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    Declining female population in India - a cause of concern

    The gradually declining female population in India has gathered disheartening rates ,especially during last couple of decades.The unprecedented decline in the child sex ratio from 945 in 1991 to to 927 in 2001 and further to 914 females per 1000 males in 2011-the lowest after country's independence ,is indeed a cause of serious concern given the intense dire consequences it is likely to cause as far as development prospects are concerned.Despite several legal provisions and awareness programs designed to counter the very problem,reasonable outcomes have not been achieved.In today's era of technological advancements also we have a large section of our society who consider the birth of a girl child as a curse to their family ; why can't they feel that those innocent lives too deserve their love and affection as their boy children do and should be treated equally ? If this diseased scenario of consistently decreasing female population persists, the days are not away when the entire system of democracy and all-round development encounter tremendous setbacks.

    Contributing factors:-
    1.The major reason behind this is the practice of "sex selection" aimed at ensuring the birth of male children only and at the same time checking any possibility of a girl's birth.This hectic use of technology prompts women resort to abortion in case of giving birth to girl children(mostly due to family pressures or financial incompetence to foster a girl).The PCNDT act bans the use of technology to decide the sex of a foetus, but still it has not been implemented with the degree of strictness actually needed .
    2. It is duty of a society to protect and maintain truthfully the a healthy gender balance.But on the other side , there is woman's right under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (enacted in 1971) to have a legal abortion.However,safe abortion in India is severely limited and unfortunately there is very scanty likelihood for things to improve.
    3.The deficit of education in rural areas also account for female foeticide and the unavailability of resources to foster a girl further adds to their difficulty and they find abortion as the safest measure to deal with the crisis.
    4.The practice of sex selection reside mid-way between cultural attitudes,patriarchal prejudice,modern changes,socioeconomic pressure and ill use of modern medical technology.The influence of modernization and materialism on increased daughter aversion,son-preference violence against women,property rights-these play a serious role.We desperately need to have sound comprehensive national policy competent to handle all the contributing factors.

    Measure to check the crisis:-
    1.The government, as an initiative to deal with the issue ,has announced cash amounts to poor sections of society to stop them from committing foeticide because of financial backwardness.This technique, to some extent, has succeeded in restraining the rate of killing female child.But on the other part of the shield ,there are financially strong sections who are little affected by the financial incentives and this move has comprehensively failed to impact their mindset.As an approach to convince them, Indian policy framers should boldly come forward and come up with ideas that can more profoundly address the crisis, irrespective of financial status.
    2. A very common approach has been to highlight the path of "love the girl child" notion.It is though perfect in terms of patriarchal protectiveness.And undoubtedly,hardly there will be anybody who would not like to "love little girls in pig-tails" , including those ministers who preferably love to crush the Women's Reservation Bill time to time.
    3.Notably, our neighbours South Korea and China firmly trashed the problem by adopting comprehensive approach.They have adopted strategic actions and laws to ensure gender equality,facilitate female participation in workforce and of course banning the sex selective diagnostics.Consequently, their sex ratio is displaying expected improvement.
    4.Having a national communication strategy based on harnessing behaviour change communication and the nature of reproductive decision making can provide positive results.The establishment of strategic media platform -traditional as well as conventional can prove helpful in this regard.

    Hence, let our country develop an environment where there is no space for gender bias and ; rather there is equal platform for both to progress and contribute to the wellness of our country.
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    Ashutosh sir, I appreciate and thank you for the concern you have shown towards this burning issue of decline in the female population in the country. I think the females are essential parts of the society and such scenario is extremely unfortunate. Also, the causes you have mentioned are real and practically too, we can see them in action. Some people do prefer a boy child above a girl just because they believe that a boy can serve them better. This is really a biased and flawed theory to be honest. We have seen time and again that the girls are no where less. But unfortunately, this message has not been able to penetrate the deeper sections of the society in India, its villages. Hence there is a decline.

    PS: Sir, I see that you really have some very good writing skills. Why don't you try to write an article on this topic? I am sure you will be rewarded very nicely. It is essential that such topics are in the form of articles for the welfare of the community. Please do write an elaborate and a good article on this topic. You can use these points to expand a bit more to aggregate it as an article and submit the same. The sheer knowledge being portrayed in this useful post of yours need to reach out to the world and that can only be done through the Resources section.

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    thanks for showing real concern to this issue. I hope, if greater sections of our society understand the role of gender equality in the development process , unprecedented outcomes are bound to follow.Do spread the message to your best to help promote the cause.

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    This is a matter of concern for every Indian and its government. The difference is more in northern states of India as compare to southern states. We must realize the problem and take appreciated steps to save female child. Everybody have to realize that, son and daughter are equally important for us. We must give equal respect and take care of our female child. If we find information about killing of any female womb or child then don't forget to inform the police, because these steps are necessary to rebuilt our society and save other girl children.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Ours being a male dominated society since the Vedic period, the main reason for the decline in female population in our country is continuous female foeticide over a period of time. But unfortunately still there are some group of people who have not yet realized the fact and as such female foeticide is still prevalent in some regions of our country. I think it is high time people need to realize the fact and take action in the right direction.

    Such a gender discrimination in our country really becomes a hindrance for the development of the country. Though there is much of women empowerment in the recent past yet there is generation discrimination / suppression of women in some regions of our country.

    If this continues, in future the male population of our country will out number the women population and the reverse might be the case when it comes to selection of bribes / grooms.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Mr. Ashutosh,
    What a waste of a good article which you have posted here in the forum section. You could have compiled a nice article on this topic and that would have been more beneficial for you and other could read it on net.
    Coming to the main point here, about this thread, that, there is decrease of the female population in India. The main reason is female foeticide and the government has been announcing many schemes regarding to stop it but this problem has penetrated to the small villages of India and to control it is really difficult.
    The need for a boy is just the desire which the married couples have every time the lady gets pregnant. They sex testing is banned but it is being done at every street in India to which the authorities are having a blind eye.
    We should make the lesser educated people to understand that be it a boy or a girl both are important and what are the problems of having abortion ever time. This can bring in a change, this is what I think.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Nadeem sir, I would thank you for your real concern, but probably this article is the best of mine considering the small time dedicated to it; sir i feel my thinking capacity is not matured enough. I need to learn a lot from you people and I promise you to produce some good articles here in the future.

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    I think you are thinking like case of inferiority complex. You are thinking that you are trying to think better and likely not ready to write article. But this is not matter. You have compile very better article. I think this is one of the best article. Don't think like this and post in resource as early as possible. that is place where real valuation is done of this article. Go forward and act. Best wishes for your best writing in this site.
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    Yes it is defiantly a great concern for us to take a proper measure as the population of female are getting declined like anything and if the same thing will go on for more ears then we have to face the music.

    It is not wrong to say that even today in this modern world; there are so many states which kill the female child in there own how and noble actually even come to know about it and that is the main problem.

    Such act take place in silence and for that a very sharp measures have to be taken to stop these non-sense.

    Veena Sharma.

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