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    The evil of untouchability

    Untouchability is a social evil. Once it was widely practiced. It is still found in some parts of the country. This evil should be removed from the society at the earliest.
    Untouchability became a part of our social structure in the olden days. Indian society is divided into four different castes. These castes were formed based on the job or profession one took up. People who took up unclean works were kept away from the society. Slowly they began to be treated as untouchables.
    Great men like Mahatma fought against untouchability. Gandhiji warned that Hinduism would die if untouchability continued. He called the out-castes, 'Harijans'. All social reformers maintain that there are no untouchables in the world.
    After independence many laws have been made to remove untouchability. Much is being done to improve the lives of the society backward people. However this is q question of social importance. It can be solved only when people understand that all men are equal. All religions preach the same. We are all the children of God and should live like brothers and sisters. When we understand this, the evil of untouchability disappears. Then all Indians can live in peace and harmony.

    Please share your views and comments about untouchability.
    Have you ever seen untouchability?
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    Why was untouchability formed Uma if all religions preach all men are equal? Unthouchability came from the caste system which does have some religious significance. There is an instance in the Ramayan where Shabari gave berries to Rama after biting into them to see if they were sweet. She gave him only the sweet berries. Shabari was a shudra or an untouchable. Which means unthouchability existed even then. So is this really a society thing?
    Ofcourse I mean no religious slur here. Just a question of debate.

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    @Juana, As you said, when Shabari gave rama after biting berries he recieved them with a lot of love. He didn't showed any untouchability.
    There is no place of untouchability between god and devotee.
    I did not understand what you are saying?

    I think the untouchability took place just a few years back, may be some hundreds in number.

    Uma Peri

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    Yes Uma didi, unfortunately this social evil called untouchability is still existing in some sections of the Indian society even in this modern world where man simply doesn't have time to follow such principles and weird traditions. The very concept of categorizing people as untouchables is inhuman and discriminating. I think it is just a social malice that people have developed over the years to ensure that some sections of the people remain always above some others like the lower caste people and the untouchables. This is simply unjust and one has to remember that every one has the same composition of the DNA at the molecular level and it is just the difference of a few genes that one is able to set up a unique identity.

    Also, Juana ma'am, you've rightly pointed out how this actually came into existence. I think our religion is flawed in this one thing because I have seen such divisions in almost all religions and this seems to be a strangely universal flaw.

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    I hate if someone still do the same partiality from the last many decade.

    Now India is must educated to abolish old traditions or errors but unfortunately still many are doing the same. Even one of my best friend are also carrying this jerk. I don't want to disclose his name. He said he will not share the bench of the class because the bench mate is the member of lower community.
    Those time I said him you are educated but still worse than uneducated people.
    I wish one day we got Independence from this thing too.

    with warm regards,
    Bhagat singh

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    Untouchability is the worse part in India. We don't know when it started but we are following it from several thousand years. We should make some changes accordingly in our social and religious life.
    In epic era there was four level cast system as: Brahmin, Kshtriya, Vaishya and Skshudra. Skshudra's were supposed to involve in cleaning activities like transport human waste from toilet to outside of village, to clean dead animals etc. As they were poor they used to eat meat of dead animal also, in past era. This was ridiculous system and everyone followed it. Untouchability may it's origin here taking in account the fact many infections may occur to such persons and these may spread over village or region. Later it was given religious support and this system continued strongly. These are my opinions about how the system of untouchability started.
    But in today's world it is devil in our society we should kill that devil by trying hard.

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
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    Unthouchabilty existed even back then centuries ago. It is not something that happened a few centuries ago as you suggested. And if there is mention of it in the Ramayan that means it was very much part of the society even then. I do not support but it and it should never be there. It is the worst type of insult towards humanity.
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    Thank you Juana ma'am. How these things came through? Is untouchability supported eradicated or still existing at your place? Here in some villages of Andhra Pradesh, untouchability exist.
    Uma Peri

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    Thankfully I was born in Delhi which does not have room for these old fashioned norms. Not at least where I was living. I have always lived in metropolitan cities where one does not really see this ugly side of our culture. I know it still exists because you keep reading about the atrocities against dalits in different parts of the country. We speak of our culture in such glorifying terms but can do nothing to banish age old traditions that are inhumane. Atleast there were some reformers who abolished sati and allowed remarriage of widows. We need to move with times and not live as though we are still in the 10th century.
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    Untouchability is a social evil. This old custom stands as a hindrance in the development of society. Still now there are some people who do not like to leave this age old customs and not ready to accept new ideas and thoughts. For which we face some problems in our society. This evil custom creates class conflict among people and destroys peace and prosperity of society. So we should take initiative to eradicate this evil custom from our society. Yes, all human beings are equal and we are all the children of God and should live like brothers and sister.

    Tulika Devi Nath

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Untouchablity is a big stigma on the Indian society I have seen this in my village when I was 9 years old and sharing this incidence to Isc.

    At that time I was unaware of this untouchablity I saw that my great grand mother as see was alive at that time gave the tea without milk to a lady who was come in our home for asking for the work
    and she also told her to sit outside the home as my mother said to me to touch the feet of elder ones I also touched her feet but the lady again touched my feets and said sorry to me.On seeing that my grandmother scolded me as well as that lady and said that see is Harijan a low caste lady and also scolded my mother to tell me about all these things.
    From that day I never forget that incidence and I still feels so sorry about that lady.

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    I do scene and heard a lot about untouchablity and we can still being evident by the famous TV show Satyamev Jayate too.
    Farid Akhtar
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    When we could have the slavery system in our countries, it was easy to preach and practice untouchability. As civilization improved, man understood the nature of creation well and started fighting against the odd untouchability. Every human is a human without any difference. As said we were divided into four group as per our profession. Now everyone is good with the others profession. With the good education, every one can do business. , everyone can perform pooja, Everyone can clean their own house and own toilets. As the time changed untouchables have become touchables. Yes. untouchability is an evil practice that is to be buried.
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    Hello Friends,
    I should say that the system of Untouchable is one of the vast thing that is not yet removed from our society. I have seen many such things happening in the past and in the present too. I am from Madurai and hence can say that it is still prevailing in certain areas in that section. I have seen this when I was a very small boy of about 4 years in my village itself. Once It happened that a person was walking in the streets with the towel in his shoulders and the chapels in his legs and when he came across a person from higher caste he suddenly removed his chapel and the towel went to the hips. I also heard that the lower caste people would be punished often for wearing chapels in the street. But as of now though the system of Untouchability has reduced greatly still the villagers with lower caste don't wear Chapels and Towel when they are going into the village Panchayats where the higher caste people are there.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Why untouchability came into practice in Indian society:

    It is well known that our society is based on Varnashrama Dharma since the Vedic period. The true essence is that a society needs people belonging to different categories for its proper functioning and basing on this concept there are Brahmins, Kshetriyas, Vysyas and Shudras. As the Indian society was not exposed to the Western lifestyle in those days, so a special category of people called the Panchamas were engaged in the cleaning of the filth in the society. And as scientifically, it is evident that it is the filth which is the breeding ground for various disease-causing germs and as the people in those days were not scientifically advanced, hence they were kept aloof to avoid the spread of diseases. But unfortunately, later on this took a wrong turn and the upper castes of the society started misusing their privileges in the society . In addition, they started suppressing these fifth category in the name of untouchables. Yet, there were reformers from the upper castes who fought for the right cause like the great Telugu Saint Poet Annamacharya who not only composed songs on Lord Venkateswara but also composed many songs for a social cause. For instance, When even in these days of technologically developed society of ours, we find the some sections of the society being suppressed by the other sections, then how can we think of an egalitarian society?

    Thanks & Regards

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