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    Discuss: Which environment brings up a student in a disciplined manner? Home or Hostel

    When parents feel their children are mischievous and naughty, they will tend to put their children in hostel. In hostel they are independent and they really miss the care and affection from their parents, this situation favors them to get into wrong habits.

    In my view Children spend most of their times in Schools and books, when they are free they tend to excite and they enjoy the moment. Parents should consider their frame of mind and allow them to enjoy the moments which they get rarely in this world. There are reasons where children should stay in hostel and there is no other way in that conditions its fine. So Parents please don't put your children in hostel because they are uncontrollable or mischievous.

    I ask the members to share their views on this thread.
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    The decision of sending a kid into a hostel or not entirely depends on the environment of the home they stay in and the time and effort the parents are willing to sacrifice to take care of their child. If both the parents are working and have to go out of station every now and then, then it becomes an obligation to send the kid to some place where he cannot be disturbed by his parents' routine. I also second the fact that a kid should not be sent to a hostel just because he is uncontrollable and does not listen.

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    For the student parents only want to good personality.Up-to analyzing age the student must be need their with parents.Because they can`t analyze many things.
    so the parents want to teach good behaviors in particular age.

    After the analyzing age they can go to to hostel.In hostel they can learn many things like caring of others,Union,sharing,ego details.
    So both can give discipline to student that vary upon the student age,Understanding skills.

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    Hi All,

    Home brings up a student in a disciplined manner. A student will be under the supervision of parents if he/she is in home. Good habits should be taught to students at the early age. Only then he/she will not go in wrong path after growing. Students will know to differentiate between good and bad only because of parent's guidance. A student grown in home will be good even if he/she is left in a bad hostel environment. Students should not be left in hostels at the early age. In hostels a students will get distracted towards bad things more easily .It is the responsibility of the student to be in control while residing in hostels. If a student is taught Smoking is bad during childhood days in home, they won't get attracted towards smoking much easily. So Home is the best place.

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    In my view, home is the best place for the development of a child. I have seen the same habit of hostel technique in many parents. to say the truth hostels are the places which make students bad. the aim might be the intellectual development of child but in this aim the good habits of child gets diminished away. The wrong friendships and the lack of affection and care from part of parents increases chance of wrong doings. So in any circumstance parents should try to give importance to life of child in family. The good habits in home would give good values to the child. But we should be careful that wrong models in home can give more bad results than hostel. I support for a peaceful home life with good role models.


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    In my point of view the environment at home brings a student in a discliplined manner.Parents take care of the activities of the student personally but however in hostel it is not like that eventhough it is said so.Also this boosts the affection of students towards their parents. However sometimes in some situations too much of care is shown by the parents which makes the parents to get what all the student asks.This creates a thought in him that whatever he does will be allowed.

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    According to me home is the best place to teach anything to your children. There are many people who believe that hostel is the best place where your child can be made a human; but I totally don't think so. If you cannot make your child understand that being obedient and responsible; then how come you are sure that others who are strangers to your chided can teach them all these in some years of time. We are the one who should be responsible for you child's growth and not just give them to anybody to make them a god citizen of future.
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    As per me only the home place is the best to bring in good qualities of a student. One cannot expect good behavior of a student if he stays in the hostel which is not controlled by the elders. Home is always having the care of elders and parents and the children are taken care of their studies and other things too. But hostel life is care free and there is no control over him,therefore every chance of getting worse is guaranteed.
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    It is indeed a very nice topic to discuss here.
    In my opinion home would bring good future to a student.
    If he/she stays in a hostel far away from their parents , there is a chance for them to go in a wrong way rather in the track of studies.
    I am telling you that much particularly because i too was a hostler from my intermediate.
    When children stay in the home there would be security for them.And parents could easily take notice of their kids.
    But when one stays in the hostel,so many evil works will be developed by a student like smoking,going to watch movies frequently,drinking,wasting time ,etc which finally ends up in a losing note.

    so home is better than hostel

    prem sagar

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    In my opinion Home is the best place to make child behaviour in a proper manner. When we are making to stay at hostels, they often tend to go with bad friends which make their character in a bad manner. It is always good to make friends with good people so that we will be able to make good life. Home is an area to speak openly to their parents and they can understand their difficulties in their life, but when we are staying at hostels we are not able to make our words openly with our friends. This creates a big problem in their mind and they often get distracted from their studies.
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    Every person is naughty in their childhood day and just because they are naughty that doesn't mean you have to lock them up or send them to hostel to straighten them up. I am so very against it of sending children to hostel to bring about discipline in them. I am a naughty child but my parents never thought of sending me to a hostel because they knew that i will become discipline as i grew up and finally act like a mature man.

    Sending children to hostel to straighten them up is not a good idea. There they get more freedom and instead of becoming more discipline, they become more spoiled up. And it also deprives a child of parents' affection which he needs the most in his childhood day.

    According to home is the very best of bringing about discipline on the child


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    Hello Friends,
    In my opinion,both the hostel and home life are different for the students,both have different impact on the students and both have different kind of environment.But when the point discipline come in mind,I think hostel life is good for it.In home parents care for the students,because they are their children and small mistakes are ignored by the parents.Also due to busy life parents always not take care for the children.
    In case of hostel life,the student should have to follow some rules and regulations.In hostel life one point student always keep in mind,if he do small mistake,he will get punished,also there are number of responsible persons who take cares of them.In hostel,a student meet the outsiders students and know the worlds,also in hotel student can study well,because there in hostel the environment is of study.

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    If parents have to put their children just because of the mischief then it is the parents who are to be blamed not the kid. A certain amount of mischief is any ways expected out of children but then to what extent parents can decide if they spend time with them.

    If they do not spend time with them and look for a temporary solution of putting him/her in the hostel then they are doing a long term damage to the little one's emotions and to themselves.

    In the later part of their age also they may not get the affection and love of the child whose basic right was curtailed by forcing him into the hostel.

    Each child will have different ways of learning and understanding and correcting himself. Its like not all five fingers of the hand are same, the same way parents should also get to the child's level to groom him, make him understand, correct him and help in mending his ways in the process of growth.

    I am sure every child will correct himself if taught this way not by putting him in hostel

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    The future of a child is in the hands of two main people parents and teachers.the way he comes in life his character and norms he follows are all the result of the atmosphere created around him.if at home he is always under the guidance of his parents and has almost no independence,and must depend on parents for everything.he cant make choices and life is not the way it is if at home.of course it also depends on the student also.if at hostel he has his choices,wishes, decision making,do's and don'ts are the various aspects he will deal saving and values of life will be incorporated in his blood automatically.

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    Yes there should be as proper reason to join the children in the hostel. The hostel is the environment to study but there is more chance of developing bad characters because of the peer pressure which is more in the hostel environment. The parents should not joined the student in the hostel to make him to study well. Instead they joined the children in the tuition. In the hostel the children lost the kindness of the parents and encouragement of the parents which is the best support for the studies of the student. The affection of the parents is also lost in the hostel. The hostel is the environment where there is more chance to develop depression because they used to make his studies with the other. If they score less marks than the others, the feel sad. The parent should take care of the children at the most.

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    Discipline is a very important thing in a person's life. It depends on what type of child you are dealing with. We find many disciplined children in homes as well as in hostels. At the same time we also will come across several children who are not disciplined whether they stay in homes or in hostels. The discipline is a quality which should be imbibed willingly and cannot be enforced on children. If you become more harsh with the children in homes or in the hostels, they might tend to become more indisciplined. Disciplines means the willing obedience of the order or commands. This quality can both be imbibed at home as well in hostels.
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    If a child is full dependent on the parents and does nothing without the parents help, i think the child should be admitted in the hostel so that he can learn how to be independent. Its not a good sign if a child does all their things after asking the parents yes or no. He/she should learn to do things new and let the parents have confident that their child is capable of outside world without them.

    In some case, the parents decide to let their child join the hostel because of their naughtiness, uncontrollable behavior, bad habits, and so on. Parents think hostel is best place to make the child in right way which results to positive or negative.

    I think home is best environment for a child. Parents can at least be relief that their child is sound and safe with them. They can be successful even if they are not in the hostel and child will realize that his/her parents are doing their best for her/him and him/her should do best to make them proud.


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    For any student, grooming is required for making him or her a good citizen of the state first and then is his avocation or job. This grooming can be done at home if the parents take care, and in the school hostels the wardens and teachers, if the student has to stay in hostel, by compulsion of his parental environment. Whether home is better or hostel is better for imparting discipline, is debatable. But I feel, the Hostel is a better place for enforcing discipline. The incharge teachers/wardens should be strict and enforce discipline. In such a scenario,the student is to be taught about the values, ethics, etc., This is possible in hostel atmosphere wherein, the student, will be away from the parents, and mingle with and have social interaction with fellow students. They learn how to socialize, learn about values, ethics etc., and relationships with parents will increase, due to their being away from parents, for some period and then joining them during holidays etc., It is better a student taste the life in a hostel.

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    I think bringing up of a student in a disciplined manner is neither dependent on home nor on hostel but it is dependent fully on the school in which you are putting your child.
    School records and its faculty is very much responsible for the bringing up of children behaviour and thus their disciplined character in home or in his social life.As we all know student spends approximately 6-8 hours actively in school every working day and thus he adapts and feels more comfortable in the manner his school values are taught to him.

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    This is one of the interesting topic.Hostel life will surely bring the students in the well disciplined manner because each and everything in the hostel must be in time and disciplined.By doing the routine work daily in the hostel will help them in future.Its good to study in hostel during college and in home during their schooling because after some age only they can get the knowledge to know about the world also if they stay in home and study during the schooling they can learn about the caring and sharing in their family with love and affection I too experience the same thing in my life.Now I am very much happy that I am experiencing both thing.

    thank you

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    100% home no doubt........

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    According to me in home most of the students are more disciplined as compare to hostel and the reason behind that the pressure of parents avoid the misconduct behavior of students.Whereas in hostel life there is no restriction of parents so they are totally free to do anything.The little bit pressure of parents is necessary for the students.

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    I feel home is the best place to learn many things from family .In hostel the children think that in a discipline way but they dont know what the mistakes they are doing,but in home parents can rectify the mistakes and keep them in a right way.

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    I thing all members of ISC are students of various colleges so we see that in our colleges the students who lives in hostel they are free from the parents permissions. They do what they like whether it is right or wrong.
    They have no fear of parents in Hostel. Due to this their habits are becomes very bad.
    So i advise to the parents don't put your child in hostel.
    If your home is so far from school/college then you can but then take care of your child and visit his hostel when you free.

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    Dear Faizal,
    This is different from situation to situation. There are many students who are not able to study in affection and love which is bestowed by the parents on them while they are at home. On the other hand some students who have studied in the hostel come out to be the best of the citizens of the country. It is related to many reasons and the most important of all is the understanding of the responsibility which is very difficult to inculcate in a child.
    When there are problems at home the parents send their children to hostel in order to see them rise and study without any problem, but they fail to understand that what they have seen and experienced in the tender age is always haunting them till the end of life and this is the reason why they are not able to concentrate on their studies. The parents should not argue or fight in front of the kids this is a bad habit. If at all there are some differences then both the parents should solve it in a close room away from the children. This will keep the brain of the child free and they will be able to concentrate on their studies.

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    Hi All My Friends,

    This is a very interesting topic to discuss on. This is a very concerning problem for the parents to admit there ward to hostel or not. I think there is a time of everything first we have analyze whether a child is in control in his parent or not. If he is under control its okay. But if a parent wants to send his ward to hostel they must wait at least till 10th standard after that there decision is easy to take.

    Because after this stage child is quit intelligent to think about him and his future so he could handle his life in hostel.

    I was also in hostel i observed that the students in hostel from 6th or from early age are not not that much have that much a social knowledge or dn't have that attitude to a person at that age he must have. They were not able to recognize when and where to give what expression. How to behave in front of elders or other respectful persons.

    But hostelites are quit have impressive nature and know how to take out our work from others.And have better study abilities.


    Sorry i am not getting Image in favor of hostel.

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    You are absolutely right my friend.
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