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    Right to education and lack of high schools in rural India

    How can the right to education be implemented in its true sense when in many villages in India, there is no high school especially for the girl students. In some of the villages of India, the girls have to travel more than 5 kms to reach a nearby high school. There are a lot of school drop outs especially among the girl students till they reach their 10th class or matriculation level examination passing which is the minimum requirement to call oneself educated to some extent. In the circumstances as narrated is it possible for the right to education a success in our country or is it a mere political gimmick to get votes?
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    Rightly said by you that the benefits of Right to Education cannot reach the poor of the India unless and un till rural India is developed with good schools. I think the govt can envisage some project lines of Industrial parks. They can go for Special education parks and invite private partners in this groove.
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    I think that the government would certainly achieve success in the right to education that is promoted very recently. I think it is only olden days where there were no schools in a locality, though the colleges are limited. There are more number of schools operating in our country as of now and I think this will be soon implemented in other places too.
    But the government should also focus on providing more benefits to the students so that the students would eagerly come to the schools to gain knowledge. I think the scholarship levels can be raised for them and each and every village should have a government school that focuses on free education for the needy poor. other things like free books, quality food, etc., can be given without any money charged as of the old system to increase the number of students.

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    Well,according to me,unless and untill the government is supportive and have a interest towards developing the village and especially in the field of education to girls,nothing would be possible in one circumstance.
    If we think as a citizen of india,we should not forget our responsibility.We the educated people have to unite and take a decisive role to give education on ourself going to village in a troop.setting up of camp for few days and giving basic of education can be possible.
    We should try to reform instead of just discussing.Nothing is impossible in this world.
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    Education is the primary need of the nation if we want to see growth in every field. Education as you rightly point is not available in schools, yet whenever I have travelled through small villages and hamlets across India I have been pleasantly surprised to see hoards of school children walking to school.
    Schools function in most villages, but the basic amenities are missing. There is no infrastructure and the teaching is not up to mark. A lot still needs to be done in this field. Providing class education is the need of the hour. It is any day better than promising colored TV's and other such sops.
    Students should be provided with scholarships and other incentives that keep them motivated. It is indeed a sad state of affairs.
    It has been a political gimmick all through these years for if people get really educated they will be empowered. They will begin to question the system and it will not be easy to fool the educated.

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    It is true the government is trying to reach out to the people and students in the remote parts of India but success level is still not fully achieved. The students in villages have to toil hard to reach the school to get primary education. Only very ambitious students are able to reach high school for which they have to take admission in the city areas and stay in some lodge or get accomodation at a relative's place.

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    Sir this is the case at my village as well, we had only one school which neither had teachers nor facilities.There was no zeal in parents to get their girl educated as they knew it is a waste of time.
    I am thankful to my mother that she wanted that I should get good education and therefore with all her efforts she tried her best and got me a good education.
    But my heart still aches that there has been the same problem for years now.I am so depressed that there are very less people who are willing to send their daughters to school.
    But my friends who are there nearby are trying their best now and there had been a news that they are opening a new school there.

    Iti Tyagi
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    Yes your statics is totally correct. Only because of lack of school and colleges in villages, there have been lot of drop outs, and it is not only in girls but also boys, who could not afford to travel daily, to spend that much expense.

    It is very sad, but government are giving permission on building malls in the city, but are careless on give permission and taking measures to build schools and colleges in remote side of villages.

    Veena Sharma.

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    The lack of proper amenities in rural areas has its roots in corruption. It's not that funds are not set aside for these areas, rather its the mishandling of resources allocated to them. In fact, the government has intensified its development in the sector with proggrammes like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hole-in-the-wall, Mid-day meal scheme, besides other technology related courses, but the funds are not properly utilized. The net result is what we see today in the rural areas.
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