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    How to study when exams are near and you have done nothing?

    Most of the student do realise very late that they have to do study. But this thing is remembered just few days before exams. Then they came to know that they have got very less timing to do study. And this result in less marks or fail. I am also one of them. I have exam just in seven days and yet I haven't studied anything. Please tell me if you have better idea to just concentrate on studies and keep mind stable.
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    The very object of studying for a degree is to gain knowledge and not passing of the examinations alone. The knowledge gained can be useful for not only the individual but to the entire society. Knowledge without application is of no use.

    My sincere advise is to understand the importance of knowledge and its application. There is no alternative to hard work and one should be regular in his studies instead of rushing at the last minute.

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    Kiran as a elder I must reprimand you for not preparing for the impending exams even though it is nearing. It is the duty of every student to prepare for the exam and one need not get advise from others on this regard. Now that very less time is there, kindly go through important topics of the subjects and try to remember the basic question and answers. More over stress more on objective type of questions as it will ease out your pressure. Attempt those questions which are easy.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hello Kiran

    Many student go through this condition they avoid studying regularly and found it late when exams came near.

    As regarding your problem now you should take a look on syllabus first, avoid reading that are not concern with exam, clear out the basic concept of topics try to recall them step wise.

    you still have seven days and also seven nights in your hand so try to best utilize it, forget about failing just worrying about it make you half weak.

    So don't worry and study hard in remaining time remember that you can do it

    "Add Life To Days Not Days To Life"

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    Your way of studying for the exams will not fetch you anything but a certificate thats not the way of pursuing education. Nevertheless when you have less time then I will suggest you to do the following things as it is not possible to go through all the chapters.

    a) Identify those chapters which are important and go throuugh the past question papers trend and identify those chapters which have more questions than the rest. Study them in depth.

    b) once you are perfect with those few chapters revise them again so that you are very confident about those few areas.

    c) Dont leave the other chapters entirely but just have a glance so that you get a birds eye view of those subjects where you can answer a question here and there.

    d)In subjective mode of writing try to understand the basics so that you can build up on them even if an odd question appears in the exam.

    e)Solve question papers and go through quick reference guides.

    f) Dont forget to revise the chapters atleast once becuase it is always better to revise than just studying for once.

    Though this is not the correct way of learning hope you will understand and do not repeat the same. Because time once lost is lost.

    Rahaman Baig

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    Kiran, it is not a good thing to waste time and just study at the eleventh hour. But on the other hand what I have liked about you is the honesty which you have shown by posting this honest thread. Good moral values keep it up!
    Now to the main cause of your thread, I would suggest you not to study the whole course but the study just the important topics, and consult your teacher for the same. You are a student of science background and in this scheme there cannot be anything which a teacher can put in the question paper other than the topics. So once you are ready with the topics and have the knowledge of them in depth then you are bound to pass with good marks.
    Now you should just be offline, you are most of the time sitting online and this is where you are wasting most of your time, so till the exam are in progress you should be with the books not notebook (Laptop).
    All the best!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Thanks everybody for replying here and guiding me. I have started studying. I think I am lucky that I have got enough break between the subjects to study. I have made my timetable for studying and evrything is going well now. I have realised that it's not that difficult as i thought.

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    I tell you, you so one thing, take the old exam papers and the previous years question paper, look which topic is always asked, there are some topics which are so important that they are asked every time you attempt the paper, so it is better to prepare that. And don't worry even I used to study before one week and no panic.
    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    Hello Kiran,

    It's indeed a harsh reality of many students, even I too faced these moments in my past.

    I would like to suggest you few things, that might help you out this problem.
    1. First you have to look what you have done till date for exams.
    2. Don't be depressed and tensed, it will affect your performance even if a student prepared well s/he might get affected by this.
    3. Now you need to sort out the important topics/concepts and chapters that are likely to be covered or to come in exams.
    4. Don't go for the new topics which is lengthy and tough to understand as it will take your precious time. Instead focus on simple and scoring topics that are easy to cover.
    5. Prepare them well, do not mug-up, just write, understand and learn, this is the only best way to learn and score well.
    6. Try to relate concepts with examples if possible, that will help you remember the topics and aspects.
    7. Try avoiding negative thinking, and try to avoid talking more with friends, it can increase your stress level, though you can consult for your problems on topics with your friends and teacher/elders.
    8. Last but not the least, have a faith and confident in yourself, that you can do it.

    Wishing best of luck for your exams and for your bright future.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Sachin Kumar
    Do well, Get well, Be well.

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    It is always good idea to be prepare for exam from initial stages. This will not create any stressed condition which ultimately helps in not only passing the exam but scoring good marks as well. However, there may be such situation due to which we failed to study regularly. e.g. One of my friend got accident during his term and he got cured properly when exam was scheduled. So during such situation following points will help to study with fast rate -
    1. Analyze the previous year question prepare
    2. Prepare some understanding and forecasting for upcoming exam papers
    3. Prepare main topic from syllabus with high weightage.
    4. Take help from other during studies to avoid expending extra time on more descriptive topics
    5. Try to attempt the numerical as it take less time and have good weightage.
    6. Be calm and don't take any tension.

    Hope this points will be helpful for you.

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    Thank you all for replying to this post. Sachin Kumar and Andip you both have given easy steps to follow. These steps will really help me. Now its time to study. I don't want to spend much time here. Thanks again.

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    This is the thing which most of the students do during their studies they will not study while they teach but at last they try to study everything this results surely in failure or low marks.So my best advice is to study before itself so that you can be relaxed and its enough to revise.For passing in last time neatly prepare a time table according to your number of days but it must be regularly followed.Mainly concentrate in the part of main portions by referencing the question papers it will be mainly useful for scoring the marks.Mainly concentrate in the problems side it will reduce the time and increase the marks certainly.Finally trust in you that you can make the exam easily.This confident will definitely help you to attain the success.



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    First of all best of luck for your exams. If you feel that you can't complete the studies you failed at that moment. In my opinion, first be confident about what you can study and study the part neatly. Let you finish off with very little,believe that questions will be easy for you. Self confidence matters and if you have that you can face the exams easily. First of all remove all worries. Believe in you and start the studies. How can you finish off if you think you can't? Stay cool and that would help to concentrate. Be in good terms with all avoiding the simple problems and also be prayerful. Have a neat and tidy life for these days and such small and good ideas can surely help you. So I think this exam would be easy for you. All the best friend.


    There is not substitute for hard work and no shortcut to success.

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    Hi Kiran

    It might sound bad but it is high time now. You really need to get down on your study table and go through each and every syllabus thoroughly. I know it will be tough but if you have a will then there is always a way. Nobody can do anything to make you pass or top an exam, it is only you who can make this happen. The gap between you and success is only you, yourself. I can provide you so tips to study and prepare for your exam. You can make a strict timetable giving enough time to each subject and you must follow it very strictly and honestly. Secondly, try to cut yourself away from all extra entertainment stuff and concentrate more on your studies. Don't go for late night studies as they only make you more exhausted and sleep deprived. Always try to study more in the morning period since at that time our minds remain fresh and we could memories more. Only do revision on the day before your exam and Best of Luck. I know you will do well.

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