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    Why young generation do not like agriculture?

    The majority of Indian people live in villages. India's main occupation is agriculture. The 70 % of our population depends on Agriculture but the condition of peasants is very miserable. They suffer silently .it is really unfortunate that those who feed to entire nation have themselves to starve.
    I have a question after completing graduation everyone want to be a good doctor, engineer ,lawyer etc. but young generation why don't like agriculture .if our all young generation do not like agriculture then how our country develop?
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    Rightly said by you. Having educated with so many degrees on hand, the younger generation feels that they are fit for corporate jobs or self business than taking to agriculture. I had seen agriculture families who insists that their children become big in the society and they need not come to the tilling again. But Agriculture is the back bone of our country's progress and we must take pride to enhance it with participation by younger generation.
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    Thanks for raising such an important question on ISC, I am an Agriculture graduate I did in Agriculture stream (B.Sc Agriculture). after leaving first job I am waiting for another job, but in my spare time I do work in our farms I never hesitate to work as farmer.

    It takes lots of strength to do farm works there is no time limit for it and income is very low may be thats the reason why todays generation do not like Agriculture but the most miserable thing is many of them don't even know that such degree course exist in our country.

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    It is very true that our present generation are not much interested in agriculture, but want to enjoy good food to live without knowing the essence of the food production. The metropolis and city thinks that village people are meant for food production, and the metropolis and cities are to sit and enjoy eating. They do not understand the sufferings of the villagers who are agriculturists. The middle man and agents eat away the villagers hard earnings. Hence villagers also look for migration to metropolis and cities for modern life

    What you said is true. People should come forward to take agriculture as their profession to generate sufficient food for our growing generation.

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    It is true that youngsters are not interested in agriculture. After completing education and getting knowledge , they feel that they can utilise their talent in much better way. So, they prefer to do some other business or job. Another fact is that they are able to earn more money by doing some other work. One more fact that may be possible is that educated youngsters do feel that career in agriculture is not good for their standard of living. And, therefore, do not show interest in agriculture.

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    There are simple reasons why younger generations turn their back towards agriculture.

    a) The sufferings they have seen of their parents(if they are from agricultural family)

    b)No fixed or variable returns till the product is marketed and over dependence on the nature. some calamity strikes they are in losses and debts

    c) Lack of facilities that the metros provide if they take up agriculture as a career

    d) Ambition to enjoy all the facilities of the urban life style and the growth that the urban promises.

    All these factors are pulling the young generation away from agriculture. If not completely but to an extent Government can promote agriculture through various means such as free education if they take up agriculture, some subsidies, loan facilities for those who want to go for advanced technology and proven methods of increasing crop efficiency.

    unless some of these sort of activities are taken up to revive you will find the exodus of more and more people to urban areas.

    Rahaman Baig

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    @Phagu Mahato, the answer to your question lies in your question itself. You have mentioned that our peasants are leading a miserable life and are suffering very much and of course this is a known fact. And it is also obvious that who wants to invite sufferings in their life and lead a miserable life, hence people of the present generation are not opting for this stream. Comparatively the returns are lesser in this field and is highly fluctuating as well so it is a natural tendency of man to avoid such fields which give them less profit. In case, the govt is serious about this and provides a better infrastructure and facilities to the agriculture field and cares for the welfare of the peasants and the society, hopefully in future the then generation might take up this field in case they feel that they can lead a better life by opting the field of agriculture.
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    You are absolutely right, that no one wants to go in the field of agriculture. The measurable condition of the farmers in our country is the sole reason for this. Our farmers are facing many problems and its hard for them to even earn food for their family.
    The reasons why our farmers have such problems is, our agriculture is completely based on nature. If it rains timely then there is no problem otherwise, there is no arrangement for irrigation. So the chances of failure are more.
    The government policies also do not reach the farmers, they are only on the paper. So there is no assistance from the government practically.
    So although more than 60 percent of our population are based on agriculture, then also the modern youth won't want to take any risk.
    So if we want to develop this sector then we need to uplift the condition of the farmers first. We need to give them adequate facilities. Then only the modern youth can be attracted towards it, for the development.

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    One of the reasons to this is that the present farmers do not take pride in doing what they are doing. They tell their sons and daughters about how bad their profession is and encourage their children to be anything else but a farmer. The farmers do not seem to understand that what they are doing is one of the most important things in the world. If there were no food crops, what would the world eat. Now-a-days, a person is ready to do manual work based on daily wages but not work in his barren fields. He will take all the insults of the contractor and live under flyovers but not work in his own fields. This is a very sad state of mind. What is wrong in trying to work for your self and working in your own fields so that you do not have to work for someone else. Even a kitchen garden saves a huge amount of money.
    Personally, I do not think there is anything bad in becoming a farmer. I will give equal respect to farmer or a CEO of a multinational company. There is dignity in every work that is not immoral.

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    I think this is because they rarely get into discussion regarding this topic, what they don't know? They don't get whatever they are eating, from whee it is coming from? I am a daughter of a farmer may be I am a bit fortunate as I always used to listen what my father used to discuss that this time rain is less, monsoon is there, we will be benefited etc, but for young generation I mean I am also young but he teenager and others are more influenced by Computer, gadgets but they should know when Hunger is there, then they can't eat their gadgets, which is quite funny.
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    Really there is no equality to agriculture as the same is a gift of God. Our youngsters are planning with high targets and dreams but fail to consider the agriculture is also a place for earning much fame and finance. Especially ours is an agricultural country and our yields are immense even to supply other countries.

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