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    I need some information about "If someone fails in graduation"?

    Hi everyone!
    One of my best friend is so nervous about his studies in graduation(B.Sc). Actually, he failed in many subjects in degree in 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd year.
    1st year(2008) he failed in 1 subject and cleared the subject in 2009.
    2nd year(2009) he failed in 1 subject and cleared the subject in 2010.
    3rd year(2010) he failed in 1 subject and yet to clear the subject....he failed in supplementary too....he promised me that he will clear the subject in 2012.

    He is nervous because he wants to write CAT exam and get admission in top MBA schools....i.e in IIPM or IIM's. He says that getting admission in IIM and getting bigger salary is one of his BIG DREAM !!!

    So is it possible if he clears the subject in 2012 and write CAT exam?? Can he really write CAT? He achieved 55% in degree and 65% in inter. Are there any other courses that have above 50,000 salary per month?

    He really needs my help so you guys please help me out with this.

    Thank you.
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    If your friends had worked hard and listened to his teachers' advice from the very beginning, he would not have failed in one subject every year. The marks obtained by your friends shows that he is an average students and could have passed his examinations in first attempt had he taken his studies seriously.

    Though we aim high but we can start our life from humble beginnings. You can climb high altitudes gradually by dint of your hard work. There are no laid down courses which ensure you that you pass this course and you will get Rs.50,000 p.m. It all depend your knowledge, skills and personality and your attitude towards life and if God wishes you can reach higher scales. It all depends upon luck and chance and your own abilities. Some of my students who came from poor families and they are not IIT or IIM students are earning over Rs.50,000 per month and I feel proud of them.

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
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    Hello dear friend

    First of all I wanted to tell about myself, I did PUC Science and I have failed in PUC 6 times in only one subject i.e., English subject. I am basically Urdu Medium from basic education. But know I am a Degree College Lecturer, I did M.A., In English & M.A., in Urdu, recently I have passed University Grants Commission's NET exam.

    So I wanted to tell you that nobody is perfect by birth, He/She learns by failing, "Will to do is important than the Skills to do" it is not important that how you are doing, it is important what you are doing. one Urdu poet says "Girte Hain Shah Sawar hi Maindane Jung Main, Wo Tifl Kya Gire Jo Gothnoon Ke Bal Chale".

    So no need to worry if he gets fail, do hard work the destination is waiting for you.

    Best of Luck

    Thanks & Regards
    Syed Arif Murshed

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    Don't be nervous after failure in examination because failure is the way to get success. But to repeat the failure is the choice of a man, it can not said his mistake. there are two sides of everything. Either you got success or fail. Failure is option to improve your mistakes which you have done in earlier. So tell your friend, still he have time to improve himself.

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    There will be failures in the life, it is a fact in our life. I have failed in many subjects and I have cleared it with my confidence in my life. The first thing you must need in your life is self confidence which can be acquired only through hard work. Your friend can certification courses in Networking so that he can earn RS 50,000 per month. Your attitude makes you to reach to the next levels of our life. Be practical and make good decisions in your life, without affecting your life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Try, try again. Your friend succeeded in 2009 ad 2010 because he tried again and I am sure, he would succeed this time also. He, of course, will have to follow the University rules to complete his degree. Well, nobody can guarantee 50,000 rupees per month but much will depend upon his performance and the availability of opportunities when he tries for a job. The secret lies in hard work and persistence.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    It is just a matter of try again for him. Before making gaint leaps one should know how to stand up and put the small steps. Ask him to complete his graduation first. That is the stepping stone for all the further studeis. Let him concetrate on this and gets over first and try for the professional courses. I personally know a lot of employees in my organization who are just an MBA/ MCOM from the local approved universities and are giving tough competiotion to Chartered Accountants and IITs and IIM people. Its all about the brain in you. You can think big but before that have to act small and perfect.

    All the best for him.

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