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    Tips for students taking Competitive Examinations

    Dear members,

    Here are my tips to the students taking various Competitive Examinations: -

    1. Library is a vast source of reference. This includes Wikipedia;
    2. Get old question papers of the examination and practice solving old question papers;
    3. Be thorough with syllabus of the examination;
    4. Read various Science magazines;
    5. If the examination has optional subjects, prepare for the same as the General Knowledge paper;
    6. Be dedicated in your preparation;
    7. The preparation consists of gaining knowledge, understanding the examination pattern, examining the strengths & weaknesses and analyzing all aspects completely;
    8. Prepare detailed notes with diagrams wherever required;
    9. Do not forget to gather minute details about examination like negative marking, time allotted etc.;
    10. Revise well before examination;
    11. While preparing, underline important points / aspects;
    12. Try to note the name of the authors wherever required;
    13. Never ever depend on short cut guides sold in the market;
    14. Make the preparatory notes in your own hand;
    15. Prepare the notes with individuality / creativity [like going thro' active G.D. in ISC] and
    16. Always try to know the statistical figures and sources of various happenings.

    Members, I have deliberately posted these guidelines in forums section as most of the newbies are interested first visiting the forums than to Resources Section. In due course, I shall make a detailed resource about the subject later.
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    10/10 sir! One of the best collection of practical tips I've ever seen. I can vouch and testify for every point mentioned here. The library one is very true. It is the most helpful thing for exam going people. The library is an ocean of books which have knowledge in the most distinct parts of a subject. Also being thorough with the exam syllabus is another important point to keep in mind. It is very important that one studies what is required only and not everything which may not be required during the exam. Also one should not depend on shortcut methods. As most of these shortcut methods are actually derived from practice and perfection, the exam goers should strive and achieve perfection so that they can solve problems in a faster way which is now a days being commercialized as short methods. Preparing notes and diagrams is really helpful. I have used this tactic myself many times till now and I have found to be a very efficient way to remember what we have read. Sir, all the very best for the resource on this topic. I think you will indeed get much traffic to the resource because many children will be wanting such valuable tips right at this time of examinations.
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    Thanks a lot Satishji for guiding the members, especially the new members about examination preparation tips. I will add one very important tip in the examination hall when the question paper is given to the students.

    Please look at the marks allotted to the question and write your answer accordingly. Even if you have a lot of knowledge about the answer, don't give a 5 marks answer if the question is only for 1 or 2 marks. This will reduce time required to answer other questions in the paper. So your answers should be only to the point and should relate to the question asked. If a statement or a definition is asked and the marks for that questions are less, don't start giving all the description which you know about that question.

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    Sukhdev Singh
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    Thank you Satish sir for this contribution in the forum section. Really, all these tips will help our students to do a good preparation for their competitive examinations.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Thanks Sai, Sukhdev Ji and Vicky for your remarks here. I like the way in which Sukhdev Ji has elaborated upon a particular / important point. I seek more participation from other members too in making this thread a comprehensive one.

    In future also, I wish to follow this style of introducing a forum thread on a topic and then later write a good resource about it.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    That's in fact an appreciable thread which is really quite useful for various candidates / students who are gearing up themselves to take the competitive exams. And here I would like to add some points which I feel would be helpful to the students.

    There should be an involvement and commitment to the work / studies for achieving success. And a person should do the work with great liking so that he / she will not feel vexed or bored by the work. The more you like the work, the more you like to do it. Hence have a liking to the work. And also take healthy and nutritious food during the exam time instead of depending on the fast food which will all the more worsen the situation. So avoid fast foods. And also follow certain relaxing techniques which would be very effective in recharging the mind and body for a better work just like recharging the cell phones when the battery is down. And last but not the least I would like to mention that have faith in the Almighty who is the Ultimate decision maker and let us do our best and leave the rest to Him.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Editor Satish Kumar,
    Indeed, it is a lovely thread post which has been thought well and published at the right time when the examinations are nearing. A very helpful hints and points to the student community, especially the newbies who search for such informations at ISC. Such are the threads need to be made available at ISC. As a Editor you have done a very good job of spending your time to prepare such a lovely article.Pleas do write more beneficial topics for the benefit of student community. Well done. All the 16 points you produced are the sweet 16 to benefit and enjoy the fruit of it.

    No life without Sun

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    Your tips are real good and quite relevant with this modern and self-learning students. Today's students are ready to make that extra afford to make a change in there life. And your tips will really help them out in many ways.

    And I must agree that your thoughts on this is quite similar with me, even I have the same tips about learning in a perfect way which will surely help the students to excellent in there examination.

    I hope that the students will do take advantage of these tips to excel.

    Veena Sharma.

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    @ Kalyani: Absolutely right with your different prospects on the topic. If you like anything you do, it becomes your passion and with passion you can conquer even the world.

    @ Sun & Veena: Thanks for your appreciations and encouragement. We all shall thrive forward in bringing out the best from within us for the benefit of all in ISC.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    You have pointed a good tips for preparing the competitive exams. You can write this an article so that it will get benefits to students who are preparing for these exams. The new members who are registering in this site will get the full honour from the senior memebers and they will give proper advice on how to go forward in this site.
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    A heartily thanks to Satish sir, and Sukhdev sir. For sharing these lovely and very important useful tips for preparing in the examination, I am sure that these will help us a lot. This is why I like ISC most.
    Thanks and Regards.

    Sachin Kumar
    Do well, Get well, Be well.

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    A student also tends to skip a question, thinking that he would come back to it later. In a competitive exam, time is of the essence. Hence, don't let the word 'later' ever enter you mind. Tackle each question in the order of its placement. Many a student have regretted not being able to answer a question which came earlier due to lack of time.

    Further, never fear negative marking. It creates a mental block & makes you doubt whether your answer is really right. When you are fully aware of the answer, go for it. Have confidence in yourself!

    Members should also give their views in this related topic: How to overcome exam fear.

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    @ Ajai & Sachin: Thanks for your comments and my aim in posting this thread is to create an awareness about appearing in various competitive examinations. As most of us think taking competitive examinations should be in a routine rather it should be in a well developed manner.

    @ Vandana mam: Thanks for the category sticky and cash credits. You have also highlighted an important psychological factor of Exam fear which should be overcome before any examination. Thanks for that remarks.

    I would like to request members to read my articles Tips to Score High marks in Exams, How to top G.D.s? and How to get good handwriting? and comment.

    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    Thank you very much for posting this forum. These tips which have been given by you are most important for competitive examination. The candidates who are preparing for competitive examination will be benefited from these tips.

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    Satish sir,
    Very important tips you have provided. And a most important thing was mentioned by respected Sukh Dev sir. These tips should be followed and remembered by not only students but all the persons who are related to education.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Satish Sir,

    Thanks a lot for these tips. I am at a point where I should start taking competitive examinations, at least for gaining experience. I was wondering how and when to start. Thanks for these great outline provided by you.

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    Great examination tips for students who have to appear for competitive examinations. Students should beware of the negative markings as penalty for wrong answers, so they should answer questions with accuracy and intellect.

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    Thanks Hakimuddin, Meera & Nupur and I shall be happy if any one of you are benefited from the above thread.
    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    @ Satish this is indeed a very well compiled list for students appearing for competitive exams. I would like to add a few more points to the almost comprehensive list.
    The route to the examination hall must be checked in advance and the test centre identified. This saves a lot of time on the d-day and avoids unnecessary tension and panic.
    Reaching the examination hall on time is also important. I have seen the gates being shut and students who reached late could not appear for IITJEE.
    Everything related to the exam must be packed and kept ready a day in advance. This includes the hall ticket, ID proof and stationery.
    Ensure your watch is working properly. You would not want a watch whose batteries give way while you are in the midst of the exam.
    Ensure there are no notes made for last minute study left in your pockets. That could spell real trouble.

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