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    What are the advantages and disadvantages in group study?

    In some schools, students are made to sit and study in groups. There are various advantages like they can clear doubts, they can study faster, each students will learn a particular topic and they will discuss on this. But there are some disadvantages like lot of distraction may happen, students tend to go out of their studies and will discuss something else.

    Is it really worth to study in groups? If yes, discuss whether there is any method to follow by which a group study will achieve its purpose? If no, share here the disadvantages of group studies.
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    As per the current scenario and competition world its very much necessary for a student to study in a Group environment, in some cases some students are too much shy to participate in any activity ion group but this is the place where they can show their talents to the world.

    The main benefit is students get chance to learn from each pother rather than the books and teachers.

    I always welcome the group study environment or else students will not learn the competition mind.

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    As every coin has two sides, so also group study has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. If taken in the true spirit, really group studies works wonders. As it gives the children / students to participate in the discussion more freely without any inhibitions and they could come out openly. Group study is like sharing a lunch box among the friends which is interesting as well as enjoying to them. Group study enables them to share their knowledge with interest and without any compulsion or imposition and so they find it interesting to discuss on the topics of their interest. There will a mutual transfer of knowledge among the friends. As this is an academic discussion, the concept or subject matter will be imprinted in their minds and this is very useful while appearing a test or an exam as they seldom forget the concept discussed in such group discussions.

    As you said there is the other face as well of such groups studies and there are chances of getting distracted from the main topic. As we see the advantages dominate the disadvantages, so it is always encouraging to have group study and of course with a competent group leader who can motivate the group and create interest on the given topic among the group members.

    In view of the advantages, I personally feel that group study is of great advantage to the students and it is an effective way of studying which is in fact very fruitful.

    Thanks & Regards

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    I think it depends as at what time you are doing the group study, I prefer to study in a group before the exams are approaching as there is lot of talks in group study, a lot of discussion on other topics which leads to disturbance also, so its better to clear doubts before hand.

    I have seen that just a night before discussion always leads to panic as there is no point in ending up clearing doubts when its the time of revision.

    There is no doubt that some people are different as I had many friends as they used to study in group even for the whole year and they used to score good as well,but to be honest I always had an edge over them just because I wasted less time in talking and discussing but I was he one who used to clear their doubts and helped them many times.

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    I think group studies are good for the dull students. In many schools group of dull students are lead by a good student who teaches them all the importance of the portion and lesson.
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    The organised group studies are advantageous with some sort of supervision. This way the disadvantage mentioned in this thread may not take place. Group studies helps a lot to the students especially the poor students who cannot afford individual tuitions.
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    Group studies conducted in schools under the supervision of any teacher will be helpful to students to improve their knowledge and also to get good marks in examinations but where as group studies which are done by some students independent of any kind of supervision are not good as students instead of studying will diverts the purpose and discusses unrelated matters.

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    When student study in group, there are a lot of advantage and disadvantage. Each thing have drawbaks and advantage. In group study when you have dout on any topic, you may remove you dout just by discussion. You can get Your solution in few moments but if you are studying alone you have to wait for remove your dout or your dout may dout. A man saying that in groups topics are changed for discuss, it is also need of a man that other knowledge also get.
    But some time in group study students never discuss on study and discuss always about any other topic which is very bad for student and we can take it as disadvantage of group study. In group study distrubance problem also may be create.
    So in group study disciplne must necessary thing for better study.

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    Group studies bay be advantages to many and can be also disadvantages to many. Students who are serious about studies and really want to help there own selves and others, then it is good to carry on with group studies.

    But if students are really not serious about education and want to have parties in the name of group studies then it is surely a big disadvantage to them and the others students also, who really want to study.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Everyone can share ideas of their own and it is equal to the knowledge we are getting from books.

    Increases friendly environment, pro-Activeness for completing a schedule.

    Increases Active listening, Coaching, mentoring and competetive assistance.

    It may affect the timings of the schedules if they divert their scope to other programmes.
    For completing a particular task it needs everybody's approval

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    "Group Study" is commonly utilized by many students to prepare themselves for class discussion, examinations or class presentation. Students can also do it to review on their weak points and learn new ideas.

    The advantages of having a group study is that all members are able to share their experiences, share workloads, and you can all test each other. The disadvantage is that if your all working on the same, you may all end up having the same work or work that is very similar.

    In my own experiences a group study gives a motivation to study and update my readings because most of my buddies give me encouragement. It also helps me to learn new ideas as well as important points I missed on my readings. Most of the members in my study group are very open in sharing what they know. Hence these alert me that I should update my readings so I could also share something.

    On the other hand, the disadvantage of group study is the part of compelling yourself to attend to it after the class or during your rest days. Commitment among each member is an important aspect in study group. Hence you and your group mates have to set aside other activities to study together. To join a study group or not is your own choice, because there are other people who learn better when they do it alone. If you think you will be learning effectively in joining or having a group, go on and enjoy the fun way of learning.

    Alka B.M. Sharma

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    Every one who has been a student has sweat memories of group study. The advantages of group study are many Revesion of lessons in a quick manner,clearing doubts with your fellow students
    Avoiding Exam feaver and helps to become more confident

    The disadvantage is,if you dont utlise the time properly the group study becomes a waste of time.

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    Group study basically comprise of students of the same class or students of different classes as the scenario may be. It is the perfect platform to measure one's prowess, knowledge, preparations on a wide range of topics or a single topic. There are many advantages and disadvantages for the same.

    The advantage includes enhancing or expanding one's knowledge, prepares one well for competitive scenarios in the future, encourages one to perform better than other, weaker students picks up good knowledge and understanding and finally it is like having fun while you learn.

    The disadvantages deal with the fact that it could very easily change into a gossip atmosphere, members might not come at the schedule time adding to the confusion, sometimes a lot of valuable time is wasted without achieving a single objective or aim of the project.

    Though it has its own advantage and disadvantage I personally feel that such initiatives are good on the part of school or colleges as it prepares one well ahead for the future for one have to face these situations while going for job interviews or pursuing higher studies like MBA, C.A. etc.

    A. K. Singh.

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    I think study in groups are very helpful because students can discuss their problems and solve with one another. People think that study in groups sometimes disturbs clever students who already know the particular topic at discussion but if all students maintain discipline while studying, there is no alternative for GROUP STUDY.

    More minds are better than just one mind. At the end, solution matters.

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    In practice, group study comes into picture, when a set of student are getting together for preparation for a regular exam or a competitive exam. Most of the time, students run out of time in covering all the syllabus that is prescribed for the exams. Due to lack of time, they lose better ranks in the exams. Only highly organized and matured people can prepare a time table for theri preparation and follow it without failure till the exams. But majority need their friend's help. Group study means, each member in a group study the same topic and eplaining each otehr in a better way, which makes them to remember that topic for a longer time. Few groups decide to study different topics, and then each member will demonstrates the topic studied by them to the rest of the team, thus they cover many topics in a less time. Group study is the best kind of study when you look at the advantages of it.

    Group study beceome advatageous when all the students have the strong determination for learning rather than distractions.
    1. One can keep track of time and prcentage of syllbus covered.
    2. One can test how far he understood the concepts in each subject and can clear doubts in easy manner
    3. Typically Group size should not be more than 5-6 students
    4. If a student misses a class due to any reason, he can get the same from the students of his group.
    5. One can improve the listening skills, debating ability in a group, teaching ability.
    6. One can better understand the critical concepts with group study
    7. One can learn the things faster than self study.
    8. One gets a chance to look at the same topic in different perspectives, that helps in better understanding, while self study doesn'e guarantee this all the time.
    9. College days, students have a habit of preparing their own study notes, in group study you can observe number of study materials in place.

    Group study beceome disadvatageous when atleast one of the students is not serious on learning.
    1. Study groups have higher probailiy of turning into gossip sessions.
    2. Time will go like anything, when you start distracting. One can't revert it back.
    3. If Students didn't stick to time, it actually makes no use for others.
    4. Any one in group can start giving their opinions, No body can start others.
    5. When one student gets down for a day or on time, rest of the students should wait for him or to change their schedules accordingly on demand. It doesn't happen in case of self study.

    By the way, Its the exam season, Most of the exams start in the month of March, You have 2 months in time. Students can consider forming in groups and experience it, Another important warning is that, If you don't find expected results or benefitted from the group study considering the time, quit the group immedaitely and go with self study. In this case, You can exercise the group formation after the completion of the exams, to understand all about the Group study and benefit from it. Because there are times in higher / professional studies, You are supposed to / must to work in groups. This habits at school or college will help a lot for your in your career.

    K K

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    I am completely in favour of group study as it promotes
    -effective listening
    -group discussion
    -social co-opeation

    Moreever the intersts is also increased manyfold and further it helps in future where people have to work with in groups by learning.

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    The advantage and disadvantage of group studies are:

    1.A student can clear the doubts which he had already.

    2.He can understand the concepts through is his friends by discussing.

    3.He can raise a question to everyone and get a solution from his friends.

    4.He can interact with his friends and find out which questions are rarely and asked and which questions are asked simultaneously.

    5.He can solve the old question papers with the help of his friends.


    1.If one guy starts to make fun everybody will enjoy and then they get distracted.

    2.Suddenly if a student starts using facebook or orkut or any social networks others will get interested on his mobile/PC/laptop and they will lose interest.

    3.Chit chatting with one guy will distract everyone in the group.

    4.If there is any food condiments placed before them they feel hungry until it is finished.

    5.If one student says lets study tommorow then the others reply will also be the same.

    These are the few advantages and disadvantages what i know from my own experience.

    with regards

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    Mohammed Ali
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    I think group study is not really effective as such, if the student really wants to score top marks in exam. I have seen that most of the toppers always prefer diligent and carefully planned self-study rather than combined studies with lots of other students around. Even I was once a self-study oriented guy, who would stick to his routine and rarely read out loud or in a group. But, as an engineering student I have seen a lot of changes. Things are more complicated than before with last day, late night studies a common phenomenon. In such situations, everyone is panicking about what's the syllabus and what's time and venue of examination. In such situations, a combined study is bound to be more beneficial, because someone or the other is good at a topic and thus everybody gets to know the whole syllabus, to a maximum level. But, I have never seen anyone really getting top notch marks by doing so. Not at least in my student life till now. It's more like a valiant effort to prevent ourselves from failure.


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    Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Group studies:

    1. You get to know about other perceptions about a topic.
    2. you can check your knowledge level that where you stand among them.
    3. you will get more ideas, ways, methods to learn.
    4. you can also learn to understand those topics easily in which you are not really interested and could have skipped if you were alone.
    5. one of the major benefit is only that you get the vast idea as it is a brainstorming session so the idea given by anyone is not wrong there must be a logic behind everyone's thinking.

    Disadvantages of Group studies:

    1. Sometimes it leads to wastage of time, because when we sit with our group mates we just like to chat or talk.
    2. if someone says i want to cover this subject and other person says i want to cover this, then this creates problem which will distract you from studies.
    3. There might not be all person who wants to learn some person's can keep on distracting or doing some activities which will leads to distraction.

    So in all it depends upon the person own self that which method he/she wants to take for studies.

    Studying alone is also a good option but then you only get what the author is saying.

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    I think group studies are more effective. There should a class in schools where students can discuss what they have studied while day, this will be a easy revision. Like this a student can self observe his strong and weak points.
    This should be undertaken by teachers because like Syed said students can divert also.

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    Group studies will become more effective by active participation of each and every member in the group. If any of the student in the group is not actively participating, then he may not be benefited by group study.
    After coming home children may go for group studies with their friends. In such cases, parents should carefully observe their children. In the name of group study, if they are involved in some other bad activities, it may harm their future.

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    Group study is always a good option if the participants come prepared with their lessons. It is better to have one or two studious students in the group so that they can guide the others. Group study must involve narration of their understanding of the lesson by each of the members, discussion and finally conclusion. Where differences of opinion arise the studious ones can always pop in to give solutions or if it is out of their purview can refer it to parents or teachers. The involvement of members in a group study depends on their interest in the subject, preparedness and the satisfaction and confidence they derive once the study on a topic is completed. Group study in schools are generally monitored by a teacher. The disadvantage of a group study is, as pointed out in the earlier comments, the tendency to move away from the purpose for which they have gathered. Group study, therefore, can be said to be best suited for serious students.
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