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    Salman khan vs shahrukh khan

    Out of the two rivals who is a better actor and a better performer,salman khan or srk?
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    Shahrukh Khan is better performer surely by the all time records. But when we consider last 5 years, then we feel that Salman Khan is edging close or even beaten Shahrukh Khan in the success. In last five years Salman Khan gave many blockbusters like Dabbang, Bodyguard, Ready, Wanted etc. while Shahrukh has a Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and a Don-2 as a success. Rest all his movies were average or below average. Salman Khan also in small screen, shown his capability by Dus ka Dum, while Shahrukh done with KBC and Panchvi Class se Tej.
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    Since you have asked about the comparison between the two great actors, according to me, Salman Khan is having good physique much to the liking of his girl fans. Sharukh Khan is the wonderful actor and we have seen his acting starting from the television serial called circus. He can do serious as well as comic roles with ease. Whereas Salman fails in the serious roles but ok in average roles like Hum Aapke hain kaun.
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    I do not like Salman Khan's acting, actually I feel that something is missing in his performences. Well, I must appreciate his dancing ability but he is not a good actor. Many people are crazy about him, but I think he got his popularity due to the concept and scripts of his blockbusters, not due to his dialogue delivery. He should learn from Satyajit Ray's blockbusters.

    On the other hand, SRK is quite better in his acting and dialogue delivery. But sometimes due to weak scripts he got average films. I think he is not much selective in his scripts.

    These are only my points of view and I am not an expert in this field.

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    Thanks guys for your esteemed views about them.

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    I think shahrukh can never do justice to the role of chulbul pandey in dabangg and salman cannot do justice to the role of my name is khan.

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    Both are good actors. But there is some unique quality in both actors. Salman has a great body so he justifes dabang type films whear as sharukh has great acting skills.

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    Both are good actors and can never be compared. Both have their own style of acting. Shahrukh Kan is known as 'King of romance'. He can do the romantic roles very well. But, action roles does not suit him. On the other hand, Salman Kan has a charm and good physique. And can do the action roles very well. So, comparing the two actors would not be justifiable.

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    Acting is the first thing that should be seen in any actor. And thus I will say that no one can compete Shahrukh in this field. He has got the best acting skills and best fan following.
    The acting of Salman is not much effective and he is only popular for his fitness and senseless dances and dialogues.

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    Both Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are good actors. They are hard working and dedicated to work. Because of that only, they are such a successful actors in Bollywood. As a social activity, Salman gets additional values as he is very active compare to Shahrukh Khan.

    However, if we consider the talent with respect to acting in Bollywood movies, they are equal.

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    Better performer - Sallu Bhai
    Better Actor - Sharukh Khan

    Sadly what we see these days is a rise in the number of performance based movies than an "Acting" based one like dramas. The reason? We go to a theater to have fun, and not use too much of our brains;). And Sallu delivers this with perfection!

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    According to me both are good at their work and both of them have good shadow; but for me the superstar or I must say the Khan of the nation is Shah Rukh Khan; so for me he is the better person and actor. He have done many movies and it will be correct if I say that he is liked by many when compared with Salman. You might be having different view; but still I say that both are unique and different in their own sense. And I don't believe in comparing anyone from any other person; but still that is what my view is about.
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    Hello Ms. Madhvee Chaubey, It is not "Kan", its "Khan"..."Khan" from the epiglottis . . . "Khan" . . . @Sorry Editors, for breaking forum rules in this response.
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    Thanks guys for your replies..


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    Shahrukh khan is the best one. His acting is so real, a real romantic her who knows how to act. No one can actually tell whether he is acting or living the character. I bet everyone cried after seeing kal ho na ho. No one can replace sharukh khan that is why he is known as the "King of Bollywood". And he is a down to earth person in real life. He is the only actor with very less gossips. In short he is a great man in reel world and real world.


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    Hello Ayush
    I think Shahrukh is a better actor while Salman is much of a performer. Shah Rukh khan's acting skills are at par as compared to Salman. But Salman on the other hand is a great performer and entertainer.

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    i think both are same for his talent action comedy and the safe on his space....

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    jabse salman and shahrukh ne film industry me enter kiya tab se aaj tak donhone public ko achha entertainment kiya donho actor ko sabse jyada film kamyab rahi and we will know this both actor is on girl mind we will called hin choclate hearos

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    Hi Ayush, I agree with Farid and Varun a lot. The dynamic duo of Salman-Shahrukh, formally known as Karan-Arjun of Bollywood, have many similar characteristics in common. They are experts in their fields. But when quality and action comes into play, Salman has better advantage than Shahrukh. However, both are proud sons of India.
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    Speaking of acting, Shahrukh khan looks taller than salman khan. Both have great fan following across the world and have entertained us for the past two decades. Both have given some very good films and blockbusters to the industry. Both are recognized as king of the boxoffice and will continue to be so for the coming years.

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    It is not easy to compare the two great actors, according to me,Srk is good performer and have a unbelievable acting skill. Salman Khan has good physique and killer look to attract audience. Sharukh Khan is the versatile actor and we have seen his acting in many forms and also in negative roles.He can do negative, serious and comic roles with ease. Salman is not much good for serious roles but he has a remarkable quality in action role.

    Overall srk is best.

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    No two individuals can ever be same, even if they are twins. So, it is better not to compare any two actors / performers. Even if we try to compare, it should be between two actors of great capabilities. In my opinion, comparison between Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan is a better one, since Salman Khan is way beyond them in terms of acting. Salman has great starpower and style, but his acting abilities are limited. He cannot do justice to all types of roles. Whereas, Shahrukh and Aamir have proved time and again about their versatility by performing a number of extreme roles in Bollywood movies.
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    both are having their individual talents in their own field.

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    Both are good actors and should not be compared.
    Salman Khan has good physique but Sharukh Khan has it's own style of speaking and express romance on screen.
    WHen quality and action comes into play, Salman has better advantage than Shahrukh.
    Considering the talent with respect to acting in Bollywood movies, they are almost same.
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    As per my point of view salman khan is good actor. He is such a versatile actor and a good performer.

    He has a nice body physique and a wonderful looks as well.


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    Both are good at their places. Salman Khan is widely liked by many people round many countries as compared to SRK. That doesn't means SRK is not good. His performance in many films were great. I like his 2 films Ra.One and Don 2.

    I would rate Salman 8/10 and SRK 7/10


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