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    Discuss: What made you to be irregular in doing yoga or exercise?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What made you to be irregular in doing yoga or exercise?'.
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    Like me many of the people will have the most common reason to leave exercise. We expect quick results, and when we do not see major changes, we tend to get bored of the routine and then make an excuse for lack of time.

    Exercise needs a strong motivation and will. But the same routine can be bored. It is necessary to change the exercise routine. I have seen some people who once getting used to exercises, feel that their day is incomplete without exercise and how fresh and energetic they feel.


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    Many people feel that without exercise life is not complete and we can see that many people build a plan to develop a habit of exercising every day. Often many of them break their habit of exercising in their daily life. We have seen that many busy managers have a strong timetable in their life and they always follow a habit of devoting some time yoga and exercise. The mind and our heart will become more peaceful, if we commit in our daily life. Many of them don't know the benefits of exercising. By doing yoga and exercise one can reduce their calories to a minimum level.
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    Laziness and losing of hope drag me back my old life style even if I set my goal to bring exercise as part of my life.
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    No matter what the climate is, I love to sleep till 7.30 or 8 Am. The early morning sleep is priceless according to me.But nowadays, kids school , office for hubby all scaring me as a nightmare and not allowing me to sleep. So in week day to do yoga is very difficult.
    Considering the week end, I will think like its the god's gift for me to sleep till 7 Am in the morning atleast once in a week. As there is no time and difficult to wake up (laziness) no time for yoga or meditation.


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    I think people are not taking yoga in their routine due to lack of interest. It has to be made an habit. Then only it will show its power to do miracles.
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