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    Self-learning yields better results.

    As the public examinations are coming very near, it is best for our students to go for self-learning, and yield a better result for them. Now, our teachers work is over. They completed the syllabus, it is everything on the students to use the time perfectly. They have to revise the syllabus by the help of their respective teachers. It is the right time to go for self-study and list out the difficult parts, which are clarified immediately clarified by the help of teachers. If they keep the doubts un-clarified then it will affect their result. So, their hard work and self commitment will give them a better result.
    One thing remember we can not achieve any thing with out self-learning, so develop this attitude to achieve your goal very smoothly.

    Will you give any similar suggestions to our students to get a better result for them?
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    Yes self learning is always better than any mode of other learning. Through self study the doubts arise on each time can be solved by ourself. Which will increase our confidence level. Because all the doubts are cleared by ourself and we can understand the topic very well, by this. Since there are no one is help to teach us, we have to solve all by ourself. It will be better always self study.

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    Dear Shafeer,
    Really, self study is helpful to create innovative ideas. While searching for one answer, we can able to get many others answers. This help the students to clarify few doubts before it arises.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Self learning and self study are both different, even though they seems to be same.

    For Self learning,
    1. One need to tune for himself / herself to learn that subject
    2. Be prepared for the upcoming doubts in the learning process
    3. No specific time limits for self learning.
    4. Understand the concepts by comparing with others, match with known concepts. Read the same again and again in differnt angles.
    5. Develop interest over the subject
    6. Join online community like ISC for experts guidance from time to time.

    Self study means, School or college students, by this time, the syllabus has completed by their teachers. Now its students responsibility to revise all the syllabus and getting clear of the grey areas with the help of the teachers. For this, Students
    1. have to prepate a time table as they have limited time for study.
    2. Since it is winter season, better not to include any study hours in the morning hours, as it is not possible to wake up in the morning hours practically.
    3. Had enough sleep daily. 6 - 8 hours of sound sleep keeps anyone active for next 16 - 20 hours.
    4. Since there will be power cuts in the new year, plan to cover your study hours more in the day time.
    5. Don't try to read the single subject all over the day. It gets you bored and it impact the next day schedule.
    6. Keep getting latest updates on cricket and movies. Indian team play well and Movies will release even in your absence, don't worry.
    7. Always take the help of your teachers and get all your doubts in the first revision.
    8. Second reision should take comparitively lesser time than first revision, Because you have read the same concepts just few days back.
    9. Practice writing atleast 1 to 2 pages everyday, because it helps to finish the exam in prescribed 3 hours time. Else you will be running out of time and thus make mistakes.
    10. In your first revision, prepare a quick revision notes with all the side headings and key points, to make your final revisions on the day before your actual exam smooth.
    11. Election campaigns will go on till Feb 2012, So plan your study properly.

    Follow the above tips, and score best marks in the exams. All the Best.

    K K

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    Yes self learning is best way of learning whatever we learn self we never forget but mostly we forget whatever we learn by other.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    When teachers are done with their job it is always good to catch that at home in self study the more we will concentrate and beleive on teacher, the more we will remember.
    So it always good to revise the concepts after the coaching by the teacher or after his or her lecture.

    Self study is required when if others are confusing you so better make your own notes very well.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Nicely said by you. Self reading is the best method to make yourself understand the lesson in better way. Since there cannot be any distraction from the subject, the matter can well register in the mind. In the name of group studies, many students are wasting their valuable time and learning nothing. Most of the group studies are ending up in gossiping over Facebook sharing and so on.

    I strongly recommend that if a student wants to excel over others and want to make a bench mark, then studying alone is the only and best option which can give him very good result.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes you are totally right, it is now the time where students should do there own studies without relaying on others even the teachers I believe. It is better that they make there own timetable and study. For this purpose I have written an article which will be really helpful to the students.
    Veena Sharma.

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    @ K K: Good response! I would suggest that you write a full-fledged resource article on the ideas you have put across in your response.

    I do think, though, that "Keep getting latest updates on cricket and movies." would be a great distraction to studying!

    Members should participate in the ongoing resource contests on preparing for an exam & preparing for practicals exam.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Dear KK,
    Really a very good response from you. You may create a resource and post in the ongoing competition on the preparation of examination.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Truely said self learning yields better results always. Its self learning that clearifies our concepts on any of the topic either it be subject based means related to books or any real life experience. The thing that we have learnt at our own from our own experience surely results into better results and lasts much longer. What we learn from what others teach us can never be compared with the self learning. As we don't accept others teaching or thoughts deep heartedly, whereas the self learnt things are trustworthy and we believe in that in true manner. The help us at many circumstances.

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    Self learning has always remained a better choice for students to get more clear to their respected subejects and topics. Getting help and support from teacher is another way, but one should try doing self study to get everything by their own. Its upto the student, that if whether he/she runs a flying sight over the chapter before getting it teached by the teacher, or making self notes much before the teacher teaches it in the clas. In my view, one should not make a bridge of notes before the teacher's teaching that topic or chapter in the class. This makes them free from the burden of writing and reading various similar notes about the same topic. One should only have a keen reading of the chapters and should wait for the time when teachers tell them to make notes. This helps them to make notes with better understanding and standard.

    At this lasting time, they should not become over stressed about their studies, nor they should become careless about it. One can arrange last year examination's paper and try to solve them by their own. Apart from that, several extra helping books are available in the market.

    The Most important thing one should have, is the Hard Working ability.

    The students who use to do self study over their subjects, probably will be able to put effective answers to the questions.

    In my opinion, self study is equally important for every student. Just to go for tuitions and coachings for studying is not an enough requirement. Self study is really needed for a student to get success and attain more heights.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Self learning for a student is very good option because not all teachers in the tutions or academies teach the students well.
    The student can perform very well if he does self learning at home.
    A student should follow these steps to be successful in his examinations
    1.He should wake up early in the morning atleast by 5am.

    2.He should meditate atleast for ten minutes a day which will increase his memory power.

    3.He should study atleast for one hour everyday.

    4.He should revise the topics on the same day.

    5.His mind should be from all the stress and pressures.

    6.He should interact with his friends when he has some doubts or he should clear it with the respected faculty.

    7.He should write and practice everyday so that his presentation on the paper will be very good.

    8.He should be in a very quite and calm environment.

    9.He should not read continuously but with some relaxation of atleast 10 minutes.

    10.Heavy meal should not be taken by a student during examinations which will decrease the memory power of a student.

    "A man who is ready to achieve is fit to advice"

    Mohammed Ali
    ISC Member

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    Mr Vicky has introduced a thought provoking thread to incite the students for self study which is require at all times, but specially at the end of the portions are over and the revision are starting. During the self study if any query or clarifications on any point under study is required the teachers are available to clear the doubts.

    Many members have contributed intelligent suggestions and improvements. The discussion points of M/s K K, Ank Arya, Mohammed Ali etc are really exhaustive and as suggested by the Managing editor if all the points brought out in this thread is used for an article it will be a good one indeed like a guide for the student community.

    Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu

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    I totally agree with the views of our members. And I would like to mention that self-learning yields to better results is not only applicable or confine to exam preparation, but this is true even in day to day learning of other things as well. My own experience, I learnt many things, be it cooking or computing, out of my own research on it as a self-learning process and I was successful in doing so. Hence, I started learning things out of my own instead of asking others for help as there would be different opinions / views from different people and this would make the situation even worse instead of helping in the learning process.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Self study is always better. Once the syllabus has been covered in the school, one should properly plan his studies. A particular period should be devoted for each subject keeping in mind your comfort level with the subject. It is always better to begin with the tougher ones first. Make it a point to clear lesson by lesson. Note down your doubts if you are unable to find solution by yourself. After completing a subject you should get your doubts cleared by your teacher or another expert. I recommend subject by subject study method because it helps you to comprehend and connect the entire subject in one phase. After the first revision is over, take some time to assess your studies. Try to cover up the drawbacks in the second revision. The final revision should be basically reading through the entire study material.
    Preparing for exams won't be that tough for a student who is attentive in class and does his daily studies properly.
    Remember, it should not be only studies. Give yourself enough breaks in between. Figure out the signals sent by your brain when it is exhausted and close your books then and there. Go for a walk, meet friends, watch some television, eat some snacks. But don't waste much time. Get back to studies once you are refreshed. And yes, a student should not expect himself to remain 100% fresh when he is preparing for exams.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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