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    A few facts one must bother to know about India

    I would like share some knowledge I gained yesterday. It was really a shame for me that I did not know about these things. I am sure many of us here too do not know them as well. Please read on and spread the word.

    The Indian national anthem is the world's best according to UNICEF now.

    The Indian national anthem has actually 5 stanzas and the current one being sung is hence only a part of it. In fact, it is only the first stanza. Can anyone shed light on why the entire 5 stanzas is not our national anthem and why only a part of it?

    Do you know who wrote the song Saare Jahaan se Acha?

    Well, if you do not, please don't forget. It was a person named Iqbal who was born in the present Pakistan. This is a great feeling in deed. The most sung song in India is actually now said to be from Pakistan.

    Who do you think is the Author of Vaishnava Janato.., the famous Hymn of Gandhi?

    I really knew this from a long time but was amazed but that most people responded to this question as the author is Mahatma Gandhi himself. It is not! It is a person called Narsinh Mehtha who is a gujarati poet.

    Members please share your views on these facts as well as why this current generation is not interested in knowing such facts?
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    @Sai Kiran,
    The sphere of knowledge making rounds in the world is so vast that everyone cannot know everything. This is the reason that we keep on searching for knowledge and share them with others. Those who share the knowledge as you have done now, the knowledge spreads fast among other members of the community. In the websites like the India Study Channel, the genuine knowledge spreads quite fast among the members. Moreover, the contributions to the website are moderated by the editors and webmasters. This is the difference between the other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook where there is no moderation. Though they help to spread the knowledge but not the way the India Study Channel does it. I knew about Sare Jahan se Achcha Hindustan hamara and the national anthem. The full song will be too long to be sung as national anthem.

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    Sai Kiran,
    This is the real beauty of ISC where we can learn much and more about India than any other place or site. Not only ISC, but people like you at ISC only can take such facts to the world community to know the facts about India. When the old generation themselves not much aware of such facts, how do you expect the young generation to know about such facts. Frankly speaking. I myself is not aware of the 5 stanzas of our National Anthem and the author of Sare Jahan se Achcha. Thanks for bringing out such a good information through your lovely thread post.

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    I appreciate this wonderful informative post of yours and yes, our National Anthem is the best and not only I have great respect for our National Anthem but I have a great like as well for it and I never miss it when it is played before and after the President's speech.
    Thanks & Regards

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    A good collection of information. Thanks for bringing such informative threads in this section of ISC.
    Thanks and regards,

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    First of all congrats to all the citizens of India as our National anthem has been voted as the best in the world by the UNICEF and why not. No other National anthem is so easy and understandable to the understanding level of the common man. And regarding the controversy of the stanzas, better we shun that discussion.

    Saare Jahan se Achha poem was written by a Pakistani. Before Independence India and Pakistan were one only. Even today the borders have been dividing us, but people of that country has good regard for India. Just because terrorist use that soil to challenge India , we cannot deny the fact that Pakistan was the part of India previously.

    Well Vaishnava Janathon song is the most revered song of that time and thanks for sharing the information that it was the work of Mahatma Gandhi.

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    It is natural that we tend to forget our past good people who has made the national anthem in a good spirit. Originally it was written by Rabrinath tagore, great poet of our country and still we believe that this great person has made many changes in our country. Vaishanava Janathan song is same to the Mahatama Gandhi.
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    When patriotism is discussed in the threads it gives a special feeling. We get a noble feeling of unity and brotherhood. It is great to now that our National Anthem has been voted to be the best. Sharing of knowledge is a unique feature in ISC, there is so much to learn, share and understand, is what we experience in this site. Thanks Sai for helping us get informed.

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    You may call it exaggeration of my words, but I think I was aware of all the information you gave on this thread except the last one, that is the author of song Mahatma Gandhi used to sung.
    Ataul Haque
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