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    Why Idol of God should not be placed inside bedrooms?

    I have came across a wordings 'not to place idols of God or Goddess inside bedroom but pregnant ladies are allowed to keep Baby Krishna idol in the bedroom'

    What is the reason for this? Bedroom is a place for personal relationship, is the reason for this? Then, why pregnant ladies are allowed to keep baby krishna idol.

    User, who know the reason, please comment your response here.
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    A very good question with good sense. You know, A baby in its mothers womb can see the outside world and hear the speeches and understand better. Therefore, young couples are advised to look at the good looking photos of a baby during their happy enjoyable movements. Whatever the couples think at that time takes shape inside the womb in the same form. I have read an article in a magazine that the great actor Kamlhasan's mother used to watch films, sing song, hear songs, draw good pictures, appreciate good acting etc. That is the reason Kamala Hasan proved to be a versatile actor cum singer cum director and all that a human should be.

    As the photo of baby Krishna looks cute, and every couple wants to have their baby look like baby Krishna , they place such photographs in their bed room.

    Gods idols should not be kept in the rooms of young couples who get involved in sex and forget God. Where as it can be kept in the bedroom of old couples who forget sex and worship God for 24 hours.

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    Idols are kept at the pooja room and the prayers must be addressed there only. If Lord Krishna idol can be kept in Bedroom because it is an exception that married women feel to have a boy like Krishna and to inculcate that feeling such idols may be kept but I am against this culture also.
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    God is present everywhere. He knows and can see everything. In my opinion such things are man made, to give God due respect.

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