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    Should students be allowed mobile phones in schools and colleges?

    These days mobile phones are everywhere. There is hardly anyone who does not own a mobile phone. This includes students. Mobiles phones offer the comfort to stay in touch with family and loved ones anytime anywhere. This is the reason why parents buy mobile phones for students in schools and colleges. Parents think it will help the student to stay in touch with them in case of emergency. However cases of mobile phone misuse by students is on the rise also. Do you think mobile phones should be given to students by parents or not? Give reasons.
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    In my point of view mobile must be allowed in school & colleges just because of following reasons:

    1. As we know ragging still exist apart from having many anti ragging cells. So students must carry mobile for using it in emergency.

    2. Students who lives far from home especially who lives in hostel must have mobile to be in touch with parents.

    3. Students especially girls must have mobile all time inside college campus and while on the way for being safe.

    Parents must be aware whether children is using cell phone in a good way or not. They must take precautions for reduce the chance of misuse. Parents may take following precautions:

    1. Never give very expensive or latest mobile to child especially to minor.

    2. Mobile must be checked routine wise whether it contains some offensive elements or not.

    3. Parents must be aware about the friend circle of their child.

    4. Contact details and the massage box must be go through time to time basis.

    5. The balance must be use only in emergency.

    6. Mobile should be simple and less functioning.

    With warm regards,
    Bhagat Singh
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    No, I do not support this traditions. School going children do not need the mobile phones. However, the college students may use it for the emergency. The students must be provided the mobile phones when they are mature enough. Otherwise, they use the phone to chat with their friends and play games. This impacts their study. Parents must also watch their children that the child do not overuse and gets habituated to the phone.

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    Either we like it or not, but to keep our children away from these technologies is very difficult. Not mobile, but tablets are getting approval in some schools and colleges. Through these tablets students can surf web, watch videos, read books and even can save their notes. Electronic gadgets can be very useful if used with good intentions. If we won't allow them to use, they may cradle hatred feelings in their heart against you. Instead of stopping them to use, we should instruct them not to use the gadgets for bad job. Also, install some security and firewall apps to block offensive contents.

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    Mobile are most kept for an contact withothers and in school there is no need to have a connect as the student he is supposed to be in a classroom and he is supposed to study there not to talk. If the student will be allowed to bring mobile in schools then it will spoil their studies. And for the college students; they can keep because they are quite mature to handle it and will not use it in the class. But for the school student it is something that will go top of the world; as they are not that mature enough to have a phone.
    Veena Sharma.

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    Yes, giving a mobile phone to students is a good idea as they can keep in touch with their parents anytime, anywhere however they should be given a less expensive phone without a camera and a browser, after all phones are actually meant for receiving and making calls.

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    A simple mobile phone can always be handy to all those going oitof homes as they help in keeping touch with the family members. School students lack the maturity to handle things in life and might end up falling prey to some fake calls or luring calls and get trapped in some untoward incident. Hence, it is not advisable to give mobile phones to children while at school. However, a certain level of maturity comes with age and when a student reaches college life, they would know various ways of tackling issues and use the phone as it is meant to be.
    Aparna Shankarraman

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    According to my point of view there is no need of mobile phones in school campus why students carry mobile phones in school. If they carry mobile it is absolutely disturbed the school system and study of students also effected.
    Schools have fixed timing and no one to allow go outside before the school timing is over so students are responsibility of schools, that why there is no reason for taking tension about by parents for their child.

    Rajendra Singh
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    Well, I am not completely against students carrying mobile phones to the school. It sure is an important medium of communication, and with the scenario of our society changing day by day, in a bad way, children are not safe when they are all alone. So it is a must that a child should carry a mobile phone with him/her all the time, at least when they are not home.
    And yes, misuse of mobile phones is also a risk factor. It is seen more when a kid has a camera phone/smartphone. So what a parent could do is not get their kids attracted to this 'fancy mobile' world, and give them a normal phone, and make them understand they need of carrying it.
    It still is risky, but if the 'Benefit outweighs the risk', then we should be able to take that risk!

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    Students who are lives in hostels, PGs eto far away from their parents. They have need of mobile phone for contact with their parents.

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    We shouldn't allow in schools. Children will divert towards the cell and study will be damage.Mobile are used for emergency calls but now a days children are using it for trend and they misusing all the time like playing games.Mobiles are also spreading radiation which can cause ill to human.
    for young age in college,they cant leave without cell phone,but it should be strictly restricted in campus,while learing a lesson students are chatting by can use mobile phones but while teaching you should keep cell silent,switch off.

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    This topic has been discussed many times recently in the forum & hence am locking it.
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