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    Do people use helmet when driving their bikes?

    Do people use helmet when driving their bikes? Government have passed a compulsory rule that people who drive bike should wear a helmet; so that they can safeguard their own life when in danger.

    But do you think that people listen to such rules? I really do9et think so; because even now I can see so many people without an helmet; they drive their bike without any fear of getting caught as well.

    It is such an shame; that being a responsible citizen; we are not able to understand; what is good for us and what is not?
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    Dear mam
    Do you know, even helmet is not so safe, the way people have bee driving their vehicles at a great speed, even helmet cannot save them.
    Yesterday only we had a news in the paper that two boys met an accident after their bike which was speeding at about 10km rammed into a divider.
    Even the helmet was not able to save them from death bed.
    I felt so sorry for them but at the same time I felt that just because you have helmet doesn't guarantee that you will be saved, you also need a adequate monitored speed.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    This is one rule followed more in violation than in compliance. No doubt wearing a helmet is good for the rider. Still majority of the people do not like to wear the helmet because of the inconvenience.

    The Police should book cases against the offenders instead of collecting the penalty. Then only the rule will be followed.

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    Hi veena deedi,
    I always try to avoid the use of helmets while I ride a bike eventhough I know the consequences of not using the helmet. I got caught several time not for using helmets and seat belts. I have a worst feeling while using helmet. My heat sweats a lot while using it. But, it is advised to use helmets whenever you are riding a bike. But now, I make sure to wear the helmet while riding the bike. It not only help up to get rid of police, but also help up to get rid of fatal head injury.

    But, I have a request to all fellow members. Eventhough you are wearing a helmet, make sure to ride safely at safe speed.

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    I really don't think people have the habit of using helmet even though there is a firm law to use it. I have seen people carrying a helmet in their hand but have never seen much people actually putting it on their head and riding it. I have come across so many lame excuses from people for not using helmet. Some say that wearing helmet makes their hair untidy, while some say they could see properly and don't feel comfortable wearing it and the list of excuses go on. People are least bothered about their lives and the extreme speed people ride bikes these days is really shocking. No wonder there is a stiff increase in the number of bike accident these days.
    People are so very cunning specially the youths who put on the helmet when they see a checkpoint to show the police that they are following the law, but as soon as they pass the checkpoint they take off their helmet. People are doing these sort of things every day. I believe that they are not cheating the police, they are actually cheating themselves.

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    I am proud to say that I am a very good driver cum rider. I drive and ride safely in my car and two wheeler. I did not meet with any accident in my life. I always wear helmet and follow the traffic rules. I do not feel it as a heavy weight or head ache. What is important is; the helmet should be of good quality with less weight. The helmet should cover the head portion and the belt should be tightened up on your chin. I wear helmet for three reasons. 1. Protection from head injury in the event of an untoward incident/accident. 2. Protection from heat. Protection during rain.

    In our country the law enforcement authorities are not interested in the life of a person, but interested to take home their daily booty on the name of helmet check. This leads every non helmet rider to escape when caught. We should blame both the authorities and the riders for the loss of life in road accidents.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes!Without fearing their life but for policemen. Many bike riders keeps their helmet just on the tank before them while driving as if they wear. If one do something for others means we cannot correct.

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    I know no one wants to wear helmet in India.
    Actually there should not be such rules and acts, which force peoples to wear helmets, but people must use helmets for their own safety. I think India is the only country where government have to make acts for wearing helmet.
    People must try understand what is good for their life. They should think of their family and children.
    Any act can not be forced beyond some point and if people try to use helmet voluntarily, then it will be very good sign of being good citizen of good country.

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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    Heloo Veena,

    It's indeed a good thing you brought to notice. That's true. But being in metro Politian city, few riders are scared of police (because they have to pay the fine) and wearing the helmet. But in rural area or in the area where traffic police is not there, they are not wearing helmet. So at least people should be cautious about their life and should wear the helmet, if not for them at least for their family members, they should wear helmet.


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    I agree with Sachins statement. Our life is ours. Why should government care for our life. Are the individuals not responsible to think about their family and children and take remedial action against death on roads. I think, it is the insurance companies who will be at great loss due to the road accidents.

    Wearing helmet should not be compulsory and not to be enforced. This should be left to the individuals to care their life and wife.

    No life without Sun

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    People should wear helmets but they are not wearing helmets! Govt has passed a rule for wearing helmets not for them but for our safety. Purpose of wearing helmet is to protect our brain from any severe damage which can cause severe impact on our body like permanent disability or instant death. In case of other body parts, for example, if there's a fracture, it will be healed in few months but nothing can be done if there's a severe injury to brain. This is the reason that we wear helmet for sure but not knee and ankle guard!

    And I would say that its our duty as a good citizen to encourage people to use helmet. It's true that wearing helmet depends on the rider but as a responsible citizen we should spread awareness. We should not have the feeling that "okay so and so is doing so and so bad thing in the society, let them do because it's not affecting us". To improve the condition of our nation we need to think as a whole which includes every citizen of our nation and not just one or two families. Of course we can't help it after a point but trying is our true duty.

    And except a few cases like what Iti Tyagi mentioned (as our body is not made of steel. So definitely people will die if there is that much strong impact on the body), helmet do protect us up to a great extent.

    Sneha Sunny

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    Hi Veena,
    I feel we all should wear Helmets when we are riding bike. Though some of us are of the opinion that it is not completely safe or it is a matter of personal choice. When I was in college I used not like wearing a helmet. I use to think then that it never made any sort of style statement and your hairstyle also went for a toss. Until one day,my mom met with an accident. She has always been wearing a helmet whenever she went out on the bike. It was minor accident, but she was injured. However she always said after that, had she not had worn the helmet it would have been worse.
    That incident was a lesson for me as well. Since then I have always been wearing a helmet. I agree when some of us say that it is not completely safe, but I feel it is not bad either. Forget about the government making it compulsory, we should wear it for our own safety.

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    Using helmet should not be made compulsory and to be left to individual's choice.. But remember..... the truth of life is "Whether one uses helmet or not, if an accident or casualty is destined, it is bound to happen due to 'law of karma'.

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    Accidents are uncertain. Accidents can cause a person physically handicap or even death. These incidents are generally caused by the negligence by us or by others. Not following the road disciplines and traffic rules may is also a cause of accidents.

    By following few simple precautions these incidents can be avoided. But the people instead of realizing they ignore to follow the rules and invite for a disaster.

    Assessing the mortality rates the government has made mandatory rules to wear a helmets for the two wheeler drivers, many of them do not wear helmets when they are driving, and when they are caught they offer a bribe to the traffic officials to escape from the high penalties.

    The government should see that the rules should not be broken by any way by the traffic officials or by the people who had committed an offence.In case found guilty both of them should be equally punished for not abiding the rules.

    Ravi Shetty

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    My hubby is very strict in wearing helmet. He never fails to wear helmet even if the distance travelled is very short. He is using a very old helmet which has saved him from a head injury once. He is very thankful to the helmet and he preserves it like a treasure, and call it as his saviour. He also insists me to wear a helmet whenever I go out in his bike. I feel it uncomfortable and politely refuse to wear it. One should not compel others to wear helmet. As said by other members, it should left to the individual to care for their life.

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    This is example of how people can be ignorant for the things, even if their own safety is on the stake. Ask your friends and family member to use helmets regularly. Wearing helmet may be a bit uncomfortable but people do wear when strictness shown by government or policemen. After using it regularly for few days one will not find it uncomfortable.
    Chitra Rana

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    Even about thirty years back, I had seen that bike riders in Bengaluru were compulsorily wearing helmets. I used to look in awe many young men looking like astronauts with their helmets. Once they get down from the bike, their wives used to carry it as a sacred and privileged possession. Bengaluru was unique in this then.

    But over a period of time, when the two wheeler market exploded, and it became a most common transport, people started taking things casually and avoided helmet.

    There should be strict enforcement and punishment in the case of defaulters. What happens can be not just unfortunate for the family but it is a burden on the general society in terms of healthcare expenses and other related matters. Wearing Helmet need to be enforced strictly, without compromise.

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    Unfortunately my husband never uses his helmet when he goes on his bike. I have told him so many times but he never listens. He says he is not able to see properly when he wears a helmet.

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    Wearing a helmet is not only a statutory requirement but very mortar for the safety of the bikers. I have seen many people Carr their helmets in their hands and put it n whenever they see a cop from a distance. Cops enforce this rule for our safety only and violation of such rules risk our own lives. Most of the accidents are caused by such negligent driving. People might be very careful while driving but the attitude of other drivers on the road might not be the same and in such cases, caution from our side might not be sufficient.
    Thus, every person should take an oath to safeguard our own lives and others lives in the family / road by adhering to such statutory compliances like wearing of helmets.

    Aparna Shankarraman

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