeplay.
    Tendulkar has gone back to being the fluent, almost flamboyant, batsman he used to be. In recent years his innings had become a bit mechanical, butI think he has remembered what made him great.
    I interviewed Sachin for Sportsmail when he was touring England a couple of years ago — one of the highlights of my career since I stopped playing, and it was noticeable that he is not driven by money.
    Better than the rest: Tendulkar is better than Lara (left) and Bradman
    He has become a very wealthy man, but that has been as a resultof doing what he does best and enjoying it. It has not been the beall and end all for him.
    What else is left for Tendulkar now? Well, it is sometimes said that he has not played enough match-winning innings on the really big occasion for India.
    What better, then, than to score ahundred in the World Cup final against Australia — or maybe even England — on home soil this time next year.
    That would be the full stop that would enable Tendulkar to ride off into the sunset with everything achieved in his career.
    My admiration for him is total. To steal the nickname of a certain football coach who led Inter Milanagainst Chelsea on Wednesday, Sachin Tendulkar truly is The Special One.
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    Mr. Hussain, you have very rightly observed that Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer ever. Not to forget he is a true gentleman. When he bats, in India people switch on their TVs and switch off their life. His humility is what makes us - all Indians - feel genuine happiness for HIS achievements - as if it's US who have achieved all of it.. We derive vicarious pleasure from the greatman's achievements. He has a socio-psychological impact on the nation like no other contemporary Indian..........Just liftsthe NATIONAL MOOD. With this innings, LEGEND of Tendulkar gets more heft..........Congrats Sir Sachin.

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