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    Education is not rote learning but creative and concept learning.

    Write these words ten times in your notebook. Write and learn the following sentences five times in your homework notes. Learn the following questions by heart. These are the usual types of exercises the children are made to repeat day after day in the school, especially in the lower classes. The teaching is not related to what the students face in day to day life. The children in most of the schools are given textual knowledge without relating it to the pictures they must know and the sounds which they must hear. Students with good memory power get ahead and those with good knowledge are left behind. What suggestions can you give to change our education system from rote learning to concept learning?
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    In today's time everyone is in race but nobody thinks what is the use of that education if they got higher marks. They have misconception that they are raising their knowledge. But no, they are increasing their pressure. This is not the right way to study if someone writes five times or 10 times. It is just like the well trained, not well educated. We have seen that minimum requirement for getting a job is near about 60%-65%. But if there is less % than there is no scope. So everyone is in race which is not a right thing

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    We are adopting the old ideas. No one talks about the new ones. So in my views, we have to developed interpersonal skills in students so that they are able to convert their ideas into the result. Instead of theoretical knowledge, prefer practical knowledge.

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    I do agree with your point Sukhdev sir. Most of the teachers in the current system of education are imposition types specifically at the primary level, teachers concentrate much on imposition than giving a chance for creative thinking. And unfortunately these teachers, neither they stress on creative thinking of the child nor they encourage the creative thinking of a child. But they happen to blindly follow the age old method of imposition and giving the child much of home work - the same work which is done in the class - and the child is asked to do the same repeatedly a number of times till it gets the lesson. And even the teachers insist the students on learning the lessons and question answers of the lesson by heart instead of insisting them on understanding the concept of the lesson and giving them a chance to write answers of their own. No doubt the present generation children are too smart and intelligent but they are not given a chance to prove their talent in the right manner.
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    I partly agree with the author, and disagree with the author. It is not wrong to tell a child to write imposition of a word which is often misspelt by the student. Writing imposition of a sentence helps to learn the formation of the right sentence with the correct grammar. Such an imposition helps the student to realise the mistake committed by the student and to avoid such mistakes in future. Rote is nothing except to register the point deep in mind, and not to repeat the same mistake. This is necessary for kid students. Students in higher classes should understand the subject and learn, rather than going for a rote. Also the examiners should not demand the students to write as it is in the books or as taught. They should look into the meaning of the answer not the originality of the answer.

    For eg: My daughter while she was in school, she use to write their as there and there as their. I asked her to write it for 50 times. Still she remembers, and she is very careful while using these words.

    I strongly feel that there is nothing wrong in rote education for kids. All are not bright students. It requires for few students.

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    This is a very unfortunate procedure being followed in the country's schools. I too think education is not rote learning alone. I think true education is that which can be applied practically and not just learning by heart. We need to learn to apply. We need to apply what we learn to learn more and see for accuracy of our knowledge. This is a very sorry state in the schools of the country. I too was a victim os such teaching for about a year right at the beginning of my schooling when all we had to do was write and write and write. But then, that was good because that made us perfect in English alphabet and number system. I think it is important that we should not only rote learn but also need to apply. After learning the numbers and Alphabet, we used that knowledge to apply it other fields like word forming, arithmetic etc. Thus education not rote learning alone but application of what we learn. Education is complete only when it is of some use to the learner.
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    Creativity should be encouraged in schools and concept learning should be stressed upon. Scoring good marks without having proper understanding of the subject may not be rewarding in the long run. Rote learning process being followed in many schools is making students dull, they take studies as a burden when it should be taken as a delight.

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    I completely disagree with the author as in childhood days the students must repeat and memorize what their teachers say. There are very few children who have deep knowledge of the things of their syllabus. Generally they grow their analysing power in course in course of time. But the basic classes should provide various information abou our surroundings, g.k, science , stories etc. Children should learn them by heart. When their brain will be more mature they we try to analyse, discuss and adopt the previous knowledge.

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    Respected sir,
    As a teacher I also feel this situation and try to make my student more creative by any means. In my opinion the practical in every subjects must be compulsory. Though there are practical in science but the teachers and students don't take it seriously. The practical must take seriously as it gives you the full knowledge and help you to understand the concept of the particular topic.
    Curricular activities is only a formality in the schools. It should be more practical and in my opinion we should focus on these types of activities.
    Syllabus should be so designed that it should be completed in particular time with practical and other activities.

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    Sir ,
    I am a student
    I respect ur opinion and i follow it also i tried it in my home it didn't work i tried with my friends it didn't work so after my experience i should follow my own principle simple..
    and coming to changing the system it is getting worse you may ask me HOW? right ok check this fact....
    For example lets take book of 10th std now lets use compare function
    compare the number of pages of 10th std book in year 1999 with===number of pages of 10th std book in year2010
    you my find change in data and quantity right..
    which is more ? i hope 2010
    Now lets take a middle class student
    He wants to became engineer so now he dosent has maturity to learning but creative and concept learning.
    but has very strong passion to improve the quality of life of people with technology so he dreams about it .
    the only option left for him is to score above 85% to go to science
    but he dosent under stand science concepts but like it..
    but he can memories more
    so wht should he do understand the concept and write in his own words so that the teachers may cut his marks and kill his dream OR
    memories as in text book and get 85+marks and fulfill his dream
    WHAT TO DO?????????(remember HE IS MIDDLE CLASS student cant afford to loose marks he is alone responsible for family also )

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    It is has been a great debate on our present education system. Same kind of teaching patters are followed which was laid down in the year 1890. The world is changing and we are not changing enough in this regard. The students are put to lots of stress by the way of giving too much home work even after attending the special classes after school hours. I think the students must be taken out and the classes must be taught at the spot which relates to the portion. For example, if a lesson is on preserving heritage of our culture and tradition, the teacher must take the students to the spot like Charminar in Hyderabad and show them how carelessly people spoil our rich culture and traditional monuments. This way they can learn more and remember too.
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    I quite agree with you just rote learning is not going to help, but in the current scenario technology in education in the form of PPT even at school level is being utilized that have made teaching and learning interesting. When the teacher prepares the PPT she is clear about the subject as she will have to do more research and the child finds visual element more interesting and will remember the lesson and will have clear concepts. So usage of technology is beneficial in the end the world is more technology based itself.

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    Education is not only reading or writing books but it is when you are gaining a new knowledge out of it so that you should be able to invent new things through it. Education these days are very much necessary because the world is so competitive that many students are losing and some are gaining jobs due to this competitions, the reason is the companies are depending on the most challenging youngster and most experienced who is well versed and very much expertised in that particular field.

    A student is very fast because when he starts studying his last year of graduation he starts applying for all the companies because if he gets selected in the campus interview then he will be surely provided with PG by the respective company. Education teaches each and every person discipline,knowledge,culture and behaviour of his daily life.


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    I too agree with you sir but maximum teachers follow this because of our education system. Our education system decides a students talent by seeing the examination answer sheet. Every student have to write an examination to get promotion to next class or for further studies. They have to pass the written examination. So, teacher give more importance on writing rather than oral. Hence I feel teachers should give importance on both written and oral examination.
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    very true said Sukhdev Sir,
    Here first of all I will suggest to apply grade system in our education system. It will reduce the pressure of competition among students. So that they can really enjoy their subject by understanding. When I was in college I could not give my full because of this pressure. I had pressure to come first, to get pass and I used to study only for that not for getting knowledge of subject. But today when the same thing I had to teach I realize how simple they are. Because this time I do not have pressure. I am interested to learn the subject so that can clear it to students.
    The second thing I observed the practical study as you told. Now a days study have limited in textbooks. Everyone is doing rattabaji. Only few of students are those who learns the subject and want to go in deep and want to know what is the reality.
    So here I will advice to make the study more practical. Although all the study could not be practical but a teacher should clear the topic by giving example and telling the facts how they born.

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