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    Should there be assembly daily before the start of school session everyday ?

    Should there be assembly daily before the start of school session everyday ? Most of the big private schools are having assembly session in the morning which lasts more than 30 minutes and students are forced to stand for whole thirty minutes in the morning. If this is during summer time, there is every chance of students fainting in the assembly line itself. There is no stoppage for schools to have morning assembly and it should be short and sweet. What is your views on this issue which prevalent in all the schools across the country ?
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    Assembly is one of the part of school curriculum. Yes, it may last approximately for 30 minutes. In our school its length is approximately 20 minutes. In the assembly, students together do the morning prayer. After that they read news and a small quiz on current affairs. This has a great impact on development of their knowledge. After that pledge, students pledge to become a good citizen of India. Then they sing our national anthem. Any new information are announced in this session only. So, I feel it is a part of student life.
    I don't think it is a problem in summer session because most of the schools run half day in summer session. Schools start at morning 7.00 - 7.30 am. At this time the strength of sunlight is not enough to create a bad impact on students health.

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    According to me, morning assembly and prayer is very essential to mould our student in a better way. The assembly in the morning is a sort of meeting wherein it can be used to convey the days programme, future issues, update the students with current events in our country and in local areas. Prayers and advices during the assembly helps the students to improve their power of concentration and memory.
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    I feel that morning assembly should be there. Its necessary, because morning prayer and National Anthem has a reason. It makes children to believe in GOD and respect for the country. Although this could be done by teaching also but if it is in practical it would have better impact. Morning assembly is the only time when entire school gathers from lower to higher sections, it teaches them to be together. They meet and know each other. This i have only talked about why i feel morning assembly is important.

    But yes we can't deny the fact that during summers students have to stand under the scorching sun and sometimes they get fainted. In that case i think assemblies should be performed under shadow or in auditorium and also to minimize the time span the announcements should be made in the form of notice that could be circulated individually in every class.

    Well i would also like to mention that sometimes students are forced to stand and walk during some rally. Due to hot conditions students get fainted and supply of water is avoided. Its really inhuman. I would request kindly dont force students to do something beyond their physical limits.

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    I feel irritation of assembly. I used to bunk assembly, during my school days. Sometimes being caught and other times being james bond.
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    Dear sir
    It is not just a meeting with schoolmates as well as a way of thanking god, but it has its importance too, I was very fond of it and that was the most joyful moment in comparison to the whole day.
    Well may be we had a fully made, a nice roller skating hall and that served our purpose too so we never faced this problem of cold or warm day.
    And also we never missed our assembly on rainy day as well.I had a habit of speaking quite well and I am good at debates and all that credit goes to my assembly in school.
    I was the head girl and to escort my principal sir in school I had worked for many years to get that post so that i could have stood there.
    So there should be morning assembly and that area should be made specially to cope up with such problems.

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    It should last max up to 10 to 15 min .
    Its should remain assembly and not a competition event.

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    Very nice topic for discussing. I am a teacher in a private school. In my school the prayer session is only for 10 minutes. But after prayer session a 30 minutes period (we have named it as Zero period)started in assembly hall. In this assembly hall every students gather to perform different activities. It is very useful for the students.
    In my opinion every school must have these types of activities in assembly hall.

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    It is good to have a morning assembly every day because it can give a good spirit in your mind and your mind will become more comfortable. The duration of the assembly hours must be shortened otherwise there is a chance of students fall down in the morning period. When it is comes in summer season then we cannot think about the hot climate outside. We know that sunlight is good to get, but more extreme sunlight can make you fall down and you will feel very tired in the morning hour itself.

    The morning classes always a full of energy and it is good to get the important classes in the morning hour itself. I suggest the authorities to shorten the morning assembly so that you can feel good energy.

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    As you said morning assembly should be short and useful. Even I used to feel giddy when I was teaching at Kendriya Vidyalaya long back.
    To do only morning prayer is more than enough. Rest announcements can be given later after student get back to their classrooms through mike and sound boxes are there in every class room.
    At KV the one where I worked, there the morning assembly sessions used to be long and felt not so fruitful while students get restless with the newspaper reading. I think newspaper reading can be done even in class rooms.
    Not only in summer but in winter also it wont be any healthy to make students stand so long for an assembly. Just ten minutes prayer will do to make a healthy start of a day.

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    During my school days in Nainital we had assembly only once every week. Monday after the weekend used to be the day when we had assembly. The other days started with inspection outside the classes where our uniforms were inspected. We then had morning prayers inside the classes before beginning with the lessons.

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    Morning assembly is a must for the students. I agree that the assembly except on certain occasions should not prolong as long as to 30-45 minutes. School prayer is a must every day in the morning during assembly hour. The ideal time for the assembly is 15-20 minutes. I don't submit to your view that it is very hot early in the morning even during summer. The schools usually remain closed during summer or start early in the morning. The heat takes its toll only in the afternoon. If the children have not learn to become strong now, when in their life are they going to learn it?

    Morning assembly is a time used for reading brief news to the children. A practice is given to the students in reading articles on several topics of interest to the children. There is a thought for the day to be read. It is story time for the children. A small story can be read in the assembly every day. The children take a pledge during the assembly time to live like brothers and sisters in a country torn by differences in religions, languages, regions and races.

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    I feel that their must be morning school assembly but depending on the whether conditions.
    Also a assembly must include exercise,news and thought reading and students should be told about upcoming events if any.Also uniform checking should also be performed.
    These things can boost up the energy of a child.

    Akshay Dalal

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    Yes, this is a must for the modern students especially. In olden days at Gurukuls, the students were devoted to the Guru all the time. But now, the youth spends minute amount of time for praying and thanking the almighty. They do not have the gratitude to pray and thank the almighty. Also, many children these days lack proper discipline and basics of life as they do not have assembly in their schools. An assembly in the morning teaches students numerous things which they otherwise cannot learn at all. Some things like friendly nature and socializing character are deeply related with the assembly. It is only at the assembly that we get to see the unity of the students and it is really a pleasant feeling standing among all the other students and singing in one tone. Also assemblies teach us discipline like standing properly in line, the good old, short to tall order as well. Also we get a chance to perform in front of the entire school and that is a huge motivating factor and it will help eradicate the stage fear one has. Also assembly promotes harmony and friendship and lets the students interact more in co curricular activities and not only education. These days many schools are crammed up in apartment buildings which do not have any ground and this is a major reason fro no assemblies being held and it is a major loss to the students. Assembly is simply essential if we want the young kids to grow up the Indian way.
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