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    Certification course give specific knowledge but not full knowledge of computers

    Certification course give specific knowledge but not full knowledge of computers. Most of us in the garb of getting some good job wants to learn computer and end up learning a specific software knowledge and boss over it and when the real trouble shooting comes we are unaware of basic computer knowledge and that is very irritating in the corporate world. Students in India go through rote learning and do not have strong fundamental knowledge in any domain. They do certification courses which give them a good knowledge of specific software but fail to gain overall knowledge about the nature and fundamentals of the computer sciences. Any say about this ?
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    Mohan sir, Tamil poet Avvayyar told that 'Katrathu kaimannalavu kallaathathu ulagalvu' which means 'the learned thing is only to the level of our hand but the unlearned things are world size'. Accordingly a certificate course is a first step and then diploma and then graduation etc., Even a Well Studied Doctor (MBBS holder) has to take internship in the hospital for his better service. so, my humble information is that certificate course though full in capacity is not inferior.

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    I do not think certificate courses are completely useless. They do have value as at least you learn the basics. I myself took a certificate course in MS-Office, learning the concepts of Word, Excel & Powerpoint. Somebody found it very funny, saying "What is there to learn? You can easily learn on your own all this!" It may have seemed absurd to that person but I did learn about setting margins, spacing between sentences and paragraphs, creating slides, etc. These are the basics which did help me to land my present job - I can type up letters with proper formatting & quickly create power point presentations for my boss when he attends seminars. All the efficiency & efforts which go into my work are a result of that first basic certificate course.

    Of course, eventually, even a degree or a diploma or an advanced certificate course does not help you in the same way as actual hands-on experience!

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    As you said, the certificate courses alone will never help one individual to get complete knowledge. They need to practice more what they have studies and they should explore things. Its the experience which gives the complete knowledge.

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    Certification course gives you some hands on expereince with your studied matter but you have to give proper work in your area to study deeply about the matter, then only you will be able to acquire some knowledge in your career.
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    Mohan Sir you are almost right but not 100% sure.
    certification course is provided to a student to get a job.and how the students are trying to learn it depends upon their behavior.
    If a student have interest they try to learn so many things rather than only course and the teaching the bookies things they try to learn more and more practical based things which will help in real field.
    So certification is most important tor recognize and to filter the best employee.
    In that case we can not say that certification is useless.

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    According to me, Certificate course are courses which is designed to take the quick access of any domain and quick learning of any particular area to be employed or to do job skillfully. Same in computer domain there are many short term courses like DCA, DTP, Auto-cad etc. After doing these kind of course you can quickly get a job. As you already know about today's education that today's formal education won't help you so much to get you a job but a short term professional course can give you a quick chance.

    As Vandana Mam already mention that she has learnt MS Office and its now helping in her job. Same way, Indians do certificate course to gain quick knowledge to any domain mainly for their job requirements. They don't have time to do a degree course due to many things. Rather this if somebody has interest in any particular area/field then he/she may surely go for degree courses to gain the full knowledge.

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    In my opinion certificate courses give you elementary knowledge only. If you need good knowledge you have to do some specific courses by your own . You can get a job by a certificate course but you can not impress you boss by this one only.

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    Hi all,

    Certificate course alone may not be helpful. But a person with a degree wants to specialize in a particular subject and to be identified as different among a group of graduates, certificate courses are the best choice. For a computer graduate many well known companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Cisco etc.. are offering certificates for passing online exams. What more you need when you are certified as the best programmer by a world renowned company?

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    As per my view, certification courses can give you specific knowledge but it is depend on person how to get full knowledge of that course. Sometimes people thinks that we are paying money but really we are getting benefit of that course.


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    I have not yet covered ant language when it comes to certification yet I believe they give an edge over other as it will help in getting a good professional qualification as well.
    But I don't agree that one cannot get the basic when we apply for a certification course, as it totally depends on the candidate that how he tries to improve.
    Don't get into a high level course until you are clear with the basics.

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    Yes, certification courses may not make you mastery over some knowledge but can able to give you some knowledge on that subject. It is not totally useless, but certainly very useful in many cases. By doing such courses we can gain knowledge on a different stream with in small time period.
    Thanks and regards,

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    certification course helps you to improve your skill in which field you have very low experience or you don't know anything. certification course will give the direction but not make you master on it by attending it you will get oriented and directed. But its on you how far can you go .

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    I am computer Engineering student. In my whole course none of the subjects is useful while i am working in company. These subjects gave me only theoretical knowledge.
    TO gain Practical knowledge you must have to do any kind of certification course. If you want to become a master then you must have to do practice. Practice makes a man perfect.
    One should not mug up certification exam paper just like theoretical subject.

    Pankil Agrawal

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    Certification courses are some how making a student less knowledge because some of the students in learning zone looks for a certificate but not for a subject.He/she will look only for the certificate in order to apply for a job but he gains only some knowledge and he trains his/her brain in a certain way that depends on others when a real problem occurs

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    You can pass the Certified course only when you have enough knowledge about subject. The best example of certified course is REDHAT. In REDHAT certified exams you have to do each and every question practically. You can perform a only when you have knowledge about subject

    Pankil Agrawal

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    I completely agree with you view. The certification course should only be done when one gets the complete basic knowledge. Otherwise, it is of no use. And one has to face a lot of problems when it comes to real test.

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