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    Fancy dress competition

    Hi, I have to make my son ready for fancy dress competition who is 3.7 years old. Please share your innovative ideas, so that I can dress accordingly.
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    The best thing would be dressing him as he wants and in which he will feel comfortable and confident.
    Otherwise you want him to win you should take a theme on the topics trending today.
    You should dress him as a sportsperson.
    As the olympics are approaching, it will have a good impact on the judges.
    The child should say some lines on country's pride, that he will win a gold medal in that sport and will keep the pride of the national flag 'Tricolour'
    Or you can make him a politician, asking for votes and saying promising words to the public.
    All the best to him and to you.

    Himanshu Malik

    Himanshu Malik
    3rd B.Tech. Chemical Engg.

    Your thoughts become things!

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    I suggest your son to play the roll of Kannan( Krishna) with a flute in his hand. Make him up by looking at the photo's of Kannan stealing the butter and ghee. This is the suitable fancy dress for young boy children. Also teach him to recite few lines of some good song pertaining to Kannan

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    Kannan is very usual thing in the fancy dress competition right.. Is there any other unique thing that I can make my son to do..Please advise.


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    Any character in which the child feels comfortable would be best. You can ask him to portray any tree or fruits or vegetables. Also, tell him the benefits of tree/ fruit/ vegetable. Another option is to dress him in a cartoon character such as mickey mouse or chota bheem.

    After the character has been decided, tell something about the character so that your child can represent himself on a stage with full confidence.


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    To suggest the fitting role I need to see the exact size and figure of your son. If he is a short fat chubby boy, I suggest to play 'Anna Hazare". Teach him to utter the words corruption/anti-corruption. If he is a slim tall boy, then "Baba Ramdev" and teach to utter black money/white money. If he has good hair make him "Dr.Abdul Kalam" and teach him few words about rockets/atoms. If a medium sized boy then make him to be "Rahul Gandhi" with a good kurta/Pyjama.

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    you can make your child spider man,it is a unique role and less people go for that as its dress is not easily available in market.Or you can make him any fruit and make the dress by your own.Designing the dress at home looks more creative and you can make according to your choice,which is better than market.

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    Hello Genelia,
    You are a new member to this site, so I should tell you that it is a strictly moderated forum. You are not supposed to give reference links to other sites. Also, you should not pull old forum threads that are more than a week old.
    Kindly, remove the link you have given in your post.

    Himanshu Malik
    3rd B.Tech. Chemical Engg.

    Your thoughts become things!

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    I think you should select a character which suits in his nature.

    1. If he is very naughty then tie a peacock feather in his head use your some funky and pearl made jewelry and a beautiful yellow sliky dhoti and made him "Lord Krishna".

    2. If he is very calm and silent then just dress up him like Anna with Anna cap and stick. Make a banner of "I am on Hunger Strike" and keep it with him. This is one of the current issue which is covering by all news channels.

    3. You Could dress him up like our 13th president "Mr. Mukherjee sir"
    this is also an award winning idea.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Friend, for this competition you can design a dress like post box. This will help other children in telling about postal department.
    You can also dress him like Anna, for that you will not need many thing but there are many chances that someone else too have the same idea. You can also dress him up like a Robot or computer or any cartoon character like Bal Hanuman or Chhota Bheem or paint him blue and add a "morpankh" on his head and write Roll no. 21.
    Or idea of making him something related to Olympics is one of best idea.

    Chitra Rana

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