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    How safe are women in Indian cities?

    Our cities are not quite safe for the Indian women, especially the girls who have to leave the four walls of their houses either for work or for studies. The situation becomes more worse when the women have to work for late hours at night due to the exigencies of their service. Delhi, the capital of the country has become a crime city where at least one girl is raped at every day on the average. The situation calls for drastic action both on the part of the police and the society at large to reduce the incidence of rape. The punishment for rape ought to be made more deterrent. The police and the authorities responsible to maintain law and order must act fast. The parents at home, especially the mothers and sisters should give moral lessons to their sons and brothers respectively about the safety of the women. The women themselves should be always on alert about their surroundings when they move about. It is always better to take some defensive training these days. As the members of the educational and knowledge sharing portal, let us discuss this issue thoroughly.
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    Yes, it is right that we can many incidents which happen in our country mainly due to the crime activities which is happening in our daily routine. The parents should give some lessons to their daughter or son and must take care of their child in a proper manner so that we can avoid this problems in our life. The government and police must act in good manner so that we will get the best in our life. We must have some kind of good manners in our life, so that we can avoid these problems. Many students who are going through the bus is facing these criminal activities and many of the minor students are raped and killed. The people who do criminal activities must be hanged until death, then only our law will be good one. If they are getting bail and doing the same mistakes, then it is not a good law for the people.
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    Yes it is the matter of great concern that our cities are not safe for the girls and women. Though the lanes and by lanes are full of people and no one is ready to come to the rescue of the girls who are affected due to teasing and other unfair methods over them. Even Police are not coming forward to help them though there is a out post at every nook and corner of the lanes. The working women are at the receiving end.
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    The number of such incidents are increasing day by day. Everyday we come to listen one such incidents. And the major number of crimes take place in the region nearby capital city of our country, New Delhi. Now, the the water is overflowing from the head. Now, police force will have to adapt some strict measures to control and reduce such incidents. Unless, the effective actions is not taken, the female group will never be able to find themselves secure.

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    Women will have to take some steps to make them strong. No woman is weak, Everyone know the history when she show his courage she becomes Durga. So in today era it is compulsary for every woman to know her strength. The main reason behind women crimes is dressing of them. Their dressing attract man for doing such incident. So one woman should avoid to wear those kind of dresses. The second thing is there should be change in our constitution for security of woman. Rape cases should be solved in the time of max. 1 month and punishment should be strict so that it can learn the people about the severity of crime.
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    This is shameful for country like India. We are shouting that only we are in the world have good culture and there is one of best community in the world. There are many thinker that philosophy is given to world by India and Indian literatures. It is possible that our culture is the best in the world but where this is gone now and why this condition come to us. This is not our culture and True Indian will shameful for this type of situation. India have got independence in 1947 but what is outcome of this independence. Woman can not go to street freely is not expected in our country. In the time of British government everyone is safe but not everyone is not safe. They are not from our country. But they respect womans and respect law. But now we are ruling on India and we are not respecting law made by us and made for us. There in need of thought.

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    The general perception is confirmed that the major cities in india are no longer safe for women, especially teenagers. We can see a drastic rise in the number of sexual harrasment complaints. This situation mainly prevails in mumbai. Now, the time has arrived to protest against this evil act. For this, the state and central ministry have to work accordingly. As a citizen, we too must do our level best to eradicate this social evil practise
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    Women in our country are not at all safe, especially in metropolis and cities. The incidents of Rape is increasing day by day. Our government should take stern action against the culprits without any mercy. There should be no trial or hearing for an rape convict. They should be dealt with severely and immediately without any delay.

    Another hitch in our country is the human right activists group who try to involve and question unnecessarily on such subject. Recently in a incident in Tamilnadu, when the police shot some group involved in a rape and theft cases, through encounter attack, the human right activists started questioning the police about their action. Such is the problem in our country. There should be a special act to deal with rape cases. Punish the guilt on the spot by giving him a death punishment or people's punishment.

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    I do not think that India is safe for any one either Men or Women.Our Law system is collection of draw backs. Alcohol play big role in all these.Mostly drunk People Don't know what they are doing.

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    According to my point of view, women are not safe in our india. This is very sensitive topic for the india. Now a days, there is increase in number of the cases of rape, murder etc. The capital of our india delhi is particular very dangerous for women. The crime rate in delhi is higher as compared to other states of india. Even though old persons are not safe in delhi. Criminal attack more likely the old one.
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    Yes, from recent incidents it is very clear that Indian women are not safe in metro cities. They are facing harassments and other major problems by unsocial persons. It is also true that government and its administration also failed to give proper protection to them. I feel, it is not only the duty of government or police but also every citizen's duty, who lives in this civilized society to give protection to every woman and girl child.
    One more thing, girls or women should follow some safety measures to protect themselves from such incidents. They must not move out alone in night. Even they should not trust every person; he may be known or unknown to them. They should stay alert every time to avoid such incidents.

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    For lakhs of women in India, it is tough to get around in the cities. They face harassment and abuse on a daily basis. If crime against women is on the rise, worse is the growing apathy of society at large, which appears increasingly obsessed with itself, indifferent to the plight of fellow citizens.

    As more and more Indian women break out of the shackles that bind them to their homes, seeking opportunities in the world outside, crimes against women -- from murder and rape down to eve teasing and sexual harassment -- are on the rise, especially in metropolitan cities

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