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    Study early morning or late night ?

    It is said study early morning is good for health and mind. The God has created night for taking rest in the form of sleep. We should sleep in the night and should start our study in early morning. As in the morning our mind is fresh after taking rest.
    But as it is seen most of the students believe in late night study. Is it good for health ? Is late night study is better than early morning study ? Hope parents should note this thing and make their children to study in early morning. They should create this habit from childhood. Because if you do not have habit to rise early morning then it could affect your health when you rise early.

    Here I want to discuss what is better either study early morning or study late night ?
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    You are absolutely true, Mr.Piyoosh. Its only the early morning, our mind will be fresh. If students study in the early morning, they can learn very quickly. For example, if they take 2 hours for studying a particular thing during night time, the same if they study during morning hours, they can finish it within 1 hour. This is because our mind works slow during the night time. Most of the college students have this habit of late night studies. But there is a great chance that this will affect their performance in exam. Since they don't sleep properly, they will feel sleepy during exam time. So, it is not recommended for students to study in night hours.

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    In this thread I say only one thing and that is I really cannot getup at night time and study; if you will say just to getup like this then it is ok; other wise I can't study at night; I love to get up in the morning.

    Morning time is the best time to study; your mind have just took a good nap and then you are going to study with a very fresh mind; then it obviously mean that whatever you will study you will sur remember it.

    So I think it is best to sleep early and then get up also early to study.

    Veena Sharma.

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    Truly said that early morning study is much better because during the early morning time our mind is fresh and also waking up early in the the morning is good for health.
    But it is also true that many of the students prefer studying late in the night. According to me if we just consider the study case then there is no harm in studdying late in the night if student finds it beneficial for him. As some students find out that studying in late night makes their mind work fast and catch the concepts fast. So here the point is just of beneficial study and if someone gets better understanding and good catch over the topic during the late night tome then there is nothing wrong. Its his/her own wish to decide which time is better for them.

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    I prefer and suggest early morning study is good for students belonging to school and college age. In the early morning the minds of students will be fresh, cool, tensionless and students rememberance power is more at that time. The topics studied during early morning reaches and stores in the mind for many-days. Late night studies by avoiding the sleep won't allow above mentioned benifits. At night the minds of students will be tired state, whatever the student read at night time won't reach and won't store in mind. Hence for to perform well in studies, students need to prepare and study at early morning.
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    Being a student myself, I never preferred to study late night. Yes it is fact that after taking a night sleep we feel fresh in the morning and get more power to get into our work. Besides if we do some exercise in morning and then go for study, that will be even much more better. Due to stress of the work many students do late night study but it is very dangerous. Moreover if we don't take complete nap at night then we may feel sleepy during our office or school work. So I advice everyone that God has made nights to sleep and we all should utilize it properly.

    Vikas Srivastava
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    I support for studying early in the morning which is very best for anybody to remember. Since we will be having a sound sleep prior to the studies, there is no question of drowsy or feeling sleepy in the morning after we get up. But late night studies are not recommended because, while doing so you may have the tendency to sleep without even knowledge of yours. If the sleep is bothering you during late nights, then how can one can concentrate on the studies and remember the points to note. Therefore morning time is the best time to get up and study. The best time is 4 am.
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    For best studies, early morning is the best time. At this time your body and mind are peaceful and healthy to take in all that you study. Also it is a cool time that refreshes your brain to function properly. There can not be any tension in the morning. Late night study is after tiredness, and is the time to go to sleep. Studies undertaken at night time go like a sleep and will not be stored properly in the human computer.
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    For best study early morning only good.But in my point of view when i`m studying about one thing I need to get clear about that subject or that particular concept upto understanding i can`t sleep.
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    In my point of view morning study is the best compared to the night study. Because when we study in the night we come after to study after the long time of work in the whole day which absorbs all the energy of the body which is necessary for the studies. The active involvement of the brain and the concentration are things that are necessary during the studies. They are lost in the daily work so you cannot read for long time and with full concentration. The morning time after a good sleep there is fresh and active brain which gives more energy and concentration for the reading. There is also release of cosmic says which make as more active. The fresh mind yields good understanding of the subjects. So morning study is more better than the night studies.

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    Studying in the morning time is always best. In the morning, the mind is fresh after the good sleep. So, it helps the brain to concentrate on the study. A person has gained all the energy after a sleep which helps while studying.

    Whereas in the night, the body is tired with the full day activities. Also, the system of the body is developed in such a way that if a person wakes up in the night and does not sleep on time, the health is effected. So, a person is not able to study with full concentration.


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    Morning is the time when your mind is fresh and graps things easily and speedily. I never used to study late in the night because during night time your mind is already exhausted and the things which can be learnt in an hour during morning time, can take double the time during night study.

    So, it is always better to study early in the morning.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    well i believe that late night study are not at all healthy. it not only make you tied and exhausted but also deprives you of a good night sleep. Morning is the best time to study and revise because then your mind and your brain is fresh and active and you can concentrate better and memories a lot of things. Even my Sanskrit teacher said that we must study Sanskrit in the morning because we have to memories a lot of things in it for which we require a active and fresh brain. Even it also goes for other subjects also.

    The main that students go for late night study especially at hostels because in the morning there area lot of noises and hustle and they couldn't properly concentrate on their studies.At night everybody studies and there a lot of silence. But in home student shouldn't prefer late night study.


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    Human body and brain needs rest before they rejuvenate themselves and get the maximum productivity out of them.

    For those who want to do late night studies

    1) Your body and mind are already exhausted after the day activities

    2) You are going against the system( human body) and giving it extra burden by waking till late night.

    3) To keep yourself awake you may consume Tea or other simulators which are again not good for health at that time.

    4) Your productivity or efficiency of learning and understanding the subject is not at its best.

    Advantages of Early morning study

    1) you are full of energy

    2) your body and brain cooperate with you as they got proper rest

    3) You can learn and understand things faster and easier

    4) Good for your health even if you take a break and do some meditation

    5) your objective of efficient studies is met.

    Rahaman Baig

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    Hi members ,
    I study early morning and prefer it as it had been my habit Since School days. But I have seen many of my friends studying late night and some even succeed. It depends on situations too. What will you do when your teacher does not teach anything and gives you a xerox copy the day before exam and tells you to write the exam. Believe it, even it I It's and NIT's professors are doing it. Being a NIT student I have experienced it many times. During those days I really feel hard to study late night because I have never done it in my school days. Some students go to exam without sleep. It depends on how good the situations are.

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    Study in early morning is better. This is better and advised. This is standard opinion. Many member have given some reason that are true. This is only good time for study.

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    As long as one is studying, I do not care if it is in the morning, evening or late into the night. The golden rule of doing everything in the early hours does not seem to be working for everyone. There are many who never wake up before 8 am but they are still healthy, wealthy and wise. It really depends on the way your body can function and the way your body can cope with the night time or the day time. The best time for anyone to study is whenever he feels comfortable and ready to learn his lessons.

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    exam study must be done very carefully with proper planning and maintaining a healthy atmosphere.generally there are two types of study namely night study and day study.keeping the health factor in mind day study is the best to follow as the cycle you follow wont be can a peaceful sleep at night followed by a well planned day schedule.night study is preferred by those who get distracted easily and want a calm atmosphere.from marks point of view both have equal chances of scoring well but only after a proper revision.thus part of the day doesn't matter for scoring but matters for health concern.

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    Once when I advised one of my students that " Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise ", he answered that in that case the paperwalas and doodhwalas should have been the healthiest, wealthiest and wisest as they get up so early in the morning !! On a serious note, medical experts say that early mornings are the best time to study as the mind and the body are fresh after a good night's sleep. But personally, I could never do it, how much ever I tried. I always found it easy to study at night. So to each his own.

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    The study for an examination must be planned very carefully we must not postpone it till the last moment there is no need of late night study if you do your work on time
    coming to the point people believe in night study because when we sleep we get a satisfaction of completion but studying very late in the night is not good to health it affects our sleep and we cannot concentrate in the exam or we might miss the exam due to oversleep and studying in the morning is more efficient and its scientifically proven.
    What i recommend is that study in the night(not very late) and revise what you studied in the morning then you can get the best

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