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    Content regulation on social networking sites in India: what is your opinion? - active GD

    [Members, this is an official active GD approved by the Webmasters. All are welcome to participate ~ Managing Editor]

    GD will be closed on: December 11th, 2011

    Social Networking sites have so far been that platform where we could express our opinion about politics, political leaders, entertainment and virtually everything under the sun. But we cannot deny that Social networking sites have also been the place to defame leaders, actors and even common people and also religious attack which can harm communal harmony. So the Govt in India is all set to implement some norms to be followed by social networking sites.

    Networking sites like Facebook has said that they have their own norms and never allow content that do not stick to Facebook norms. Google has also maintained that they cannot remove content that abide by Google terms and conditions simply because the content is controversial.

    The 38 million strong Indian online community has mixed reactions with some supporting the Govt's viewpoint and some opposing it strongly. As a member of the online community what is the opinion of ISCians?
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    I do support the government in this act. As in many social networks, all unnecessary elements are going on, which is actually not good for the harmony of Indians.

    So it is better to take precaution, then feeling sorry for it. Even though, we have social network to chat and be with friends, why not keep it till there. If you really want to raise your voice then why not choose blogs and sites which actually all you to keep your view points like ISC.

    Veena Sharma.

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    I dont support the notion of content regulation of the social networking sites by the government. Sites like facebook and google are providing the platform for all the people to express their views on various topics and to share them globally. We are living in the largest democratic nation of the world and each people has his own right to express his views freely.
    I dont think that this decision of the government is practical enough as google and facebook are global sites and what will if an Indian post a controversial statement from outside the India? SO instead of regulation, government should try to make people more mature so that they can accept the views of all the people.
    Also google and facebook have their own norms and regulations and which are quite strict and so I dont think that there is any other need of more strictness regarding this.

    Few words from heart

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    A high degree ban on such content is neither practical nor desirable. The regulators of the content must be watchful enough to selectively ban that part of the content which points to individual defamatory details and other offensive materials. I think a judicious combination of software and manpower is required to keep vigil of a selective nature mentioned above.

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    I don't think it is possible to have a minute control on each and every member's posts on the site. The websites are very clear in their policy that any abuse or misuse of the website by any member can be reported and any illegal or derogatory remarks by anyone can be removed from the site. Google has stated that it had received by many such requests from the government and they would take necessary action to remove the situation. However the curb the freedom of speech of anyone unless it does not harm the fundamental rights of others cannot be challenged as per the constitution of India which gives us the fundamental right of speech. It is entirely impossible to control millions of messages which are posted to the social networking sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, Linked-in and so on.
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    Every citizen has the freedom to support his views on social media sites like facebook and google.If there is some content published offensively it must be monitored and take proper action against this,but the government can't force the social media sites to remove contents because they have their own policies and regulations.It is better to make a decision with Social media sites.
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    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Freedom of speech without it being a personal attack on individuals, communities, religions, races etc should not be stopped for after all we do live in a democratic nation.
    However there is a lot of hate tirade on social networking sites started by certain groups which are directed towards specific religions and races that can actually spell trouble. Such content can easily influence immature minds that get carried away by such fanatical outbursts. This is a wrong trend and the government is doing right in nipping it in the bud. Such diatribe can incite trouble in the form of riots.
    Profiles that are open for public viewing are especially dangerous because anyone can read the posted content and the unscrupulous take advantage of this loop hole.
    Apart from that there is a lot of adult content too on social networking sites which entice users. They are so blatantly provocative that it is hard to believe such profiles are missed by whoever controls the posting guidelines.
    On one such site I saw a page dedicated to a student who had committed suicide. The friends of the deceased had posted graphic images of the suicide. They were very disturbing not just to me but sure would even be to the family were they to view the content. I along with many others reported the photographs but they are still posted on the site.
    I feel the posting guidelines on these sites are only on paper, as fraudulent accounts are still being operated. How far the government will be able to achieve with their new policy is left to be seen.
    Now that the whole world is in our bedrooms my personal view is that there has to be some sort of decorum that needs to be maintained on these sites. It is not about moral policing it is about creating a civil society where there is respect for all users.

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    As all social networking sites are started with a good cause to get the communication between people across the globe by sharing views through chat and by uploading photos and videos. The concept of all social networking sites in entertainment and meeting new people and communicating with known people friends and relatives through online even though some sections also allows users to gain knowledge. People mostly younger generation and couples are misusing these social networking sites for their abusive and vulgar needs. Anybody can use abusive language during chat and also can share vulgar photos and videos through these sites and also video chat also available in some sites which may become more dangerous in near future. For to avoid these kind of misuse of social networking sites there is a need of strict rules and guidelines. All social networking sites has to come forward to eradicate the increasing problem of abusive and vulgarity through these sites. As Facebook and Google are only seeing the marketing benefits of attracting more users to join in their sites in order to become the number 1 Social networking site. So they are not ready to apply the strict regulations to users. This is not good government has to take initiative part by keeping in mind about the future of our country youngsters and culture. The government and social networking sites jointly has to make strict regulations by banning the porn and sexual content, pictures and videos and also usage of abusing language in social networking sites. And also social networking sites have to implement one strict regulation that below 18 years kids are not allowed to become a member.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    If the social networking sites have their limitations then it becomes the responsibilty of the public to report such content. Maybe the government could have a cell that monitors such content. I am sure with the number of smart brains we are producing there will be many intelligent suggestions on how this could be done.
    A good way would be to view public profiles that get a lot of traffic. It is not going to be easy though as the social networking sites have a large audience. Yet the fear of a ban or fine might help to curb this nuisance that affects society as a whole.

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    I agree with Sukhdev ji, that it is not possible to have minute control on each and every content, but still government is trying to regulate such an act for our good only.

    If there will be minimum explicit contents then it will very good for us, to follow the social network properly and not leading to any mal-function of such sites, which will directly affect us in somewhy.

    And they is also a psychology of human, if we are given all, let it be bad stuff also, we will take it. Just to have a new experience. But instead, if we are told that this things are not good and we are not provided with it. Then obviously, we are not going to step on that bad and unhealthy path at all.

    Veena Sharma.

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    It is imperative that those social network sites which have origination from other countries when they are operating in our soil, they must follow the rules and regulations of this Nation. They are no doubt a huge business house, but they are in the business of social network which may even open up for bad elements too. Social sites are very good and provide ample platform to share private texts, images and videos and that can be shared with the families and friends. They can have a get together on line daily and take suggestions and advises which was either too missing. But of late the children are using these sites to view banned images of celebrities and that is causing concern to the parents and hence the govt has put the restrictions which must be followed by the social sites.
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    It is the false propaganda posted on some of the pages on these sites that has caught the government's attention. Such content can divide humanity leading to chaos. The government is doing a good thing in coming down sternly. Yes guidelines are crucial if they can help maintain harmony.
    Social networking sites are big fish and the users I feel are bigger. The burden of filtering content also lies with us. The government can only do this much. We need to be more vigilant in what we are viewing and supporting on these sites. The general public that is you and I need to have some platform where we can report unacceptable content. This could actually make the job of the government easy. It is impossible by a governing body to track billions of profiles and what is being posted on them. So we have to take it upon ourselves to help clean the filth, provided like I said we are shown a way to do it.

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    To control over speech on internet is unfair and non-feasible decision. Internet is independent platform, where anyone can express their views through social networking sites, blogs, forums, or websites.
    Social networking sites already have conditions and policy against abusive and inflammatory contents. They also strict them with time. So I think it is not fair to totally blame them for all bad expressions. It is just a platform to be social and expressing our views. If government or websites make very hard rules, it will be a violation of freedom of speech.


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    I don't think that Facebook and Google should remove the content simply because it contains any thing that opposes or criticize politicians or actors. I don't see anything false in it. Everybody has the right to express and now when people are expressing things, govt is saying that such contents should be removed! Pointing out the mistakes or actions (whether correct or incorrect) is not a crime. We can express if we don't like anything. And what will happen just by controlling critics on social networking sites. There are lots of people blogging, writing articles, posting videos etc about such things. Can they stop everybody?

    I would say that there are many people on Facebook and other sites that post pornographic pictures and videos on Facebook and other social networking sites. This should be controlled as now even children are there on social networking sites and they too can somehow visit their profiles. Such people may be connected with the known ones. This should be checked.

    But I seriously don't think that the content should be removed just because someone is expressing things on social networking sites. This is not fair! You can stop people for writing criticism but you can't stop them thinking about what they actually feel!

    Sneha Sunny

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    Freedom of speech in India is leading misusage of it. People on facebook criticize politicians, actors, and others freely. They make fun of their personal issues too. Recently I have seen some bad pictures added to Ram charan's would-be Upasana as she looks like a gay. It really hurts them but these people doesnt understand. I feel government should take action on it.
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    Things seem unfair as long as we are not being affected. The govt is looking at this from a broader perspective. Freedom is valid as long as people's sensibilities are not hurt. If there are individuals who create profiles with the intention of spreading malicious or lewd content then it has to be stopped. I would not want to view such stuff and will not be bothered if restrictions are put on such matters.
    It is misuse of the freedom that we are against. I may not want to view certain content, but it shows on my profile as someone I may want to add as a friend or follow. I do not need suggestions from the site as to whom I should befriend or what pages might be of interest to me. I lose my freedom to be free from such content.

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    Social Networking sites are very common to very people. It has been stage for them to connect with people all around the world who are with professions. There are millions of people who are connected with Facebook.
    Here we are given full freedom to express our views in this social platform with all people. We people talk, comment, like many things in this Social Platform. They just share what they feel about and share their feeling over the others status in the way of comments. Also we people have enough knowledge were they can talk about any general issue or any status which is updated on their wall. Also, we Facebook members have no rights or personal rights to share what we feel. Freedom is given for u to share what we think. Also the status which we update is generally asked in Facebook as,
    What's in your Mind

    So, here we are allowed to write in our wall and share it socially what ever is in our mind. Our mind is fulled with many thoughts and it changes time to time. Mostly our mind keeps bubbling on the most recent issues or hot topics which is currently in the world. Well, it can be anything like politics, sports, cinema, and anything which happens around us. Also, we are in country were we have rights and freedom to talk and share with people what we think.
    So, our Indian Government has no rights to regulate our content which is updated in our wall. All our contents are personal and we will share only with our friends and some people whom we wish. But if the content regulations is done, then were is our privacy in Facebook. Really, this will be a big issue to have our privacy in our content. If not we have make it as a hacking issue done by our government directly to Facebook Inc. So our Indian has no rights to see what we share in our wall. Somethings we may also share some personal things among some people in Facebook and this is were our privacy matters. So, its really a waste and useless step taken by our government which is against the Social Networking rules and regulations.
    Finally, I want to say that our Indian Government doesn't know the meaning and use of Social Networking websites like Facebook.

    Thank you,

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    If the matter is truly objectionable then for this reason you can report to Facebook and other sites. They have their special "report abuse" link at every profile; for public use only (so that public could help them removing such contents). Facebook do take proper actions when people reports abuse. You can simply report what you feel is not correct. Or you can simply go to the settings and uncheck the option to show you in "add as friend" option. Or you can simply neglect what you don't want to see or follow. This doesn't means that you should completely remove other people's rights to post. Everybody don't post like that. You'll find people criticizing about actors and politician but most of the time they simply express their view and not insult them. They too will lose their right to post content. And how far govt can stop people doing this? If one profile is deleted today, two more profiles would be created the very next day. Technology was never meant for crime or improper use. We are responsible for that. And this is also a fact that it is not possible to remove all such content from the internet that may hurt your feelings. Not only in social networking sites but in many other sites you can find such things which may hurt you morally or religiously or whatever way but you'll find many other people (including those of your religion and country) that may support the same thing that is hurting you. So can govt ask every site to control such things? You'll find supporters and you'll find the opposing teams as well. The website officials are stuck between these two categories! They can't help it.
    Sneha Sunny

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    Members, who are for this action taken by government.

    I want to tell you one thing that, in Facebook there is an internal options were the other members in his friends list have the option of reporting the Facebook directly whether the status can be report story or Spam. So I think this option is enough for us to report, if you think that the members post some status hurting others. Each members has the option to report that If this story is abusive, please file a report.. So I think this will really help us to report any status which you think if its hurt directly or indirectly others. So, I don't think to have a regulation committee from our Indian Government to monitor our status updates. This is where our privacy matters. If our friends in our friend list report, then that is not matter to talk or issue. But if some one, who not even associated with from Indian Government who just checks and monitors all our Indian member status updates, really worries a lot. So all the Social Networking people, we should do something for this to take up the rule which is laid by our Indian Government.

    Thank you,

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    Very good relevant points have been mentioned in recent posts. I agree with Juana, that government is imposing this act for the welfare of citizen. It is not that after this act only we got concern for the matter just like that.

    There have been so many sites, which are not good for Indian viewer. But still they are earning in dollars from Indian itself. It is not government who is wrong by imposing this regulation. But it is we, who support this contents and hit it many times.

    If being a good viewer, we reject there explicil content then, the government don't have to call for such regulation on social networking sites.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Sneha! The report abuse does not work! There have been instances when I have reported SPAM trouble is it just gets hidden on my profile but remains to be visible to my friends. If I have reported it then the concerned department needs to look into it. A few days later the same link will get reposted on my wall!I can edit my settings but there is no way I can stop the site from suggesting lewd profiles to add as friends. I have my own friends circle and I am capable of finding long lost friends or they can find me. I do not want unknown friend suggestions popping on my profile.
    People are free to post what they want, but I shouldn't be forced to view it. I loose my freedom if someone else decides I should watch something vulgur, violent or racist. There is something called ethics and that is what we are trying to inculcate.
    I do not think the govt is looking at private profiles where we discuss stuff as you mentioned with family and friends. These are public profiles where anyone is free to enter, they are not a closed group and there they let out all the hatred against religions, communities etc. Everyone is free to their thoughts; but please they should keep them to themselves if they reek of hatred. Do we want to live in such a society in the name of freedom of speech?
    We have to draw a line of what is acceptable and what is not. Someone else's freedom should not be binding to me.

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    India is a free country and the citizens to India have the right to express their views about anything. Likewise, this world is much more free than it used to be a century ago and earlier. Everyone has the right to express his ideas and bring it into the notice of the world. However, the part where false news are spread and communalism and social evils like these when spread must be reprimanded with stern action.
    Social networking sites already have a regulatory body and work according to certain rules and regulations. They cannot be blamed for the things that the users do. However, any form of regulation by the government as long as it does not curb the freedom and does not handcuff the ideas of the users is always welcome. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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    Very well put Anil. It is indeed better safe to be sorry. If we view freedom as the will to be allowed to do anything without restrictions then there will be no stopping evil. Everyone in their mind feels they are right and they are free to do as they please. But the problem is their freedom overshadows our freedom and we should not let that happen.
    We may not be able to curb all the menace on the internet; but we can at least make a start. I feel the Government's action is right.

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    This is one of our rights to express our opinion, Even our constitution has given us rights to speak and share. I do not see anything wrong, if people are using social network to share their social opinion. Why does he(Kapil Sibal) just bother about that there are some bad contents? There are many good ideas, opinion and thought as well. We are human being and we can not be 100% perfect. And if we welcome and enjoy the good things then bad things will be too. We can not ignore if any person is sharing their negativity about something on social network.
    Social Networking is the place to share all social stuff and as in our society, we see both kind of people negative as well as positive same way we will have to accept both kind of things negative as well as positive. Free are going to make or just working on the concept Freedom of communication that means one day will come when the communication and information sharing will be free. If we oppose bad or any personal issue then it is not good signal for the era of free communication. That too Kapil Sibal's opinion is quit selfish. He wants all filtering and all for the sake of their own party and their member. In fact those stuff are the component of entertainment too. So we can not avoid something which entertain us.


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    Juana.... Just because of a few people is it fair to take away the rights of other innocent people?? I once reported about a profile and that profile was removed. This is my own experience. That was a mass report. Maybe they consider those things which are reported by many people. But this is also our fault that we are not reporting such things to the website officials. This is our fault not the website's. Moreover if you feel that so and so thing should be banned then it is not necessary that other people feel in the same way. Websites don't have one or two profiles to check on but millions of profiles to check on. As what I said earlier that for every thought you'll find supporters and opposers. Some of the things may hurt you but website officials can't remove a thought just because one person has flagged it. I agree the vulgar things should be removed, I too oppose this but why should the thoughts about our surrounding and people removed? We can't control over anybody's speech. We will delete one thought and they'll post another such thought.

    Take the example of internet. Many people are misusing internet. But there are many more who are using it in the appropriate way. So just because of those few who are misusing, would you say that internet should be banned??

    Sneha Sunny

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    Sneha I am sure the restrictions are not going to affect those who are using the social sites or the internet for that matter
    in a dignified manner. Curbs are not going to affect the 'innocent' users as you call them. There need not be unnecessary panic among users. Loose talk and posts and profiles that ignite tension, and are offensive should be banned.
    It sure is our responsibility also to report objectionable content.
    I have also made the same point in one of my earlier posts.

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    @Juana.... I didn't called such people "innocent" who post inappropriate things. But I referred you and me by "innocent". Read the first sentence again. Everybody don't post such things. You too may feel something and write about any political move that you don't like. How would you feel when your thought would be removed just for the reason you criticized politicians? You too have right to speak. Right?

    Such things cannot be banned permanently, no matters how hard you try.

    Sneha Sunny

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    I too agree with you Juana that dignified users and genuine users of social networking sites won't affect if government and site owners apply ban on indecent users and the abusive activities. Congress led UPA government making the political advantage at present time after finding some abusive photos of Prime-minister Manmohan Singh and Smt.Sonia Gandhi on social networking sites. The process of abusing and vulgarity and provoking religious beliefs are happening since many days through social sites then what were government is doing at that time. As all social networking sites are following regulations of America but when it comes about the activities of the users belongs to India the site have to function abiding to the law and culture of India.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Oh my girl, this is funny. You need to read my comment again Sneha. You have misinterpreted/misread my comment. I have put it quite simply. Read it again :)
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    Though Everyone has the right to speech and express, but it doesn't mean that your words/expression can be hurting/attacking someone personally. If you don't like someone or something is troubling you then you can report it to the concerned authority. There are almost all kind of provisions made in the constitution of India to oppose something/someone if you are feeling wrong in that.
    But no one gives you the right to hurt anybody's sentiments. How you can dare to create an image of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Durga without Saree. How can you create a pic of Varun Gandhi begging in streets. How can you morph an image of Sushma Swaraj with Sunny Leone and upload it on Facebook/Orkut.
    Who gave you the authority to upload an image of Christ drinking blood and giving a caption "Jesus in Vampire's avatar". Similarly all other religions would oppose these kind of obscene activities. You have no right to hurt the sentiments of any person or organisation personally.
    If you have a problem with an institution lodge a complaint against it.
    If you have a problem with the working of govt then you can ask for low/no confidence motion or else don't give votes to them.
    i don't understand why some people are engaged in doing these kind of cheap activities. Do they have no work except creating morph images and abusing vulgar on these social platforms?
    And how they can defend themselves by assaulting and abusing someone. The assaulted person has the full right to lodge/file a case against you for defamation.
    If you have the freedom of speech and expression why don't you use it judiciously for the betterment of the country.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

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    Well, you said that you the Reporting to Facebook doesn't work. See, in Facebook, if you report a post as spam or abusive then it will be removed only from your wall. It will be completely removed from Facebook only after the report made to Facebook and the Facebook team will verify the status and do the needful. This is true because any one can report a post as spam and abusive and remove from the wall any time. So, only it will report to Facebook team, and they will analyse the post why it is spam and how it is abusive. So, we can't just blame Facebook for this issue. So well this is very useful for all members. Under this circumstance, we can say our Indian Government is not needed to regualate the contents which are posted in Facebook.

    Thank you,

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    @Juana.. surely we wouldn't be affected but the website's officials too can't ban a thing just because a few people has flagged it. I already mentioned that I don't mind if abusive/vulgur content is removed. But content which represents thought shouldn't be removed! And people throughout this world are using Facebook. Do you think that Facebook will give a special priority to Indians?? And even if they agree do you think that they'll follow what they said for a longer time (and remove the such content every time)?? I don't think this decision will make any difference. Social networking sites has restrictions to nudity, not for thoughts.

    [lol...I thought you are calling those people with inappropriate content innocent! :)]

    Sneha Sunny

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    I am in favour of the Indian government coming up with some regulations for the content on social networking sites. I support the views put forth by Juana and Anil kumar. It is always better to be safe than to worry or to be sorry.

    People need to understand that social networking sites are being used in India on a very large scale. There are lakhs of kids out there who do not have any idea about communalism, racism, vulgarity, etc., but may be indirectly (and unknowingly) contributing to it because of the "open-ness" of such social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, etc. India is a nation where there are several people who are oversensitive in terms of religion. It is important that such people are not allowed to advocate false things to others or misguide others. There should be a monitoring system in place that makes sure that illegal, anti-religion and untrue stuff is not propagated on a massive scale using these sites.

    At the same time, this is not about putting a restriction on any one's freedom of speech or communication. People like you and me or people with good intentions will always be able to post their thoughts and opinions in such networking sites. It is just that when some one crosses the line and tries to spread hatred and malice that the government's content regulatory authority can step in.

    Google and Facebook claim that they have their own regulatory norms and policies, and they cannot object against any content just because it is controversial in India. They are right in their own sense. Things in India can spread like fire and there are plenty of so-called religious organizations or political parties out there who would like to take advantage of this social networking world, since it is one of the farthest reaching medium in India today.

    We as Indians need to understand that to handle Indian sensibilities, we need to have a content regulatory authority that just acts as a safety team for the "social network savvy" people of India and prevents any potential violence. In fact, there is no harm in it. It would just make sure that the Indian kids and youth are not misguided or misled.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Shathyan the name is JUANA. I did not mention a site name! However what you say does make sense. I agree what I report cannot be taken at face value; but how long can they sit on the reported violation without acting? These social networking sites are globally recognized and cannot take cover under the pretext that they have a large network of users. There is software that can detect vulgarity; so why not use such advanced technology to block such content.
    Open groups should be under scrutiny as anyone can join them. This is where all the trouble brews. Is there no way to curb certain factions that are offensive to your religion or you being an Indian?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Sneha if they want to continue business in India they better listen to what the govt says.
    You think content against your religion, your nationality is not offensive and should continue to stay because of freedom of speech? What about your own dignity? You do not mind racial and abusive comments? We must live in different worlds. Maybe I am old fashioned in my views, but then that is how I am!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Very right juana there are software which can detect obscene videos and images. If you want to test this, just try uploading any explicit video on youtube it will be in no minutes get deleted and sending you a warning for these kind of videos. That is they easily detect the explicit content and delete it as soon as detected. So, why not these technical experts of Facebook too implement such detection system?

    @Sneha you have the right to express your feeling, but it should not be hurting someones sentiment. Please be careful, at least try to know the complete rights you are enjoying. As you know little knowledge very dangerous.
    If the assaulted person feel harassment with your content he/she may lodge a file against you for defamation and can impose a heavy tax on you, right!.

    Ataul Haque
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    All about Indian people and Indian places!

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    I don't see this step by the government causing much difference to most people using social networking sites for their basic purpose i.e. networking and socialising. For those people who really want to raise a strong voice or opinion on some sensitive topic, there are several other means like blogs, forums, websites, etc. Social networking sites are not the only means. I am not saying they should not be used, but there should be some sort of discipline and process.

    The content regulatory authority proposed by Indian government should not allow any one to post vulgar, abusive stuff on some one else's profile/wall. It is fine to criticize some one using good language and supporting it with true facts. But, people should not be allowed to cross the line or spread rumours on the basis of freedom of speech/communication. Social networking sites have been useful in carrying out good mass initiatives so far, but, if timely precaution is not taken things can turn dirty in India pretty quickly. Prevention is always better than cure.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #265528
    I don't think the government should start controlling the social networking sites because someone has placed the distorted image of a political leader on a social networking website. It is impossible to go through each image and each word in the opinions expressed by millions of members on these social networking websites. There cannot be any such mechanism to read all the matter submitted by the members which may run into millions of pages. The websites working according to certain rules and regulations. Any member violating the rules, can be taken to task by the networking site only if there is a specific complaint about any objectionable matter published on the social networking site. All the social networking websites has already expressed their views about this that they would take action against any specific complaints. Kapil Sibil's controversial statement has taken a new turn and has become a matter of hot discussion in the media and on the internet.
    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #265532
    Very true Bhakti. We have to learn to voice our fears and the govt is taking the right step. Some things may be culturally accepted somewhere but I do not want to be part of it sitting at home.
    People are using these sites for more than social networking and it has nothing to do with freedom.
    One can be sued for making derogatory remarks or defaming especially if content is openly posted. I think the law also has provision for arrest (not certain). So freedom of thought and speech can actually land one in a lot of trouble.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #265533
    @ Ataul...I know my rights and I've never misused them, neither I've posted or said any such thing in my life which may hurt anybody. (Politics and such are out of my understandings and I never post on such topics and neither about actors). I never support vulgar things. Read any of my response, on each post I've said that vulgar things should be banned. I simply said that THOUGHTS should not be removed. And the other things that I've mentioned is a fact that it's not possible to delete all such things from internet forever. Why consider only the social networking sites?? There are many more sites which contains such craps. Is it possible to remove all those things forever?? That's why I don't think that this decision will make a significant change. Yes we can try but the output will not be great.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265536
    @Sukhdev Sir, its not about just the distorted or morphed images of political leader but explicit and obscene images of Hindu, Goddess and gods are also displayed. How one can tolerate one's ideology being hurted.
    How you can hurt the sentiments of a person who follows a particular religion or faith. Facebook like sites not only contain the contents which opposes govt but also inflammatory images of religious faith.
    Will you be able to tolerate Goddess Durga shown without dress and eating banana.
    Don't you think, its the misuse of the right to speech and expression.
    One cannot have the right to defame or attack/abuse/assault someone personally.
    If I use an image of a girl of this site, morph it and make a fake ID on Facebook and then upload it. The image is morphed with a naked image of other girl. Will that girl be able to gulp this harassment?
    That girl can be anyone, anyone's sister or wife.
    So, these kind of morphed images and contents are cropping up in these social networks. So, govt has decided to ban on such illegal and obscene contents.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265537

    Hope now I spelled your name correctly. Well, you asking how long to sit ?? Hmm, it is up to you. Because these networking sites have millions of members who post and update the status regularly. Also, these contents need to have manual review panel, which is best to decide whether to take of the post as spam or abusive or neither keep available in the respective member wall.
    See, these wall cannot be monitored by some Software's. I think you say that you can just keep a software which will just delete the post which are reported as spam or abusive by any members. But that can't happen. These post should be reviewed by some human beings who knows the languages and well knowledge about what is happening around the world and which post related to them are fake, abusive and spam.

    For example, if you post about our Bus Price hike in social networking sites which is happening in Tamil Nadu, then a Software can't assure and find itself that this post will be abusive as it is against Tamil Nadu government. Also a human being who is sitting in Facebook Inc. doesn't even know where is Tamil Nadu and what is happening here and why the post is said to be abusive. So, for sure a software be used under this issue. We need to have human beings all over the world to be recruited by social networking sites to monitor these kind of problems.
    And another example is, I may write on my wall about a man, or friend who is thief or cheating people in the society in some issues. If write it, that is true thing which is happening around me, then this post will be abusive or hurt-ed to the guy whom I'm mentioning in my post. But the post I make it to give some cautions to my friends about that guy. In this case, the guy whom I mentioned can block or report my status as Abusive. But at the same time, think that it is the real thing happening and so I want to convey to all others to be safe from him. So, like this situation you can just blindly just remove the post made by me. Every thing needs to be proper analyze why and for what reason them members have posted this on his wall and the reason behind it before deleting. So a software will not surely help in this Content regulation issue.

    Thank you,

  • #265539
    "Yes we can try but the output will not be great."
    Exactly @Sneha, you're very right in your approach, a step is needed to control, though it seems not possible, right!.
    I think you got it, and that's why govt has taken a step, though he knows it may not work so easily. After many impositions and restriction, it may so happen that, there will be some control to such contents.
    And this is one such step.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265540
    Yes, you are right when you say that it is impossible to remove all negative things from the internet. But, it is important to start somewhere. And social networking sites are being targetted because they are the easiest to join and have a far greater reach. There may be many other sites, but, I doubt if so many kids or teenagers would be part of them. They are the ones who need to be saved from any negative influence and best way is to put some restrictions on the content posted on social networking sites.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #265543
    For the example that you have given about you wanting to caution everyone about a thief or a bad person, there is the option of sending a message to all your friends on Facebook. This way you won't hurt anyone and will get your job done.
    Also, I am not in favour of deleting any stuff just because it is against some one, but, you need to be more than 100% sure about it and support it with plenty of facts. I am only in favour of the regulatory authority deleting abusive, obscene, anti-religion and violent language. Like I mentioned earlier, you can put across your opinions or criticism in good language as well. Such opinions and thoughts should never be deleted as long as they are posted on your own profile/wall and not any one else's profile/wall.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #265544
    @ Sukhdev Sir,

    Yes you are correct. Just for this simple reason for posting a distorted image of an political leader they can't take this step for regulating these contents in social networking sites.
    See, this kind of distorted images do often come in The Hindu paper, some thing like cartoon pictures of our political leaders with a comical sense of today's problem. Also in some news channels, we do have some programs which focuses on political leaders in cartoonist look, with something like toy talking on recent problems and issues in the country. Okay, these don't matter the political leaders a lot ?? Why the they just falling into social networking sites alone. If they need to take action, then should take it in full stretch on all things and not focusing social networking sites.

    We. Indians have the right to talk about our problems and we hope we will talk about a issue which is needed so that people get awareness about it and do tell their comments and suggestion on how we can solve the problem.

    Thank you,

  • #265553
    @sathyan, if you have the right to talk about your problem than talk it in personal, who gave you the authority to assault someone publicly.
    Will you be able to tolerate if I start abusing any of the goddess or start creating naked pics of goddess?
    Will that be okay with you seeing explicit and obscene images of your god or be it you or your family members. Of course no one can tolerate the obscene images of his/her family member spreading on a platform like Facebook.
    many have committed suicide on seeing those morphed pics spreading on social sites like facebook.
    So, don't you think it should be checked. And as far as contextual rage is concerned, I can write against anyone, be it you, your family member, your god or your faith. I'm sure you will just get red and will find my location to slap me right.
    So, don't you think if this imposition is regulated, imposition on such obscene and assaulting contents which hurts the religious sentiments too will be checked.
    Or you enjoy assaulting politicians more than anything that you can gulp your own defamation. Think Sathyan!
    Imposing restriction will be a step in checking those kind of illegal and improper contents, be it image, video or contextual content against our faith.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265555
    Facebook has 25 million users from India. Do you think that Facebook will give a priority to Indians?? I'm not saying that we should not take any action against it. I personally have flagged inappropriate contents. We can take action, but we can't prevent the thoughts which are coming in other people's mind. Those who are posting such things will continue posting. If banned from the site, they'll create new FREE profile. Where should the officials start checking out such things?? And what about those in other countries? Can't we come across the nudity shared in the profiles of those residing in other countries?? What about those?? Internet was never safe for children. Neither it's now.

    And about the rules and restrictions then social networking sites do not support nudity. It's in there terms and conditions, that you too must be familiar with.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #265566
    That's perfect @Sneha, you are on right track. we should and we want to restrict such items, but are unable to check those, right.
    Then the rest things are up to these site administrators, to control. We have many talents in Facebook/Google administration, they know how to control such activities.
    Govt just need to say them, that you are require to impose restriction on such contents else we will throw you out like China and other gulf countries did.
    And I'm sure they won't like to lose the customer base of 25 million, right. So they have to invent a way to solve this crisis. Its not our duty, but theirs, how should they control. And don't be distracted from the topic. The topic is to discuss whether govt's ban is justified or not. And not on whether this imposition is possible technically or not?

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265572
    Well friends,
    These status tell what people thinks in their mind. All are not against political leaders and celebrities. There only some who come under this issue.So, we need to see what is the kind of attitude people have towards leaders/celebs. It can be of 3 types:

    1)Respect: This is of the highest order. Leaders & Celebs like Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar etc are respected, praised and some of them in the extreme cases might treated as "Gods".

    2)Neutral: It might mean there is still respect towards the leader but not like the above case. Aamir Khan, Vajpayee, Pranab etc are still respected or they get neutral opinion, some are praised also to an extent but not like the former case.

    3)Disrespect: This happens when the person in question is popular but does not get respect. Need not mean everybody disrespects them. There might be ppl who respect them but the number of ppl who disrespect them are in majority. Examples are Digvijay Singh, Kalmadi.

    The above categorization holds good for any society or country, be it India or US or Europe. And depending on context and time, the same person can be in different categories. For example, Manmohan Singh was in the "Respect" category in the late 90s but has slipped down to somewhere between 2nd and 3d category today.

    Generally, it is the leaders of 3rd category (Disrespect) who are targeted by citizens. Reasons can be many. Due to frustration or helplessness or the feeling of being exploited or cheated or anything else. To vent out their frustration, they will do anything which can be defamatory. They can write an inflammatory article, or make a group and go out on street to protest. Some of them even go to the extent of using photoshop to morph images to show their disrespect. While some of these are acceptable by the society, some seem to be extreme (image morphs) but they all fall under the activity called "disrespect".

    It is difficult to blame people for the actions which are done by leaders of the "disrespect" category. For example, Osama Bin Laden also falls in that category. If people disrespect him, it is because Osama acted in a way which led to such a relationship with people. I am not comparing Osama with Sonia but I am just trying to say that if someone disrespects a leader it is because the leader would have done something which people do not like.

    If a leader is really worth his salt, he must either ignore such trivial things and focus on higher priorities or improve his public relationships and get people's confidence.The presidents of United States are best examples in this context. Not everybody is happy with their leader all the time, they post objectionable content in every possible way. There have been morphed images of George Bush depicted as a monkey. But he didnt give up his priorities and crack down on such content. The same Americans have now avoided/reduced making morphed images of Obama. Maybe because people feel he is not as "stupid" as the former president.

    Thank you,

  • #265575
    This is not the off topic discussion. There is a very less chance that Google and Facebook will accept this demand of Indian govt. Don't think that these sites have a huge amount of officials to check the profiles of 25 million users every single day. Checking on others profile too is against their policies. People will freak out if they'll come to know that someone is peeping in their profiles (don't consider only you and me). Maybe its their duty to decide how they will check but we too need to think on every aspect before passing on any law or rule. And about banning the site from a country, do you think that people will quietly accept that??
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265578
    @ Ataul Haque,

    See, we members are not against any God or religions or any politicians or celebrities. We are also just common people in India. Also, I guess there is none like this so cheap to act like that to put nude images of Goddess or any other members. See, you are just giving new creative things here for members.

    See, all this abusive and spam post are posted by members. These things can be just said "As you sow, Shall you reap". We dont want people to defame politicians or celebrities, but they try not to act stupid. If they want respect, they should earn that respect. Mere usage of muscle power will not only backfire but will worsen the situation. We were frightened to see the power of social media during Anna's fast and you think regulating it will avoid such a mass movement in future.

    So, just think of this. Simply just because of posting and hurting these useless political leaders is right. And we are not going to post abusive on any good and helping people who really mind in the improvement of the India. There is nothing wrong to write about these people's. Only then you can understand about people and politicians who are waste and we can create awareness among youths for the future elections and government parties.

    Thank you,

  • #265581
    It is not so complicated issue, as I am able to see now. I do agree with Juana again. It is totally up to you, what you want to see or do while surfing, even though the act is good or bad.

    But I would say, how come the right to speech comes here? It is right to raise your voice about some issue, which have been not good for people. But it will be very wrong to pin-point somebody for it on a personal level, by posting non-acceptable images.

    Even that person have the right to live with dignity. If we want to raise our voice, then we should respect other privacy and respect.

    If the same thing happens to us, we will definitely remove or report that post immediately. Same thing is quite applicable for our politicians, celebrities and other popular people.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #265583
    @Bhakti Savla,

    Well, see I have 1300+ friends in my social networking sites. It's really a big work to send a personal message to all. Instead if posted in public, all the members will come to know and just their views and opinions about it. So it will nice if it is publicly posted in sites and members giving their opinions and suggestions to solve this.

    Also, I agree with your words. We, should monitor and leave the post as it is, if it is real true about the news happening. Because, many may simply post some fake news just for publicity and activeness in social networking sites. So, it should be really true and clear understanding of the news is very important to share. The news should have facts to be supported it, to justify your post if it is abusive on any persons in the society.

    Thank you,

  • #265586
    @Juana & Ataul
    Exactly on the target of regulation of content posting, I would say that we people who post the status abusive on someone are not against them directly or indirectly. They are someone for us in this World. But we talk about them because there is something done by them. See, We don't post any abusive on someone who is good or either lay man in this society. We only post it on someone who is related or created the issue.

    Banning is like putting some curfew where the real problems remain unsolved. Every one understand Internet is not the creator of those problems. These problems are already existing and we had just made aware to the people. Anyway censoring will hardly work, enough damage has done by netizens. Might be they will be able to delude next generation but sooner or later some other way will pop out.

    Thank you,

  • #265587
    @Veena... Right to speak comes here because it is mentioned above that "Social networking sites have also been the place to defame leaders, actors and even common people and also religious attack which can harm communal harmony." Not only images but written thoughts too can lead this and has led this. Any statement against any governmental actions shouldn't be considered as the "defaming agents". Because every person has some feelings and so what if he's speaking that out? Not the abusing thoughts but a normal thought which may be against the popular people. This is what I'm talking about from starting that thoughts shouldn't be removed but the images. Popular people too can commit mistake or take a decision which may not be good for us. And we too have the right to say our words.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265591
    Whatever author of this message said is correct because many reputed actors and politicians are blamed due to social networking sites. Recently, a famous Telugu Hero, Bala krishna and Junior N.T.R. also blamed due to such postings in social networking sites. Government has to design some norms that should abide by the rules that not to give such abhorrence acts.

  • #265592
    I agree that it is about right of speech, but it is not about defaming anyone, let it be politicians, celebrities or even a common people.

    You can say or post anything you like, but keeping in mind that you don't interfere with the freedom of others. Social sites are for networking, it is for getting in touch with your friend and not posting explicit matter about anyone or any religion. It is not civil act, even for us, a common people.

    So do carry on with your right to speech, but taking care that you don't harm others.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #265593
    Social networking sites have both advantages and disadvantages. It is in our control how we use the facility of social networking web sites. But it is better that some kind of control is excercised on the contents posted in the social networking sites. There are possibility of anti nationals and anti social elements misusing the facility. Control or monitoring the contents posted on the social networking sites will help to keep a tab on the anti social elements.
    With Regards and Best wishes,


    "There is no substitute for hard work"
    -Thomas Alva Edison

  • #265598
    Well I pointed out before that "not the abusive one".
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265611
    @ Veena Sharma,

    Yes, every citizen has the right to speak and share his thoughts. We attained freedom for our country only by our speech. That olden days, and now in this net world, we use the social networking as a platform to share our views. In our post, we have freedom to write on any and we do post only on people who has done something big and the reason for the issue. We can't just take it is as about defaming anyone, let it be politicians, celebrities or even a common people, we do post only because of reasons.

    We always keep in our mind and we don't interfere with the freedom of others. But anything against our freedom of speech is not acceptable. I see this as a lame attempt to save there dieing power.

    Thank you,

  • #265619
    Still, I am finding it hard to digest why there is so much fuss created about some regulations being proposed to be put in place for social networking sites. As discussed earlier, there are several other alternate means to voice your opinion. In addition, I don't see normal people raising a strong voice/opinion against some one or maligning some one day in and day out. It is a rare occurence and if we are really serious about it, we would get a separate page developed on any site (either social networking or non-social networking) for that cause and get followers for the same. We can even do it via facebook itself. We can create a group in Facebook and invite all friends to join it. Then, whenever you send a message to the group, it is automatically sent to every one in the group. Thus, there is a workaround solution for every hassle that people think they might face once in a while because of any regulations.

    It is important to understand the regulations are for any public display of abuse, obscenity, vulgarity or violence. If some one is so willing to use bad language for criticism, he/she can always do it in his/her private facebook group (which will also have the entire list of friends). Also, it is not necessary that the social networking site owners themselves come up with some regulatory software. Any intelligent Indian well-equipped to do the job can develop such a thing and ask the concerned social networking site owners to embed it with their website.

    Like I said, there is an alternative for everything because "where there is a will, there is a way".

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #265620
    Contents regulation on social networking sites is a welcome move by the government.

    As we all know that internet is a very powerful medium and it have every chance to spread information's which are offensive in nature. Illegal, harmful contents need not stay in those sites which may create unwanted activities/trouble/issues.

    There are some areas where every government should focus to control the contents spread in social sites, those are
    * security related like terrorist activity,drug production,bomb making
    * Pornography or posting abuse contents in the internet
    * Hacking advertisements
    * Defaming a living person
    * comparative advertisements which are unlawful
    * Distribution of copyrighted materials which are unauthorized,

    and so on

    Every country is regulating internet contents through some law or panel. Like in US, they have a special team called "Federal Communications Commission" which has the role of regulating internet contents/electronic communication.

    It is obvious that no commonalities with countries for having a model in internet content regulation, but every country have their own approaches for it, and now it is good to see that India is taking effort forward after finding the issues grow up as it should be stopped/controlled to an extend

    So, there is always a necessity that contents posted on social sites should be regulated by some approaches by the government. It may introduce a law with having a punishment method can control it greatly in a little run

    Everybody of us may have our own thoughts to express, but we are operating under circumstances where chances of misinterpretation and miscommunication is possible. So, we should be highly regulated by some means.

    Government can setup a committee and check for the possibilities where and how they can arrest those issues. Facebook or any social sites can be informed to control it to some extend, otherwise opting to block those sites is up to our government's decision depending upon the response. Note that china have blocked Facebook already because of their unregulated content posts

  • #265622
    @ Juana & Ataul & Ganesh Kumar

    Just for your information, just now I saw in our forum thread that our Telecom minister has submitted a report stating a list of some 255 items to Google site asking them to remove. But Google Inc. gave straight forward reply that they will not move forward to remove or delete such contents from its site. They also clearly told our government minister that these are not violating their community standard or local law.

    Our minister has stated that all 255 items needed to be deleted because these are related to criticism and abusive against Indian government. Other than these 255 items 8 items have to delete because of hate speech, 3 items for pornography and 1 for national security. In additions to this government asked to remove 236 communities, and stated a reason that these would affect local politics. So from this, you can very well understand that, the government is worried about its political leaders and their political parties. They are not worried about the public, as you say the celebrities, Goddess, or religion or caste based.

    So friends who are supporting the regulation, please understand that the government is only worried and asked to regulate content which are abusive and hurting them. It is directly telling that our political leader who are now in ruling of our country should be abused like this. So this content regulation is not for general interest of the public and society. It is purely based on self interest and just doing it as their names are spoiled. Government is selfish and they focus on them alone. But you guys just keep supporting hem, who doesn't even care for you.

    Thank you,

  • #265660
    You are free in the net world, but still you can find lots and lots of unacceptable images of celebrities, politicians and even in that case some one ex's images are getting circulated in the social networking sites as a cool and fun thing.

    Which is really not acceptable, let that person be wrong also, but still such negative feedback towards the person is highly inhuman, this definitely cannot be called freedom to express yourself, your so called freedom of speech.

    Freedom of speech is valid only if it is done in a right way, not by such mal-function by your profiles of social networking sites atleast.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #265671
    @veena... No one called freedom of speech what you are pointing out! What you are pointing out is nudity which violates the rule of every social networking sites. I'm sure that if there were any such nudity related to politicians then these sites must have taken actions because it does violates their rules. Funny pictures of politicians doesn't breaks the rules of the sites. And such funny pictures can be seen in news as well. These are very well reputed sites and if any govt official is asking them to delete anything and if they are saying that "no it doesn't violates the rules" then there must be a reason for that, they must have analyzed it properly before saying no! As Shathayan mentioned the data on the post above yours, it is clear that govt only wants to clear up the post related to them only. They don't care about others. They are doing it for their sake and not for you and me. They don't want a complete neat environment.

    For nudity or offensive things, these sites have provided the report abuse link on every single profile. Don't tell me it doesn't work (it do works). They'll take action if the thing contains nudity or abuse. How would the officials come to know that there is something that is bothering you until you'll flag the content? That is your responsibility. That link is given to maintain a clean environment. If we are not utilizing it and complaining about such posts then is it our fault or the websites?? We are just complaining about it and not utilizing the thing which is available to us. How many of you have ever flagged an offensive content that you come across?? No need to answer this question just ask it to yourself.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #265708
    "Other than these 255 items 8 items have to delete because of hate speech, 3 items for pornography and 1 for national security. " Suppose govt had not imposed any restriction on the regulation of contents, then just think about these 3 items of pornography, 1 for national security and 7 abusing the goddess Bharata. Just due to this imposition at least those obscene images, pornography contents and national security content was deleted. right!.
    So, do you love criticizing these politicians more than loving you own god, pornography or national security issue. It is said in hindi that "Gehun ke sath ghun bhi pista hai" which means with the churning of wheat it's shell too get churned. So, if we are getting restriction imposed on these other contents, which are really hurting the sentiments of millions and millions of people, don't you think, its a good step. Be that politicians too don't get abused here and Facebook like sites become clean and clear with thoughts, so that our next generation or children too can easily be allowed on such platform. No hate speeches on such platforms.
    And if you have any such than, join Anna's team or any other civil society, help them to oppose govt policies. Why you are defending a move which is aiming to clean social sites and pornographic contents.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265718
    Shathyan! Yes I did not know the exact content that the govt was volleying against. Yet I feel its stand is perfect. There is content on the net that is derogatory not just to the govt but to religious sentiments as well. If this is not stopped now then it is only going to continue. The concerned may not have noticed all the content that is offensive. But what they are doing is a good start. They have to make a start somewhere!
    Is derision of someone or morphing photos freedom? I will not even term it creative. It is a sick act done for getting cheap thrills. You might think I being moralistic, but just stop and think for a moment…do we really want all this trash?
    National security is definitely of prime importance. When there is a terror attack we are the first to jump and question what our government and intelligence agency is doing.
    As regards to posts against politicians or govt is it right to have disparaging material for the whole world to see. Are we not making a mockery of ourselves in front of the world? Such posts which harm the image of a nation, religion or individual cannot be termed as freedom of press/speech.
    Anyone in their right mind would object to morphed images of them doing rounds. Caricature and cartoons are a different issue. I don't know which images that the govt has objected to, but I have seen images of political leaders in compromising situations and these were morphed images. Good for a laugh I don't think so.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #265733
    Dear All,

    I think no body would like to express their negative feelings unnecessarily. If somebody who is directly linked to the community is doing wrong then the voices will definitely rise. We all common people can only rise our voices through the means which link us together and the social networking websites provide us that platform.

    Government want to close the mouth of public at their own will. This is not at all correct. These websites have their norms and nobody can cross the limits. We can see cartoons is newspapers also which show the similar content and that means ban should be imposed on newspapers also.

    Government has became so corrupt that they are doing whatever they want to do without bothering much for the common people.

  • #265736
    Posting funny pictures, in that sense of anybody might be ok to many people. This is the reason they share it with their friends and have a great laugh about it, because of its others. And when it comes to newspaper and other print magazine, I haven't came across such disrespectful content of anybody, even if there was, it have been reported by the respective person.

    And if we talk about nudity and explicit content on social sites, I agree that many of us never complian of it. Because of this carelessness, government is taking such drastic step by themselves. Because the truth is we will never flag such content as a viewer.

    As rightly said, we viewers love to watch only MASALAS on net or any other medium, then how come all this will stop? No it won't. We should thanks the government for taking such step for only our good.

    And people, who want to only get social in social networking sites with their friends, for them it is a boon.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #265741
    @ Shathyan, Sneha sunny

    I suppose our government will not only take care of their issues in this concern. Shathyan, as you told their request includes security related and pornography issues also. So, if our nation don't like something to be reveled to our public, it is their(Facebook or any site provider) job to block them upon consideration of that necessity by the provider.

    Note that India has huge number of users for any social site, so we can demand them for any good reasons/needs. Defaming a person in websites is strictly to be prohibited, otherwise he is caused to have bad image in front of public with no reasons.

    Some of you here telling that television news and newspaper too spreading funny pictures of politician. But you can see no offense in those news or information, rather it will only express some views / comments from their actions in the society. But in the internet, this limit goes to the extreme level of dominating one person's life style completely.

    Here, it is not the matter of plugging people's freedom but it should be regulated to a certain level so that internet can still be a truthful source to everyone

  • #265767
    @ All,

    See, nobody is wanted to have ill hatred feelings on others unless they do something like hurting or phishing you directly or indirectly. So think, I'm not going to talk hatred or abuse you simply. You are just a common people like us. But the same, if you something to me, then I too will do something to you like this.
    And also you people gotta understand that these things are cheap acts done just to deviate the people from main problems where these Political leaders are concerned.
    First FDI, now Censorship, next it will be something else. All these are red herrings. It may sound cliched but Jan Lokpal is the death knell for a number of corrupt politicians, some of whom may be occupying very high positions. Why would they ever sign their own death warrant? The desperation from them is only going to increase in the future. They want to firstly distract the common man's attention from the centerpiece issue of Jan Lokpal. It may sound weird but the common man is too much occupied in his own struggles to remain focused on a single issue for too long (at least that's what our politicians think). They recognize that the source of Anna's Movement Strength is the strong and vast support from the common man. So they first tried to break it by calling it only a middle class movement. They also tried to poison the well by releasing some fraud CD's about Bhushans. Then it was said that Anna was an army deserter, then they said that Kejriwal owed the govt money as loan and as dues. Kiran Bedi was also maligned for something that was actually smart working. Then they tried to break Team Anna by pressurizing some of the members. When all this failed, they decided to obfuscate the whole issue by suddenly bringing the issue of FDI. They felt that this will confuse the common man between FDI and Jan Lokpal. This FDI issue had barely settled down that this IT Censorship issue has started. It is another diversionary tactic in my opinion. And if this is NOT the case, then I guess it only shows that those in power are shaken, they are unsettled and have want to retain power any which way. This means that the rules of the game will be gradually broken, they will try EVERYTHING to destroy the movement, they will go to any extremes to either avoid the Jan Lokpal bill or to present it in a manner that would be useless. I won't be surprised if the coming months see some of the worst breaking news in the Indian Media. Problem is, even some parts of media are corrupt - they filter and edit any news to make it more damaging to Team Anna and less damaging or even soothing to the politicians.

    So, these things are just deviating you from the main problem which our country faces. Think well and act.

    Thank you,

  • #265770
    @ Ataul

    Please, we should call them Pornographic Paintings and not just nude ones. It expresses the content better IMO. Many of the uninitiated and neutral observers may not find the term nude painting all that objectionable. This is just what people like Shobhaa De etc and Indian Media have done when they talk about this issue. They try to reduce the issue to nude vs non-nude to lessen the intensity.

    Thank you,

  • #265777
    Shathyan appreciate your imagination and politicizing of things. Politics may be a game of minds but don't think this has to do with any of the things you mention.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #265780
    @ Sneha & Veena

    It was 'gagging' the media during the emergency and was successful to the extent both the print and visual media were indian in this move to curb freedom of expression and speech in an India integrated and governed by prudent global norms smacks of ill advised and retaliatory measures

    I fail to understand why such learned, experienced and capable leaders are guided by immaturity unless they now feel threatened of being unseated from their thrones!!! I can only hope that their 'inner' conscience calls upon their sensibilities to seek common sense wisdom that is within each one of them

    Thank you,

  • #265785

    Why not. This has many things to do with this current issue we talking of. We are Indians, and we do have the rights to talk on issues and people who concerned with.
    The media of 1970s was one directional/broadcast. Single source, multi readers. It is easy to control the source of the broadcast. But today's media is multi source, multi readers which empowers even normal people to have their say, share articles and exchange views in real time. Social networking sites ways a path in his factor for us to share it.

    Thank you,

  • #265787
    Okay Sathyan you will also relate any morphed images publicly shared on Facebook to be decent nude only right. What if that pic which has been morphed belongs to one of your neighbor's. Then also you will call it decent nude only as said by Shobha De. Or you will try to catch the creator who morphed your friend's image into a bikini or even a non bikini girl.
    I'm not talking about only the arts like that was made by MF Hussain. who was expelled for the same, but for many morphed images of decent girls whose images are taken by some guys and shared on Facebook with morphing.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265789

    Why not. This has many things to do with this current issue we talking of. We are Indians, and we do have the rights to talk on issues and people who concerned with.
    The media of 1970s was one directional/broadcast. Single source, multi readers. It is easy to control the source of the broadcast. But today's media is multi source, multi readers which empowers even normal people to have their say, share articles and exchange views in real time. Social networking sites ways a path in his factor for us to share it.

    Thank you,

  • #265803

    See, you are always talking about nude and morphed photographs which are posted in Social Networking sites. If you are too much concerned about this then Indian Government should take mere actions on all websites with pornography, 18+ and only for adults. We have many online dating websites and others sex videos which are uploaded daily on to the web. Our Indian government should even ban YouTube, MetaCafe etc etc which has many videos like this. Also images, well you can get many if you search in Google images.

    So what, do you need to ban all the whole Google in India???

    If this is the case, then you and me can't live. We are dependent in Google for our daily life. Also internet is just covered on the whole world and it has been a window for us to see. I don't find content regulation just in social networking sites alone will solve this pornography images problem. Or every websites which are used by the people in India should have content regulated and then give a special edition of Google in India alone.

    Okay leave, don't want to deviate from our topic. Our topic is about posting and sharing of status which hurt others. Also in social networking sites, we have enough guidance provided for security, privacy and rights to the members. It is up to you to safeguard your pictures from being downloadable and protect it from misuse from others.

    Thank you,

  • #265805
    In this context empowerment takes a new meaning. Anyway it is not an attempt to gag the media (I refer to the social networking sites). It is about what is ethically acceptable. You and I are in any case not the media who weighs the pros and cons before reporting things. Nor are any users of the SNS's.
    There is a very thin line between freedom and misuse of it. If we rant about our freedom and rights and demand an uncontrolled run then soon it will be a free for all.
    During the emergency the International media was not gagged. BBC reported what was happening and so did a lot of hardliners in the Indian press.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #265833
    @Ganesh... If govt really wants to clean up environment then why he is not taking any action against such Bollywood scenes?? Aren't children watching that??

    @veena...neither I'm saying that newspaper and magazines publish offensive pictures. If there were any such pictures of Indian politicians then these sites must have taken action against it. But Google said a big "NO". There must be a reason.

    @Ataul.... Facebook has the facility to report things including fake pictures, fake profiles, porn, bug, status etc. You can report things to them.

    @Juana....And no one here mentioned putting up adult content as the FREEDOM TO SPEECH/EXPRESSION! We can comment and put up a status that can be against a politician or his action. Putting up this thought is referred here as the FREEDOM TO SPEECH!

    Sneha Sunny

  • #265842
    Sathyan, those pornographic sites are not meant for children below 18 and before entering you must have to authorize yourself. But these social sites are opened for all, there lies the problem. If you are opening it for all, then should be some strict guidelines.
    For Google images, just go and search any image there, you will find an option for safe search and strict search, right!. They are already following a guideline of not showing the contents which may not be shown to all.
    Again on Youtube, one cannot post any pornographic content. I think you don't have tried uploading or would have read the guidelines of Youtube.
    They are already following some guidelines, because they know it can be accessed by all.
    for metacafe, you have to sign in with 18+ age profile Id. then only you can see extreme videos.
    But Facebook has not set any guidelines, that children age below 18 are not allowed to sign up etc. And if they allow, it means they have to be clear from all aspects.
    Regarding thought flow, any thought which comes into my mind is free thought untill it is aimed at attacking/hurting a person personally.
    And if it aiming a person, then the assaulted person can file a case against that person for defamation.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265849
    It will be just putting an illegal censorship on the social networking website without the sanctity of any law. If the government wants such a censorship then the government must pass an appropriate legislation in the parliament. Simply making a statement by a minister shall not solve the problem.
    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #265853
    @Ataul.... And can you say by guarantee that all those entering those adult content sites are 18+?? School children too are watching such things online. I don't think children of 10th or 11th standard would 18 years or more (usual cases). The same thing goes for metacafe.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265881
    Since sites like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, ORKUT, LINKEDIN etc. are called social sites their responsibility towards the society is of paramount importance. Even though in a democratic country like India FREEDOM OF SPEECH and EXPRESSION can never be questioned yet it is morally and socially binding on our part to not exaggerate the matters in a proportion which is likely to go beyond all sorts of control.
    Another view towards the matter is that there is no smoke without a fire.And what is right will be brought to the fore at last. Hence there should be some place on the earth where we can call a spade a spade and probably that caorner is provided by FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, ORKUT and LINKEDIN.

  • #265885
    I do agree with Sukhdevji that if government want to really make it happen, then should go stepwise. They should pass a bill and submit to the appropriate authority. Not just by making a statement.

    When the act will be done properly, then only the regulation can be applied in real. And then I do believe that we as a viewer will become more responsible of what to post or surf in net.

    This will automatically check all the unnecessary content from the sites and will be removed, which will be a boon to the coming generation. And I believe they will be more responsible in terms of following the norms of networking sites in future.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #265900
    Social networking has rampantly gathered interest especially amongst the young crowd and these young minds need to be nurtured and moulded to be more responsible and self-made individuals. The opinions shared and passed could well influence the thought process to either a "GOOD-PROGRESSIVE-WELL WISHED" thinking or to a "MEAN-SELFISH- REGRESSIVE" thinking.

    But there are few which are completely outside these purview and could prove to be an extreme social menace. The danger of terrorist lurking on your website could never be ruled out. nor any ILLEGAL messages or codes getting shared through the forum ! The human mind could be well deceptive so much so the left hand may never know what your right hand is doing. And if the government identifies a set professionals to police such illegal acts and can link any untoward activity / abuse then no one should feel any harm as its for our own security.

    So policing such networks to an extent is absolutely essential and should be bound within a certain limitations but interfering & banning any activity on these social networks is totally uncalled for unless its declared a "crime".

  • #265920
    Why these question has been arised by the government now,,,s in this social sites are there for a decade around. the thing is after anna hazare's protest people are getting aware and hance started discussions and commenting on wrong steps of government. Hence to these action is the reaction of govt saying that these sites shall restrict contents.

  • #265943
    @ Sneha sunny

    You went away somewhere. But to answer your question, as you aware there is a sensor system which regulate scenes and rating of the movie. For "A" rating movies,below 18's are not allowed to watch

    In social sites, when you encourage reading and publishing offensive contents, you become habituated and it affects your character a lot. For example,
    when someone knows well of how to suicide by those sites,he tries it when he feel depressed

    By same way,when someone involved in defaming a person, he become doing it everyday for some reasons to someone

    So, for our own sake, we can't allow unregulated contents spread in the internet medium.

    Somebody told it is not possible to go through each and every picture and control, but it is possible to control. Sites like Facebook can do sampling of those pictures, those who have misused the site for having published offensive contents can be punished with not using the particular site for some days. So, this will easily spread across people to be an alert and so that a control will definitely be obtained from everyone.

  • #265944
    @sneha, though guidelines are at least set. You can't control what others do, but you can implement rules and regulation. Schools say to students to come in proper uniform, but what will you do, if someone come in non uniform? You can't control everybody, but you can at least make some restriction. And rules are made to be broken. So, those children who are entering such sites, are doing illegal works. They are not authorized to do so.
    But with this implementation, at least children feel afraid if caught red handed.As if they caught watching any such thing they will be jailed, so many children restrict themselves watching those in the fear of getting caught.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265979
    @Ganesh... First of all, I never said that such contents should be encouraged. Go through all of my posts from starting. Where did you find the words that such contents should be encouraged? The only thing I'm saying is if someone is posting something against anybody WHICH IS NOT ABUSING should not be considered as the defaming agents. And for the movie part, below 18 are not ALLOWED to watch but below 18 are watching. Can you help this?? Rules and regulations can't change a person if his mind is set that they want to do something that is non-acceptable. He'll continue posting. And it is not possible that the content will be deleted as soon as it appears on Facebook. By the time Facebook will delete the content, half of the India will see that since we've got the F LIKE button and SHARE button. And will also be shared in different sites and different facebook profiles. How many profile they will need to check for this purpose? Of course such checking would be manual and how many people will they require to do this task regularly? I'm not saying that these contents should be encouraged but after implementing the rules, you also think at least once what will be the problems in handling this.

    @Ataul... No one below 18 has ever went jail for entering an adult site. And social networking sites too contact the user before taking any serious actions against them.

    Moreover would you like that somebody is keeping an eye on you 24X7 when you chatting with your friends and sharing personal problems on your wall?? We'll lose our freedom and privacy completely.
    And why should Facebook give a special priority to Indians?? Wouldn't that be a partiality?? What IF people from other countries respond against these sites for giving Indians a special service?? The rules are equal for everybody throughout this world.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #265980
    No @Sneha, its not true many have gone jail only due to watching some 18+ sites. I had read in a newspaper in the 2007 that in Aligarh about 16 boys have been arrested for going through some adults sites in a net cafe.
    But the thing is, in social network there it is almost free and there is no rule saying if you're on facebook watching 18+ content, you can be penalized.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #265986
    @Ataul...In a net cafe. Someone must have seen them. Now internet is in our hands. Mobile, tablets and what not! Is anybody watching them?? Through IP addresses can the sites check whether the user is 18+ or not??
    Sneha Sunny

  • #265988
    why do you worry about the possibilities of implementing it? It is the matter of implementation.. Whether do you support the government move. I always say that it is possible to regulate the contents. And there are many countries who are having special approaches towards internet content regulation. Specially like US UK FRANCE GERMAN SINGAPORE CHINA, they have a model to deal it. We should learn from them or we can copy and modify according to our environment. Talking about inability to stop spreading an image through many shares, as i told it is possible by the way of sampling the posted pictures where some of them may be caught of posting offensive contents,there the respective person can be punished with blocking his usage to several days. So if this activity improved,people will get afraid of doing such things in their post and they will be careful in posting their contents

  • #265997
    @Ganesh... I don't support this move completely. Because I don't want anybody peeping in my profile all the time. The thought is good I know that but I don't want anybody checking on my profiles. And most of the people will not like this. And did US, UK, FRANCE etc asked for a special request to any such major site like Facebook?? Did they asked that "give us a special attention"? They must have made those approaches on their country based sites. We too can take that step for India based websites but we can't ask a website to change their policies just for a single country. What about the rest 195 countries?? Can Facebook and other such sites provide a special type of attention to all the countries, if they ask??
    Sneha Sunny

  • #266004
    Sneha! Cool down girl, you don't have to SCREAM; I hear you! This is just a discussion and we are "all" expressing our "right to speech". It would be nice if you read my posts and get the complete gist of what I am saying.

    Hi everyone!
    Freedom of speech and expression is about all right to express opinions and notions through various means of communication. What we forget is it should not be a deliberate attack on an individual or society. There should be no character assassination or maligning of an individual or society. Actions and statements must not be false, filled with malice or misleading. Freedom of expression is also applicable to the media.
    Actions whether done because of Freedom of speech or expression can become a criminal offence if some unforeseen thing happens because of this so called freedom.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #266011
    @Juana.. I'm not screaming. I've read what you've written. You expressed your views and I respect that. But this is what I feel. I made those words bold because a few member too said that "we should not encourage such contents" etc which I never said should be encouraged. Just to make it clear to everyone that I'm not supporting such contents. Don't misunderstand. What I'm saying is something different. I know the difference between an opposing statement and an abuse. You are talking about the statements which are maligning of an individual etc. This too will be categorized under abuse. I'm not supporting the abusive statements but simply the opposing statements.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #266031
    India is the World's 4th largest military,
    India ranks the World's 2nd Biggest Naval force,
    And also has 160 Nuclear bombs,
    Is fearing of Social Networking sites!!

  • #266046
    I really appreciate what Juana is saying. It is true that we do have right to speech and all other rights, but that really doesn't mean that you have to express it by posting some funny or un-acceptable images of anyone. As I am saying from starting itself, that what government is doing, is actually good for us.

    I'm just confused, by imposing such regulation how only the government authority are going to get benefit or will be relax from all this social dramas? It is we, who are going to be benefitted in many ways and also for the welfare of coming generation.

    Even though, they will be happy after the regulation, but still media are going to follow them in each and every step. So what great they will attend for themselves by regulating such act.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #266059
    This is only an active GD and I have seen that members are just arguing and fighting,you must state your own views only and don't try to fight with other members in ISC. The government can't monitor this fully and they must give a special request to social media sites to monitor the profile and if something happens the administration team has the right to remove it.Every one has freedom to express but we must not misuse it in anyway.
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    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • #266064
    @ sneha
    Regulations are mostly common among all the countries. morphing picture post, offensive word post cant be allowed by any means in a social site. Different countries have different policy. In other countries imprisonment also results when you post morphing or violated contents. We some of us dont understand what is freedom and that is the cause many of us dont aware of their mistakes eventhough they make it deliberately.

    Spitting on the road is your freedom? Throwing waste away somewhere is your freedom?
    Those who talk about freedom if goes to other country,will hide themself. Thats what your freedom?

    As our laws bending to our people, people taking overadvantages and they think they have no source to control. Thats the problem here

  • #266071
    @Ganesh... Posting offensive content whether written or in the form of picture are already not allowed in social networking sites! And Facebook has already provided the means to report things. And for punishments, Facebook should punish such people who post such offensive content but what is the role of govt here?? Facebook officials will decide what should be the punishment as it's their site. If Indian govt pass a law of punishment then that would be better rather than passing a law for simply removing the content. Why should Indian govt set rules to an American site? They can set rules for punishment to Indians only but can't force a site to change their rules.

    And by the way, you are talking about spitting on road, throwing waste here and there. Have you ever taken any good step to stop them doing so?? Have you ever told them not to do so?? Smoking in public places are banned but still people smoke. Have you ever reminded such people that it is illegal?? How many times you have reported an abuse or any other offensive thing personally?? If you are not using that facility then it's your fault. Facebook have provided the facility so that they could take help from the common people to remove such thing. If you are not doing your part then what can the website officials do?? Are you doing your part as an Indian citizen??

    How many of you ever even thought about this issue before this statement passed by Indian govt?? If you had then you would have reported things like this. You would have taken action against it with whatever resource you've got. At least you would have tried instead of complaining things.

    Here my privacy is also at stake even though I'm innocent and I haven't posted any such offensive things. You can tolerate and accept anybody to look what you are writing but I can't. Call me selfish but I don't want anybody keeping an eye on me.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266073
    Members here should know that Facebook/Google have not raised their inability to remove those offensive contents. They have told that those contents which meet their own norms and terms can't be rejected from posting it. So, it is always possible to regulate them but if they abide with our requirements.

    So, our government should demand them with some valuable needs and opinions for controlling these unnecessary posts acting as threats now.

  • #266076
    @ Sneha

    An American site can be blocked here in India if it is needed. An american site if they don't abide our cultural regulations, we can demand them. It is simply a business that they are doing here, and note that we are the customers asking our requirements as we are simply different from them in many aspects.

  • #266078
    But India is not the only cultural country. Almost every Asian country is very, very cultural. And such content is against all the cultures no matter which continent it is located in and hence it is already against the terms and policies of social networking sites.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #266081
    Facebook is blocked in china which is an Asian country only because they don't abide requirements asked by the Chinese.

    Sneha, Such content is against all the cultures? how can you say this. We have different religious belief and different political system. Don't compare

  • #266083
    @Ganesh.... I don't think that if Indian officials ban Facebook from India then they'll get a cold response from the public. Those people against this decision will act against them. And after getting banned from the most populated country in the world, I don't think Facebook will be scared of losing the users. This shows that Facebook will not change its rule, policies just because India is saying so. And if Indian authorities and Indian people really want that Facebook should be banned for this reason then they should go ahead and ban the site.

    And in which culture and political system "abuse" and "porn" accepted??

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266087

    That's what i mentioned in prior. We have strong democracy nature, but people are misusing it. Even some of us fail to understand the need to have proper regulated internet media, looks strange.

  • #266091
    @Ganesh.... People are misusing it and that's why we are armed with the facilities to report against such people. The website already has the tool to maintain a clean environment. It's people's fault that they are not using it to maintain the clean environment.
    Sneha Sunny

  • #266094
    @ Sneha

    It can't control. The tool you specified will only hide the post, there is no fear to the user and he will do it again. If an user 1000 times posting it? will you go for reporting 1000 times too? It should be formatted

  • #266103
    As correctly stated by Ganesh that facebook have got banned in China, just because it didn't met their requirement and cultural aspects, even people may have loved facebook, but still it got banned.

    The same way, it is now India, who is thinking of regulating the act, and want the site to work according to their norms, if they agree then well and good, otherwise India will also banned facebook here. Which will obviously create problems at the start. But people will still down after sometime.

    My only fear is, will Indian viewer stop surfing and posting un-necessary content, even if social sites will get banned? As correctly put by Sneha, why abuses and porn movies are not taken in this issue. I would love to add, that if government is taking such step, then it should take it as a whole package, rather then bits and bytes.

    Then only the act will be totally beneficial, otherwise it is somewhere a wastage. Because we as a viewer, can adopt other social sites also, to do the same problematic act towards politicians and celebrities, can't we?

    Veena Sharma.

  • #266106
    First of all I want to tall about the importance of social network
    In this modern generation networking site is a useful platform for all. There are various on social networking sites in the world this support all nation .in these sites all types of peoples uses; like student, businessmen, women etc .but the main topic is the content of these sites.
    It is necessary to control on the posting .Content regulation on social networking sites in India need very necessary because the culture of our country India totally different from other country.
    If the Content of social networking sites are not control in India then society may be change our teen generation

    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

  • #266113
    As you said, government should focus on every aspects in regulating the internet contents. Without concentrating only on the social sites, they should also look after many individual sites which act as threats to our environment. If some steps have to be taken for this issue, it should be broadly acting with a good policy involved in it, instead of focusing one or two factors

  • #266142
    It doesn't hide the thing. Facebook review the content and they delete them if they are offensive. Facebook regularly delete such things, but the number of users from India is so high that it is not possible for them to review every single status we post and every single photo we upload. This work should be done manually and I don't think a software can detect an offensive statement or picture. This is the reason that Facebook is not agreeing. At least with the report button we can highlight the things that are offensive and should be removed. Facebook will review that and delete that. And at least you should report the offensive things that you come across. Maybe 1000 times, if you really want to see a clean environment. You don't have do anything or pay anything, just click one link. And it is obvious that if Facebook receives a report against a person regularly then definitely they'll ban the person.

    Facebook said that they delete such kind of post which are against a religion or culture or country etc. Why should they filter our posts when they already are monitoring.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266144
    Everyone likes and wants their freedom but not many know how to use it.
    It is definitely a massive task ahead for the regulating bodies to implement the proposed rules/bans/regulations. We can only debate and speculate what the outcome would be. As one of the members mentioned there is a way to go about executing such practices.
    Let us be happy that a start has been made in the right direction. In democracy there are always loop holes behind which people can continue with their activities. Looking at the mammoth proportions of the internet it is not going to be easy to monitor every activity and that is why there needs to be some discipline.
    Many members say an American outfit must not comply with our ethics. I ask why not? They are doing business with us through their social networking sites. Do in Rome as the Romans do! It is only right that they comply. An international fast food chain does not sell beef products in India, even though it is the staple diet in their country and a popular item on their menu. They respect the religious sentiments of the majority. The same chain serves only 'halal' meat in Islamic countries respecting their sentiments. It is all about offering services that are acceptable to the people.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #266156
    @ all,

    See, this is an issue just raised to deviate us from other things. This is not much important as off now. If our Country is free and safe from other problems and issues, we can step in but here itself many problems from Government sides like black money, scam, etc etc. So all these are just over come all this. A good leader will not act like this.
    When a doctor goes wrong, he is the first among the criminals. Sherlock Holmes had described Prof. Moriarty thus. The adjectives that you used for our leaders are there alright - but have acquired a dark color over the years (or may be they were dark to begin with). You may feel that I am exaggerating this but in my opinion, we have some pretty nasty and sick people ruling us. Yes, we have a few Moriarties as our leaders today. They are using all their learning, experience and capability to fool us, to keep us divided and confused over the main issues of national importance and esp to somehow avoid or dilute the Jan Lokpal issue. For all the criticism that I have done of Nehru I've never thought of Nehru as a lesser patriot. He may have had misplaced beliefs but then even I could have been wrong with mine, had I been in his place. On the other hand, (barring a few) our leaders are merely fooling us, they are not patriots at all. They want us to remain confused and hassled all the time. They have a few issues in their sleeves for this and keep pulling one out each time the people raise their voice. The best way to break the unity of a group is to make the elements aware of their individual weaknesses and then to exploit it by scaring the individuals. They will try to talk about reservation, minority, rich-poor etc etc just to start a quibble within the group.

    Ppl like Kapil Sibal may look a bit stupid when they say what they usually say but trust me - they have been able to confuse a large section of the society by their braying. Baba Ramdev's was one such case. He has been pushed into the background by them. They tried to do that to Team Anna too but somehow it has survived this. Some ppl are even beginning to ask why is Anna always threatening to fast. I know many persons who were not aware / convinced about Team Anna's Hisar strategy. If this keeps on happening, gradually a critical percentage of the public would become skeptical of Team Anna - that's when they will use some other grand tactic to proliferate the confusion further. For eg, they may decide to either increase the petrol prices significantly or decrease significantly. In either case, the noise made would be a sufficient diversion from the main issue of Jan Lokpal. When one takes the momentum away from a movement, it can be difficult to resuscitate it.

    These leaders want to keep the public misinformed so that it is never able to find who the real enemy is. You might be aware about the history of the Neh-Gan family. The ultimate objective of these leaders is to ensure that the common man never gets to know anything about the reality. If even 10% of what has been floating about this family is true then we don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that the Jan Lokpal would hurt them a lot (as it would hurt Sardi Power, his stooge PP etc ).

    They want to avoid this altogether, either these diversios are their whole tactic or they are using these to buy time to decide upon some major strategy that they would use in the future. Till then, the common man is to be kept busy wasting his energy over issues that are thought to be settled.

    Thank you,

  • #266157
    @ Ataul, Ganesh, Juana

    we have no problem if he censors derogatory content or content which hurts people's sentiments. But we need to see his consistency & intention. Government intention is only to protect sentiments of his party but not common man. You can read the news which says that he was hurt when he came across a page which said it hates Sonia. Common, can't we even hate someone? There have been much objectionable contents ranging from photos showing burning of Indian flag, showing Gods without clothes, morphing cricketers as donkeys when India loses a match, someone stamping the flag and much worse content. But none of these hurt him. When someone hated Sonia, he felt pinched and wants to take measures. That's why Google also did not cooperate with him because anybody has the freedom to hate anybody else. Had he shown a burning flag to Google as evidence, it's a genuine case and Google would have obliged. As I see, he is trying to drown our voices and our medium which is used today for demanding better governance. I can bet you that he is least bothered if someone morphs a picture of God but he will do anything to protect his God.

    Thank you,

  • #266167
    The social networking sites are the biggest asset the international community can be proud to have today. It is but natural that to maintain and control a big inventory is not quite easy. It is easy said than done that you pre screen every word or picture published on the social networking sites from India. This is what Kapil Sibal wants to be done when he called the representative of the companies like the Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. He left YouTube outside for the reasons best known to him. Mr Kapil Sibal has stirred a hornet's nest and now the discussion has become global where most of the people are in favour keeping the freedom of speech of the people intact. It is true that certain contributions to these social networking sites may tend to incite religious of community hatred among people and that certainly requires to be checked. But to bring everything under censorship is not a good idea.
    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

  • #266174
    How does one define what is permissible in the name of freedom? I too am an advocate of freedom. But when someone's freedom becomes a problem for me, then that is not acceptable.
    The minister may be politically motivated to moderate or censor only certain bits. He may be right in his thinking and wrong in the view of the public. But I still do not understand how developing a 'hate page' against anyone can be termed as freedom. Is it not stooping to the lowest level?
    In olden days people would stand in street corners and have fights calling people abusive names etc. Is this any different? Defamatory remarks if published or made on a public platform were always an offence.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #266176
    I do agree with you Ganesh, it is right that if government is only concentrating on social sites, then about the rest of the sites, which are also not acceptable in our Indian cultural.

    As government is try to regulate the content of facebook, then what about other sites, which shows un-acceptable content. It is like a person, who want to eat his food, but just have it little, and not having anything, but this will be foolishness of the person, as he is not satisfied.

    The same thing applies to the regulation of government, which is not in complete sense, which will not be beneficial for long.

    It will be like a glass with half water, which can't fulfill your thirst. I hope that if government is regulating such act, then it should be a whole power pack, with small initials and then complete it task fully and sincerely.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #266257
    The question is screening/censorship?
    The answer is simple who will do this screening and whose interests are met… Is it going to help you as a cong or political party or it solves the purpose of the mass that is suffering and trying to find a solution? Government is less worried about the suffering and more worried about their image? Technology is another form to express our voices. It's your ally when you feel lonely, its powerful wave. Don't suffocate the freedom for covering the --- and image of corrupt ones.
    I think the context is in nation's interest and no one is against a party or Kapil Sibbal but the action against our freedom. People on the social media might be notorious at times and I am looking to find the statistics on how many incidences someone can make a derogatory remark. You will find the society itself control it as a family. In the past people who are feel are very powerful has used derogatory remark against people like Tendulkar, Shri Anna Hajare and Mr. Rahul Gandhi at personal level. But the social media has strongly rejected those comments strongly in fact majority of time it forces to support the right thing.

    Thank you,

  • #266287
    Personally, I can never support such an action from the Indian Government. It was perfectly understandable if we were living under a totalitarian government. But, this is India and as Indians we all have the right to express our views.
    At a time when even the leading newspapers and television channels are owned by political parties or politicians or known to have a clear partiality towards certain parties we can never expect the press to do their job without any bias. This was when social networking sites started to make a difference. From discussing minor political issues to triggering revolutions, social networking has changed the outlook of man in a drastic manner.
    The government has no right to decide what is best for the people to discuss. But, personal attacks and acts of sedition via social networking must not be tolerated.
    My opinion is that the social networking sites must seriously review contents that receive more than a fair share of 'reports'. But not just because it insults a corrupt politician.


  • #266294
    I don't support govt on this issue because social networking sites provide platform to each citizen to express their views and attach them in each moment with new adventure. If there is no right to speak then how our govt get to know about thinking of public about any issue.
    I think in respect to ban on content govt should take some step only if it effect harmony.

  • #266319
    Government's intention towards this issue is not to censor the social media. Sibal in a recent talk said that the internet companies like facebook, google need to ensure that uploading of derogatory material is stopped. This is definitely a good move from our government.

    Government will have a discussion with the officials from those major social media companies. If they don't like to cooperate with the government on stopping derogatory materials published, then it is our government's duty to think of the next step that we need.

    I don't encourage people having unregulated freedom in the social media. There should be an action against those who publish offensive contents in the media. If it is people's freedom to post anything they want,they can write and draw anything in their house wall and not in the Facebook wall, where many people gathered. One must show his discipline towards any media which covers lot of people indirectly, otherwise no mercy for giving punishment as he deserved to have

  • #266387
    I feel people are unnecessarily getting worried about the censorship or screening of objectionable content. Sibal has requested the social networking companies to have their own standards and not something specific to India. Anyways, why this fuss among people about not being able to voice their opinion?

    In my earlier post couple of days ago, I have already specified alternative means (and also alternative sites) of voicing your opinion to all your friends/well-wishers in social networking sites. So, there is no question of feeling some freedom has been taken away from you. Why are people forgetting the whole motto or purpose of a social networking site? It is all about grouping of individuals and friends for fun, entertainment, business, etc. You can use them for other serious stuff like alerting people, starting a debate on some topic, voicing your concerns, etc., but for that you can create your own private groups and by just writing a message and clicking on "Send" your message would reach the entire group. This is a perfect workaround solution for all the queries/issues bothering people after the request from Sibal.

    Instead of spending so much time in arguing and taking tension about this latest social networking censorship/screening thing, people could themselves choose any of the alternative options and move ahead. The issue is a very small one and many of us are creating a mole out of a mountain. If you seriously want to get your job done or your message across at social networking sites, you will do it anyways (using any of the methods mentioned by me earlier). So, we can stop worrying about this small issue and use our brains more on how to improve India and use our freedom of expression in the best possible manner to overcome bigger issues plaguing the nation. Our prime focus as an Indian at the moment should be getting a strong Lokpal and doing whatever we can to get it.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #266392
    I feel some changes has to be made by the Government in facebook. I stress on 'Some' changes which must be benefecial for the general public and acceptable as well. Facebook is such a platform where you share your thoughts, photos, videos and even personal experiences occasionally to void off the frustration by sharing with friends. Facebook keep friends, no matter whether they are school, college, collegue, collegue of previous company etc to be in contact in a very easiest and effective way. How many of us have not been in contact, infact even forget the names of our childhood mates who later changed their institution. It's facebook that helps find our forgotten childhood mates or once upon-a-time-friend.
    At the same time, facebook is consuming a lot of time from students of all age and even those employed. This is because of it has something that you really addicted and you actually don't know why! As I have started a GD regarding limiting the usage of facebook, that might be a not bad option I suppose.

    Worship the Creator, not the Creation!

    Mohammed Umair

  • #266419
    Freedom of speech and the right to express what you want can take many dimensions.
    On a lighter note I'd like to point that some who oppose the ban/restrictions in this forum are actually in support of it. You see they do not let those who speak for it have their say! Now is that not contradictory to what they say???

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #266439
    @ Juana,

    As you said Freedom of speech and right to express has many dimensions. In that, these social networking sites add to be a new trend for the youths and others to be new platform for sharing and knowing.

    Actually, I didn't know about this ban before I read this GD topic. So this is just like Facebook post, which made many people to know and comment which is just same as Facebook.

    If you look closer, just on today's events. People of 2 major Indian communities are involved in hate speech an false propaganda. One mourns and one Celebrates.. Which is actually shameful. Censorship of any kind is threatening at first.. But unless we know what Sibal's vested interests are and which topics is he interested in scrutinizing, its unbecoming to outrightly reject it.

    People online are expected to be educated, but oflate we've opted to ill-educate ourselves. If he can successfully manage to drive out illeducation without hurting the freedom of expression; its a gr8 achievement on his part.

    I have done some research and found that except Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, no one else has a good auto search options.[not even Anna Hazare. Try 'Anna Hazare is']. but in Kapil Sibbal and Rahul Gandhi and other corrupt leader case, Google is 100% Correct.

    In Greek etymology, 'poli' means many & 'ticks' mean 'blood sucking insects'. so how cn a decent person expct much from this bunch of blood suckng insects, calld 'politician'.

    Thank you,

  • #266442
    Yes have read that famous qoute, Latin/Greek...!
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

  • #266463
    Adventure in life, doesn't necessarily comes from post bad content about some one, this is obviously not freedom of speech my friends.

    Even if people are agreeing in putting regulation on social sites content only to maintain harmony. I would love to remind that post something bad about somebody also comes under dis-respecting somebody's harmony.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #266468
    You are absolutely right.Putting regulations on social media sites is not needed.Today Minister Kapil sibal has told that there won't be any restrictions from government side and respective companies will regulate their own policies and they will monitor site beautifully.If such offensive content is published in social media sites then it will be removed and their profile will be blocked or removed.

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    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • #266479
    Bringing such regulations in web media, they are taking away our freedom afterall the perspective matters and INDIA IS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY. Government is adamant on monitoring 10 crore Google and 2.5 crore Facebook users. What about the 50 lakh Group C employees the Government is refusing to monitor under Lokpal?

    The two faces of government who most frequently make statements about social movements subverting democracy are human resources development minister Kapil Sibal and home minister P. Chidambaram, both of whom have represented corporations against the public interest in their legal career. They carry these corporate loyalties into their political career. They will do their very best to use every undemocratic means to crush movements for democracy and justice.

    Thank you,

  • #266701
    We may have dissatisfaction among our leaders/politicians. But this is not the issue to compare it with them. Whether we are willing to regulate our social media or not? this is the only concern now we discuss about and, let us only focus on it instead of blaming and scolding politicians.

    For a faithful use of social sites, one must understand the need to have regulated contents be circulated. Otherwise, soon it will work as a bad teacher to the new generation.

    Members here who oppose the government move didn't object the talk of posting offensive contents in the social sites, rather they are intended mainly to save their freedom. It shows adamant character.

    We can listen to the government in this issue to hope for a good success. We will keep away all the impossibilities of implementation, lose of freedom, political dissatisfaction. We can support in cleaning the social media disputes as much as we can.

  • #266704
    @Ganesh... Fine we are adamant and cared about our freedom. What's wrong in that?? Can't we even think about our freedom and our privacy?? This is not the only way to control offensive content online and this is NOT the best way either. There can be other ways too if they think with a calm mind. They should think for a plan which will not disturb our privacy and at the same time will remove the offensive content plus reduce human efforts in doing the task. At least think about those Facebook workers who will be doing the task. It's not an easy task to review every single update done by EVERY Indian Facebook users. You find it very difficult to click a report abuse link for 1000 times then how much work load will they have (based on your statement, if you're wondering- "If an user 1000 times posting it? will you go for reporting 1000 times too?"). They too are humans. If you are not thinking about them and only about YOUR FEELINGS then you too will be categorized under ADAMANT and HEARTLESS people like me (as what you call me).
    Sneha Sunny

  • #266726
    Thank you for agreeing with me Ajal, I totally feel that if government want to do something, it should be a complete thing not just few steps taken.

    And the new thing which have come up is good, that government will be so much involved, if the social sites will follow up the norms and regulation. I really hope that it works.

    Veena Sharma.

  • #266765
    @Sneha, I am noticing you time and again that you are stressing on the matter it is not possible from the Facebook/Google side to impose this restriction due to bulk of postings, Right!.
    I would like to intervene here as if you are thinking you are not tracked by Facebook or Google you are completely wrong.
    Facebook tracks its each and every members activity and contents. It was on news some days ago. That Facebook keep tracking your activities, even you are offline. But the thing is tracking is different thing and imposing restriction on content is different.
    Then for this try this small example:
    1. Go to your Google mail, put any address whomsoever you want to send any mail with an attachment.
    2. Put any subject or don't put any, its on you.
    3. Now in the subject just write this sentence, "please find the attachment in the mail" or "I have attached a file for you, check this out" or "please take care of the attached file".
    4. Now try to send this, you will be alerted with an alert saying, "you have mentioned about attachment in the subject, but have not attached any".
    So, what they have did, is they have written a program which will track the word attach in the subject and if this comes true or in binary (1), then the program will search for any attached file, if there will be any attached file means again (1) or true and it will give a flag 1 as a response to the send button, saying condition satisfied.
    And when you have not attached any file then the condition will be 1 0 means condition not satisfied, which will give a flag report to the send button to give the alert report about the non attachment of file.

    So, such a simple program, which is now helping many who sometimes just forget to attach the file and try sending the files.

    So, what I mean to say is almost nothing is possible on internet, Youtube has embed a software which detects nudity in the video content or images.
    Similarly try this example too, "slang Mark zuckerberg", there is a huge possibility that your content will be either deleted or reported abuse by the Facebook team within one week of posting.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

  • #266767
    @Ataul... Let me tell you Facebook themselves have mentioned this problem. If you don't believe me, then go and check on the news. And about Google mail, it's not the human who is checking whether we've attached anything or not but they automatically check those using technology. Whatever notifications we get are not human generated but their system generated. Similarly those alerts which you are talking about is system generated. And for Facebook, how will a "system" distinguish between a normal statement and an abusive statement? Or a decent picture and an offensive one?? System don't understand A, B, C, D, E etc. The only language it understands is 0 (off) and 1 (on). System basically works on codes and I don't think that pictures has some different codes using which a system can distinguish between the two type of pictures. The codes must be same for the images. This task should be done by a human. I'm simply saying that they should plan something better which will reduce human efforts. Passing a law in hurry is not the solution. They should think properly and plan something better. Our govt is asking to review and filter our posts "after" we post it and "before" it appears on the site. In this way, how much time would it take to appear on our wall?? Just imagine, you posted a "Happy Birthday" wish on your friends profile. Your post is still pending to be reviewed and after two days from your friend's birthday your post appears. Is that a correct method and handling?? So don't just argue, think practically.

    I can understand your emotions. I too am an Indian and I too don't support offensive content, especially those which are against our culture and religion. It matters to me too. But this is not the correct way to handle it. They should plan something new and better idea.

    And your gmail experiment, I tried this and the message was sent without any "alert" like what you mentioned. The one you are mentioning comes on when you put check mark on "add attachments" but don't put any attachment. The codes must get activated to detect the codes related to attachments. This is not the same case as what we are discussing.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266786
    @Sneha Sunny:
    I understand some of your concern, but most of the things mentioned by you are mere speculations. I have been following the news closely and there is no mention from government about keeping any messages/posts in "pending" status. Reviewing any content doesn't mean that it is to be kept in pending status. Also, Sibal has clearly mentioned that the concerned social networking companies are going to do the reviewing and he or Indian govt. don't intend to do it themselves or by Indians.

    Also, I too support that technology and IT can do anything. We see new technology and new gadgets doing extra-ordinary things day in and day out. For an IT guy, nothing is "impossible". So, it won't be difficult to pre-screen any photographic or written content. Screening abusive content is the most easy thing to do. In several IT companies, the email content is pre-screened for any abusive,vulgar and confidential information. So, if they can do it so easily, surely, social networking sites too can do it. Even if I go against my belief and agree with you that it would mean more manual work, then, still it should be fine. What is wrong if some people get employment because of this?

    Now, for your point about you wishing a friend on facebook and it being kept in pending status. First of all, no one has suggested such a thing. Still, if it happens, you can always wish him/her by sending an email or a message on the social networking site. The best part to wish a friend would be on phone. Atleast, these restrictions (and "pending" message functionality as per your claim) would make today's generation call each other more often rather than rely only on social networking sites for meeting, greeting and wishing each other. This would indirectly help in building strong relations. If any message is so urgent, one should always convey it via phone,sms and email. The only reason being we are not sure when the other person is going to read the message on a social networking site. Also, most corporate offices have these websites blocked. Atleast,if you send an email,they can read your email message.

    There are alternative ways to do everything. We just need to look beyond some fixed things. I agree social networking sites give an advantage, but if there is a risk attached to it, I would prefer limiting the advantage and using alternative means on such sites. I can do at least this much for the betterment of younger generation (kids and teenagers) of India.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #266790
    I understand your emotions for protecting your privacy.The profiles are generated by system only and not by humans.The best way is to give a warning message to the person who posted offensive content and he still proceeds then facebook must terminate his account from their database.Practically this is not possible as Facebook won't shut down their member's profile as they are getting miilions of users.
    So the best way is to use social media sites limitedly to resolve the issues.

    Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes
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    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • #266792
    Of course there's no "pending status" but I simply referred the word to mention duration between when we post our post and when it appears.

    And if you can do everything on phone and talk to your friend on phone and email your picture etc then why do you need social networking sites??

    I never said it's "impossible" to develop such a technology.
    Presently there is no such technology which can detect a decent photo and abusive one. Indian govt should ask Indian IT professionals to develop a software or technology to detect them. Since we are the one demanding so we should take steps for it as well rather than just demanding and passing laws.

    And how many people can they hire for doing the task for reviewing content of 25 million Facebook users?? 1 million?? 2 million?? or more?? The lesser the workers, the more it take time to appear things on our walls. If a technology is needed then Indians should develop that rather than just demanding. Can't our country do this much if we actually care about our religion and culture??

    I don't mind if a technology is invented to do the task but I don't agree and support the method govt has chosen.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266796
    @ All,

    Finally I would like to say that these censorship will not come into act by those Google Inc. or Facebook. If our government is too much concerned with this issue, then they should completely ban these social networking sites.
    You know that in China, the whole country is banned from using these social networking sites like Facebook. None of the people can access the social networking sites in that country. Even if any one goes from other countries to China, they can't access Facebook. The China Government has banned these sites mainly for having more pornography things. Even other dating and online sex videos website has been banned.
    So, if our government is mainly in interest for the people and citizens, thy should on a whole ban all these sites like China. But instead they are just in concern with the Facebook post and status alone. This is not fair act and this will surely won't lead to good democratic country.

    This censorship bill to be called "Social Networking Inspection Act (SONIA)" courtesy: twitter

    Also Arvind Kejriwaal states that,

    "SMS played a big role in our movement of Anti Corruption and Kapil Sibal changed the telecom policy to limit daily SMS limit to 200. Facebook is also playing a big part in our movement and now he is talking about screening of Facebook posts. But how will you stop this public from coming to Jantar Mantar?"
    Arvind Kejriwal.

    Thank you,

  • #266802
    I agree with Shatayan.

    I would rather support what China did. It will give an overall protection. Protection to our culture, religion and the teenagers and youngsters of our country. Its promising.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266804
    Face recognition is technique which we can adopt.As Iam a software developer working in PHP we can do these tasks,but it takes more time to adopt.Kindly wait patiently.

    Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we can rectify our mistakes
    Ajai B Maliackal
    Google the best place to work

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • #266810
    @Ajai B Maliackal,

    Se, as you said we can have face recognition software for entering these websites. But here our talk is upon Status. For this status post age is not criterion. Anyone who has the basic knowledge can do. You know that a members of age group less than 10 years and these members what can be done for them if posting some pornographic things. They don't even know which is bad or good. But our government is concerned on status post which is not possible and they are in with political issues.
    If they are really concerned with censorship, I would better suggest to ban all sites like China.

    Thank you,

  • #266936
    I have mentioned enough points already and won't like to add much. I have specified several alternative means for people to overcome any restriction imposed by government on social networking sites. But, so far no one who doesn't want the restriction seems to have thought about those options or giving a good counter argument for the same. If you have options, why do we humans have to worry about petty things. There are loads of things to do in life, just find workaround solutions and focus more on bigger things for the society.

    Every one is just looking at the motive of the government. But, my say is even if their motive is wrong, the thing they intend to do will serve our people better in the long run.

    1 simple question that should serve as an eye-opener:
    How many of those participating in this GD here have ever posted or intend to post controversial, abusive or vulgar contents in their social networking profiles? If no, please relax, use alternative options, focus on bigger things and serve your country better.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • #266945
    I can't agree with sneha and shathyan

    You can accept banning the sites but you wont accept to demand them for our requirements? Note that this is the first step by the government, want to have a compromised solution by demanding them for our needs.

    Let us not discuss about the impossibilities. There are always possibilities and solutions for every issue, let the concerned professionals discuss about it to get the maximum result that is possible.

    Note that in social sites, not everybody involved in posting the offensive contents. So with having a method of finding the culprits, it is always possible to control. Mostly an independent user will not involve opening an offensive thread, it should be a community post or group post maximally. So, checking the community threads and group thread will minimize the issues greatly for sure., This is just an idea came out to me. And imagine will professionals in the sector won't have better ideas to overcome than us?

    We Indians expect privacy, freedom in everything but loosing our charm,dignity,harmony and shine. If government tries to do something which is useful, we stop it and if we want something to be done by the government, they don't start it. We are in the first case now. Without pointing out the impossibilities, freedom and privacy if you have any other reasons to point out here, it will he helpful to analyze or brainstorm ourselves

  • #266952
    For me freedom and privacy is enough to say "no" and not only to me but for many it would be a matter to think about. Pre-censorship is not the best option we've got. And if banning all adult sites will help then I would support that even if I have to sacrifice Facebook. India should consider those as well. India has problem with blackberry, gmail, skype, now also with social networking sites and also Google Earth claiming that terrorists can use it. But why they are not taking any steps against the sites which has instructions to make bombs?? Terrorists are using internet very well. Terrorists have their own "official" websites! And everybody knows it. Then why they're not acting against those terrorist websites which are there online to influence people?? It's good that they're thinking about the negatives but in this way, they should ban technology completely; mobiles, internet etc. A big role sms is playing to spread all the offensive, hateful, against religion statements. In that sense govt should filter mobile sms too. And if you don't care much about your privacy and freedom then you should ask govt to check your sms too. Oh, and you should allow govt to access your emails, and check your skype account as well; this is what Indian govt demanded before this issue.

    I think they should think for some new ideas to control such contents. I support govt's feeling and motives to ban such things but I don't support pre-censorship. I agree and support what Facebook has said. I don't care whether you agree with me or not as it doesn't matters much. I would still say that it's not a good way to handle the situation. I don't want to put any more points as I've put my points. This is what I think.

    Sneha Sunny

  • #266975
    Nobody has specified about pre-censorship and it is the most difficult process to handle. So, the government's concern is all about screening and taking actions against those who publish offensive contents. It is a post process and so, no need to panic about your post or thread whether will it be in pending or under inspection state, it will be posted with having no internal process.

    Let it take number of days too to find out the source,but they should be given some punishment or action against them. This is the good way to control this issue. If you are sure about your contents in Facebook are neat, you need not worry. This case is for those who use these sites illegally.

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    The best way is to ban the social media sites in India as china did.This is only decision.Pre-censor ship is difficult one to get approved.

    Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes
    Ajai B Maliackal
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    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    This has been an interesting debate. I still maintain my opinion that freedom of expression must not infringe upon anyone else's freedom. The trend to say what one wants on public forums without giving a second thought of how defaming the statements can be is in fact a callous attitude. A civilized society needs to abide by certain unwritten rules.
    Having an opinion and sharing it with friends is different from letting the whole world see it. Those who have all the time in the world to make "hate groups" on the internet I feel need to get a life. There is more they can do than posting derogatory statements and obscenities on the net. If they want change let them work towards bringing about the change. Starting a tirade of hate is not going to help achieve anything anyway!
    How does "I hate so and so" group really help? What kind of freedom of expression is it? It is beyond my understanding. Are we still children in grown up bodies who can think only so far?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    @Ganesh... I think that can be called as pre-censorship. Not a permanent one, just until filtering.

    @Juana... "I hate so and so" is not helpful but its somebody's feeling. Please note that I'm not considering nudity or abusive words in hater's comments and responses; only the simple words "I hate so and so". There must be a reason for the hate for someone. Indian govt got upset with the "I hate Sonia Gandhi" fan page. Personally, I don't like her either. But don't I have the right to feel and say this?? And if you say that you are among the haters and your comment should be deleted then definitely I would say that this is my right. Why should Facebook delete my comment "I hate so and so"?? They are deleting the offensive things but why should they delete "I hate so and so"? Congress even banned the Indian Army Fan Page (under this filtering program of Sibal) for the reason that congress was getting criticism from the supporters of lokpal bill. What about the 4 lac fans of that page?? They didn't cared about the feelings of the citizen they are working for but only about themselves. Aren't we losing our right to expression? You are saying there's nothing about freedom but I don't think so. This issue is not limited to abuse and nudity, its much more than this.

    Sneha Sunny

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    The date for the closing of this Group Discussion is on 11th. but still it is not closed and members are haring their views and thoughts over it. I don't say this is wrong. But in a normal Group Discussion, when the HR people says to stop or tell us the time limit, we need to follow it correctly and them only we may get through it. They also see that how well we are managing time and following their words. So members please stop posting your views and thoughts. Or this will lead you as non-winner, even though you had shared and responded well to this Group Discussion.

    Thank you,

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    I'm sorry for the last response. I forgot that the date is over. Thanks for reminding.
    Sneha Sunny

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    As a common man ,we need a platform to raise our views and voice and social networking sites succesfully provides us that platform.

    We can not express our views in parliament, we cannot express our views and voice in front of media.So where we go?

    Also there is a need to regulate contents that disturbs social harmony,the content that is against some religion and certain pornographic contents.But you cannot regulate the contents because it is controversial and it is against some politician.

    Internet and social networking sites are now also a face of world revolution.

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