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    Why only cricket is popular in india not any other sport?

    As the there time is proceeding cricket is gaining its popularity than any other sport why is it so? Is it because of the ipl or the popularity has born before the ipl.As we go day in and day out other sports are becoming less popular than cricket.Since cricket is not a part of olympics it is high time to improve our consistancy in other sports as well.If we move our attention to the olympics we do not even have one defending champion for the gold medal in any of the category in any of the sport we take into account.But in the recent past many of our athelete and players in various sports have bought laurens to our country.But we have to do more to improve the chances of getting a gold medal in the olympics there by increasing the popularity of sport in india.First of all our government should first invest money on all the atheletes and players of various games to improve the quality of sports equipments required for a player.It is known that countries which are table toppers like china and america invest billions of money who take part in olympics by providing them good sports facilities and more importantly good coaches.Many companies have come forward to spend more money on atheletes and thereby incresing the medal winners in olympics.Some company has also made a promise of providing india the maidin grandslam in tennis by 2017.So it is high time that our country gets enough reputation in sports along with buisness and education.So its up to the government to provide good facilities for these people so that we can do better in other sports.So let,s pray for the best.
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    Hi Jayanth,

    Very true! I am absolutely agree with your points. Our government has only concentrated on money gaining sport i.e. cricket other games such as tennis, football or hockey need to be have more attention. The sports ground developed only for cricket not for other games. The funding for Cricket is more compare to hockey etc games. So in such case, who will go for other games? Rather someone will certainly go for Cricket, as it has more amenities compared to other sports. Only encouragement will not be sufficient to motivate people for playing other games. Our young generation have capabilities to won the medals from Olympic in various games, it is only needed that the strong support from our government.

    The day will not be long, if we have strong support during which our Country's name will be at top in the list of Olympic winners.

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    Truly said Jayath. People are imotionally mad for cricket and this helps the Government focus only on cricket too. Business mind, isn't it? Yes, No true sport spirit in India is availabe. Yes, this is a hard truth to digest.
    Aditya Das
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    Cricket has been the major sports in India as it was popularized in India during the British rule. People here have remain fascinated by cricket ever since. But now I see a gradual shift. More and more youngsters have started becoming attracted towards other sports like football. And this is a good thing. People should explore other sports too. It is better to explore a variety of sports instead of sticking to only one sport like cricket.

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    The reason of popularity of cricket in India is the huge investment. The organizers and investors find the sport as one of the huge profit making business. People in India are mad to see their players on the fields. While, other sports lacks investors. And for this, government can be held responsible. They should try to popularize the game among people. Cricketers earn such a huge money while players of other sports do not get proper equipments. This is the reason, youngsters opt to make career in cricket and the game is gaining the popularity.

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    I am not sure that whether we should generalize this or not. I have so many friends who are not that crazy about cricket; there are more into football. So it really depends from person to person.
    Veena Sharma.

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    I think you are right about cricket being very popular in India. But I also think that there is nothing wrong with that. If people are crazy about cricket its their call.
    Also as a matter of fact there are many people who also like other sports like football, tennis, badminton etc. But the reason why you don't see children playing them in every street is because there is no career option in these fields in our country. The other sports are often neglected by sports authorities. For example look at the earnings of a cricketer and an Olympic medallist, you will find very shocking figures. Money is showered on cricketers whereas other sports-person are overlooked.
    So I think government should promote other sports in the same way as it promotes cricket.

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    The real answer is we saying and supporting, taking interest in only Cricket. If we start taking interest in other games then they may also popular. How many of us watch other games and criticize over them, may be its negligible. Indian player are very hard worker and they adjust with situation, we have to think on this and support them at least on big events like olympics. I remember we used to play hockey and other games in school days but now only cricket.
    With Best Regards,

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    Since cricket is the only game which is having a established board of International repute and the working pattern is getting the revenue to the govt, there is ample support from all the quarters. More over on ever match the board, the players and the govt gets lots of revenue through the advertisements and this is not possible with other sports. So money is playing major role for its popularity and that is relegating other sports to the bottom of the list though there is ample fans for them.
    K Mohan
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    To be frank its the hard fact that as in real life money gain is the only reason for getting cricket famous with people. There is lot of betting involved with cricket as we find it in the newspaper. The press also emphasizes more news related to cricket then any other sports and they also have a upper hand in making cricket famous with common man.

    The common man doesn't understand the consequence and harm they are doing. For e.g take any son of a common man, if the son is interested in hockey or any other game then the parents will not show much interest. But if the son is interested in cricket then he will take special interest and will do anything that is necessary.

    Cricket is the only sport that people know about and that also just because there is more money involved in it.

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    Cricket is a game which has been so popular among Indians due to the hype created by BCCI for earning their revenue through advertising and broadcast in various channels. All other games have their federation supported by the Government and lethargy creeps in such organisations. However, BCCI is not a Government body and has its own profit making motives and this has made cricket automatically popular. It is the media which can play a great role in popularising every sport in India and encourage more sportsmen to represent our country.
    Aparna Shankarraman

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    Indian government does not give any facilities to sport person and this is the main reason India can not win gold medals in Olympics. India is not ready for the Olympics right now, some of our player doing their best and win the medals. These players are getting good money such as Susil kumar, Anand, Bindra, sania and etc.

    Cricket is popular because India cricket team winning events on regular basis not like hockey team which is always on 8th position. When ever any one win a big event in sport get a spot light.

    Pankil Agrawal

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    Cricket is very popular in India because it entertains a lot more than athletics, people in India likes dramas which is very much happening in cricket, for example: - nail biting finishes like 6 runs in 1 ball grasp more attraction. And as you said there is much investment in cricket but lacks in athletics.
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