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    Dress code in college, Right or wrong?

    Although this is an old topic to discuss on but I thought I should take opinion of all the members on this topic. I personally think that the dress code is good till school and after that it should be over. While many colleges have banned wearing of civil uniform while other college insists on having civil dress. So what you think of this. Personally I feal that college life should not be having any dress code. Liberty of dress should be their in the colleges.
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    Especially we are wearing uniforms from the Ist standard to 12th standard and it is boring to wear uniform in college. In campus we need some freedom in choosing the dress. When we come into profoessional life we does not need uniform but we can have a color code which will give good to work in company or campus.

    Students need to relax in college days because they are having very stress period and it is very difficult to study in the stress periods and everyone need a change from this atomosphere.

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    Dress code in college is a discussion which is being done everywhere. It is only in our subcontinent that the students are asked to wear the school uniform in the school, which is not in the western world.
    Some members have rightly advocated that students get bored while wearing the uniform for 12 years of life which is schooling and at college there should be liberty about wearing clothes.
    But here the guidelines should be mandatory about the dress code. Students should not be allowed to wear anything and everything while going to college. They should be properly dressed. The reason why some colleges are fixing the dress code is only to the reason that mostly students wear fashion clothes while going to college which sometimes looks awkward.

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    Why dress code in schools or colleges? Once I asked this quistion to one of my teachers. He answered me that to make all the students in same level of stutus dress code is applicable in schools. If an uniform dress code is not applied in the school the students from the rich family would wear the costly and fashionable dress whereas the poor students would wear the clothes just to cover up their body only. In the result a big classification would come in the students mind. The poor students would feel inferior and mentaly dipressed. So, to avoid these things dress code is applicable. So, I think it is very good thing to apply dress code in colleges.
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    I am not a 100% supporter of dress code. Especially the boring white shirt and blue pants. This is very irritating to be honest. I mean as you have said, dress code is mandatory until the school days or high school days. But dress code even in college and Under graduation is really unfortunate. I don't see any need. I think the students will be well mature and will understand that no one should be discriminated on the basis of wealth. I think the managements should trust the students that they won't separate poor people from rich. We know how to handle it. They need to allow us and give us a chance. Making students wear uniform will make them think that they are still being treated as school children. It indirectly hurts their moral levels as dress code is obviously boring. I am not saying that it is bad it just doesn't suite the Teens. We can alternately put a restriction of some kind like certain vulgar dresses are not allowed. We can censor a particular type of dress to make sure everything's fine. But just to stop students from wearing vulgar dresses, we cannot force upon them a boring dress code.
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    Hi sai,
    I can not understand why you are saying the dress code as boring. You are thinking only from the side of rich family. Once you try to go through the mind of poor students. So many students in India have no financial capability to wear as they like. I think in student life all should think that all we are socially equal. They should not think who is poor and who is rich. But if someone wear something costly or fashionabel it automatically comes in the mind of poor students why they are poor, they are the down troden. It affects their academic life.

    Md.Akhter Hossain
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    According to me I don't think that you do need a dress code in colleges. In school obviously it is compulsory; because it is age where you don't know about many thing; so to safeguard you it is necessary for the school to recognize you.

    But in college level I think students are quite mature enough to know what is good for them and what is not. And also we do have id cards for the recognizing the students. Now it is upto the students how they use it or mis use the non- dress code in college.

    But I truly believe that we don't need dress-code in college at least.

    Veena Sharma.

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    @ Md. Akhter Hossain
    As I have seen you saying poor students are not capability for wear as they like, I think to express my views about it. Sorry to tell that I completely disagree with your statement, since students comes to college mainly for enjoying, first of all majority of students in a cllege will be from wealthy family. So for the sake of poor students they cannot partially neglect their enjoyment, as wearing uniforms snatch their freedom. Second thing is that even the poor students who are capable of being allotted in college will not be more poor if they buy some dress too. Finally in this modern world the dresses are so cheap that even poor students are also able to buy them. So there is no meaning in providing uniforms in college only to make poor students happy.

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    I don't think dress code is nacessary in collage but it is also true that clothes make the person. A well dress person always look good than a poorly dressed person has. That is why a uniform may help to maintain good behave among boys and girls. I think uniforms are also conducive to discipline. It is also true that too mhch freedom of choice is harmful for collage students. So it's give some limit on students.

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    Dress code is necessary till college to avoid complexity of mind and concentrate in study..

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    I think, not only college levels but also every educational institutes this should be followed. This dress code unites the students and their concentration won't divert towards others dresses. They can kept their concentration in studies.
    Thanks and regards,

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    @ Akhter
    I can understand what you are trying to say. Same equal status is good only to the school becuaed that the students are very demanding whenever they see the new thing. But as they and reach the college they are enogh matured as to figure what status is. Yes status is shown by the good cloths but I think nobody everyday changes his or her cloths. So I think civil dress is good for colleges.

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    This is a very debatable topic. Each has its own pros and cons.

    Having a dress code in college spreads the message of equality among the students. As all the students cannot afford the best clothes, this is a very good option. This way the economically poor students will not get disheartened or sad if their other classmates wear expensive clothes.

    Also, for a student it is necessary to dress decently and with a dress code in place, this can be ensured. If girls wear some provocative dresses, it is not good because in these days girls are facing many problems like eve teasing and the like. So a dress code can prevent this to an extent.

    But despite all this, I personally feel that civil dresses must be allowed for colleges. As all of us spend our complete school life in uniforms, we all like to have a change. Also dressing up well increases confidence and one can learn the art of well dressing, which is a good quality.


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    I think dress code is policy of college. and this is not taken serious for students. this is taken to be light and restriction to freedom of student.
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    100%. Every college must have dress code. I am not talking about uniform, but students should wear decent dress. I am a lecturer and seen many students wearing low waist jeans and dirty shirts which looks horrible. Why students can't wear a normal dress, many thinks that they are looking cool dude or funky then I must say they just look like a joker.
    I don't know when this category starts wearing "human" type of dresses.

    Awaiting for replies.

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    Yes dress code in college should be there, otherwise there are many students who take the advantage and wear the dress which looks ugly and awkward. Dress code should be followed and it must be practiced in every institution to maintain its dignity. Many students wear their pants too low and say that its a fashion and they actually look like jokers in that condition. Wearing the dress to impress others is waste, wearing dress to represent our dignity and status is the correct thing.

    So i suggest all the institutions to keep a dress code and not to encourage students in wearing funky dresses.

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    There is no need for a dress code in universities. I fail to see the real need behind it. But yes, dress sense should be decent and appropriate.

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    Iam also aganist to dress code.Its irritating.Some people say that this dress code is to maintain equality of students.But as per me we build a concept of euality in the minds of children not in dress or any external.If you build a better character in their minds no one can treat others as poor never try to blame them.

    We can maintain dress code for their equality but not all like food,toys..etc.So we should give them the charater but not dresscode.

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    Human minds are always changing. There is no limit for our needs. As this is the general rule and the same is not an exception in children. To avoid this only, earlier, the schools have introduced 'uniform system'. There are chances in parents to decorate their children with variety and costly dresses but they forget to think that would make other children, for poor and whom it is not possible,to long for such dresses. This will be removed when the dress code is introduced. Moreover, present people have no dress sense at all as they used to dress themselves without any limit and culture. We can see many college boys and girls are dressing haphazardly. Even in recent celebrity cricket League match we could see many ladies were in half dress whereas the gents found in full suit. What to say?

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    I completely agree with you askush. Dress code is ok till the school level,because that helps in reducing the socioeconomic inequalities among the children.But,continuing it in the college level is useless.Students are mature enough at this age.So,that dress code is not necessary.However saying that,i oppose extreme dressing in college.That can be controlled by other means,but definitely not by dress code.

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    Dress code is necessary for the both college and professional students because it makes uniformity in the college students and students looks same in the class and helps in reducing the socioeconomic inequalities among the students.Maturity is other thing which makes students to understand social things but for making a class dress code is required.
    Students wearing funky or fashionable dresses not looks like serious in their studies ,they looks like serious in fashion only.Students must have no problem with dress code so dress code is necessary for students

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    Dress code as far as schools are concerned must be strictly implemented. A very strict dress code is not advisable in the colleges, since the college students should be given the opportunity of independent development of their minds. However, this does not mean that the college students should be allowed to wear dresses which degrade our moral standards and cross all limits of obscenity. The dress may be fashionable but it should not be very gaudy as to attract the attention of the opposite sex to pass comments. The dress should speak of the personality of the person and should not be a display of bodily parts which need to be covered graciously. The dignity of a person must be kept in mind while dressing oneself. The dress should be suitable according to the age of the person.
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