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    Is the current pattern of school education right for the future?

    Hello ISC Friends,

    Education is very important for our future and economical balance. We have great no.of population after china. So its necessary to our future our education system should be having a strong pattern. Some countries are focused after 5th,8th, or schooling student perfection to the related field and don't give to students unnecessary syllabubs,many subjects. They are giving to a student only related course material or syllabubs, like engineering, science, economics etc. In our country this pattern has started after 12th. Is this the right concept for us?
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    Yes, i do agree with you. In many countries, the load of studies are reduced alot. But if are you talking about India then still we have a long way to go.

    Still I have seen, many small student, who cannot carry there weight are carrying a huge bags on there back. And even we have done it. But this practice is not going to give any benefits.

    According to me, subjects should be made minimal and a for exams, there should be submission of projects, because that will enhance the personality and confidence of the student, which will be great for India's bright future.

    Veena Sharma.

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    One can never predict precisely what will be best or worst for the future. However, one can learn and take examples from other countries and see how far-fetched have their ideas been. It is imperative for a country to stay grounded to its roots as well as allow changes in some parts to identify with the global world.

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    this pattern is needed in India but after 8 th or is also needed to focus on providing practical knowledge rather than providing theoretical knowledge .since it is about educational system i would also like to draw attention toward poor condition of primary education system(government).even after investing a lot of resource government is not successful to bring up its quality. in this field there is still need of monitoring and remedial steps needed to be taken

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    The current pattern of our education system is not that appropriate. The school curriculum focuses on theory rather than practicality, there are no improvements in learning; it's just mugging up. When there are programs like Xseed, I feel the school management should take advantage and improve the drawbacks in their management, teaching skills etc.

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    Hi guys,

    I would disagree with the above opinions because you guys missed out one point! Yes, giving the students a very vast syllabus might be a burden for them but, the thing is that it also gives them more knowledge. I think the educational system is very good, what has to change is, the parents mentality for their child to be so-and-so in the future instead of asking the child who he really want to be in the future!


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    The pattern of education system was rapidly changed .There were lot of improvements in the education system compare to past generation.Nowdays Children became more fast in their learning also changed alot .In many schools teachers are giving many project works to their students to gain more knowledge practicaly .At present our Indian Education system has improved alot .

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    I couldn't accept the current pattern education system. The most countries are reduced their load of studies. In india, still now education is not changed. Nowadays students are very fast. But education system is not efficient. We need improvement in education pattern for future.

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    No, I really don't think so that the current education system is worth talking about. The population is increasing so much and plus there is no increase in the facilities of our education system.

    The same old pattern of learning is still going on. I really wonder when this old pattern of knowledge will change. I am happy that private education systems are coming to picture, but still what is needed from government schools and colleges still that is far away from the near future and I hope that this will be changed in the near future.

    Veena Sharma.

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