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    Is facebook boon or bane?

    Nowadays students spent more amount of time in facebook. Ancient days after 4.30 pm children's were played some the are physically and mentally free. but nowadays situation is changed. mostly they are always sit in-front of the computer and seeing facebook,or playing some video games.because of this computer world relationship is also shrank.
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    Technology always brings in the advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us how do we make use of technology.If a person gets more involved in things which create curiosity and also of his/her interests then it becomes an addiction too.

    If you look at the college going youngsters there are more involved in two things these days 1) New gadgets( for ex gadgets) and 2) social networking.

    What ever is the form of interest these things create in our lives if we do not know where to draw the line so that they do not effect other activities such as studies, sports etc they will dominate on us and we will be carried by their stride.

    Facebook is definitely a boon for those who wants to get connected to any friend in the world whether( childhood friend, or separated) and share thier views on any kind of topic, exchange ideas etc. But if it becomes a 24X7 habbit then all the other problems arise.

    we should know how to balance our lives with the technology for an efffective means of communication.

    Rahaman Baig

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    I would say its both because each and every new technology has its pros and cons. If I talk about being a boon then following are the things:

    1. It helps you keep connected with your friends and relatives who are far away.
    2. It keeps you posted about the well being of your loved ones.
    3. It helps you keep up to date with all the latest happenings.

    1. It has become an addiction to few people.
    2. Most of the young children have accounts on facebook and most of the time I see them logged on to facebook, which hampers their studies.
    3. The concept of updating their status every minute is irritating. Whatever people do, they make it public at the same instance by updating their status.
    3. In offices, it effects the productivity.
    4. For children, sometimes the links take you to porn pages, which is very harmful for children.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages
    the advantages of Facebook are
    you get to know what is happening around you just by sitting at home from a PC
    you can chat or video chat with any one and it helps you to remember any events that you have to attend as it is the worlds most used social networking site you can know what is going on
    The disadvantages of Facebook are
    once you get addicted to it you just cant stay off and spend more and more time on it every day by this you loose your physical fitness and get a great strain to your eyes.
    You depend upon Facebook for every thing and do not bother to remember anything.
    so according to me Facebook is not advised to children of young age for those who have many tasks and cannot cope up with it Facebook is is a boon for those who use it wisely and bane for those who get addicted to it and spoil their lives.
    thank you

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    Social networking site become debate now. This is situation when there was not social site. Debate was is television boom or bane? My opinion is only object is changed. All other things are same for debate. Television is become old fashion now. Internet and social networks are on radar now. This is my opinion. I think there is not fault of this things. All this facilities are for our good but we have to decide what we must take from that things. Facebook is social site and peoples are come close by this site. Friend circles have got new space for discussion and communications. Technology have both legs. One side have good and other is bad for us. We can take positive from this discussions. This is depend on user of facebook and other social sites.

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    Social networking has its own advantages and disadvantages just like a coin having two sides. And it totally depends on the people how they want to use. If we talk about Facebook, i think its advantages overweight its disadvantages. Facebook has actually brought the world more closer and connected. No matter in which corner of the world your friends are, you can always stay connected to them through Facebook and i feel this is the biggest advantage of Facebook. No other social site can actually give you so many options and ways like Facebook to stay connected with friends. You can vedio chat, online chat, update your status, upload your photos, make friend groups , tag and even block unwanted people and many more. Not even Twitter and ibibo provide that much facilities and options. That's why people prefer Facebook than any other social networking sites.
    Thumbs up to Facebook.


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