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    How to overcome Dowry system?

    Nowadays the dowry system can be seen still in society.If the bridegroom doesn't take dowry they feel that he might have some disabilities.So they will ask dowry.Why the people think so?Can we overcome these situations?
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    Dowry system is one of the biggest social evil in our country. Even the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 could not help much in mitigating the sufferings of the dowry victims. Law even if it is there cannot be of much use if the mindset of the people of the country cannot be changed. Only the eduction of the children and the awareness among the members of the society about the evil effects of the system can help remove the dowry system from our country.
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    Dowry which in old time is the love of parent toward their girl in the form of money or either house hold things. But now it take a bad position in our society to remove this evil from society following step should be taken
    1. First of all, parent should make strong determination to make their girl high educated by employing their money for this not for dowery.
    2. Girl should have thinking not to marry at the cost of dowry she is not a source of money to anyone.
    3. Today boys must feel the situation of parent of girl how he send their priceless thing to him then what is the need of money and don't demand anything from them.
    4.Parent of boy feel that money is not important then human.
    5. Last but not least our society remove thought from their mind if they give dowry it increase their name and fame in society.

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    Definitely change will start from home only.I have seen this trend that people talk a lot about this but when it comes to their own, they sya that they are not promoting dowry, but they are gifting their daughters for her better future and comfort.
    So this will never bring about the change which is required now.

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    Compared to earlier years the problem of dowry system slowly in the path of extinct. As rightly mentioned by seema Taprial providing professional education makes them to secure employment and stand in their own legs. In cities it would be very difficult to manage the family with single income. Therefore it has become essential for both husband and wife to take up profession and earn money to lead good family life.

    Education and emploment to girls will definately help to eradicate the dowry system.

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    This thought is because of our tradition and narrow thinking. From past only, it has been a trend that if the parents of groom is asking for good money, than the boy is a working guy and will take care of the girl.

    And this is the reason that today, boy who have studied more then degree college or are in good job position, then they are worth of lots and lots of money. Still this system is found in India. The only solution to this is that it should be totally banned and not only this the bride side also should not support dowry system. If they will not give dowry then how will the groom side take dowry?

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    In fact this is one of the biggest social evils that is still prevailing in the country. Unless and until there is a drastic change in the mind set of the people of both the genders, it would be difficult to get rid of the dowry system. First of all the women should not feel themselves weaker and should not feel that life is a waste without marriage. There are many women who could lead an excellent and happy life even without getting married. So women should bear this fact in mind and should not feel disappointed or dejected if not married, rather she should face the society courageously. And even parents of the bride play an important role here, who has to bring about a change in their attitude. They should not feel the girl child as a burden on the contrary feel her as an asset to the family. But unfortunately, this is not the case in our country and many parents show off their wealth by highly expensive and gorgeous marriages. I am sure people should come out of such social inhibitions and live life to their will.
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    Hello Friends,
    I too feel that the Dowry system is a biggest hindrance faced by women and her family. In the past period of time it was the reason for destruction of many girl babies. Even now the system is prevailing in the environment both in the city and the village. I would say that it is up to the educated youth to stop getting dowry or giving the same for the purpose of marriage. I think the education and its awareness has stopped the thing in some people and there are more who need to change the mindset towards dowry.
    I recently saw a marriage where the family of the girl gave some 100 sovereign of gold for the boys family and this shows how mush the environment is changing by the educated lots. I would say that there are many policies and laws stated on dowry but none is used properly.

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