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    Do you know your state symbol, state flower, state tree, state animal, state bird etc

    Do you know as India as a nation has its own National animal, National bird, National flower, National Anthem etc; every Indian state also has its own state symbol, animal,bird, flower,tree, game, dance, song etc;

    As I am from Tamilnadu, I wish to say about Tamilnadu's concern.

    State symbol: The temple tower of Srivilliputhur temple.
    State Animal: Varaiyadu(Nilgiri Thar)
    State flower: Shenkandhal Karthigai flower.
    State Game: Kabaddi
    State Bird: Marakatha Pura (Chalcophaps indica)
    State tree: Palm tree
    State Dance: Bharatha Natyam
    State Song : Tamil Thai Vaazhthu.

    Do you know about such information on your own state. Please post it here to update our information.
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    I am quite surprised with this thread as before this time I have never been heard of such things existence for the states. I need to research for West Bengal. Informative one Sun.
    Farid Akhtar
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    Ah well sir, I am, to be honest, feeling surprised that such details have found their way on to the ISC platform at last and you of all the members did it! Really a big thanks sir for the information sir. Well, here's what Andhra Pradesh can boast of about state animal, object etc.

    State symbol:Poorna Kumbham
    State Animal: Krishna Jinka or the black deer as far as I know
    State flower: Something locally called as Kaluva Puvvu or Kaluva flower.
    State Game: Kabaddi
    State Bird: Not sure
    State tree: Neem tree
    State Dance: Kuchipudi
    State SonG : Maa telugu Talli ki malle puvvu danda

    I am aware of only these things and I may have to find out about the state bird using Google but thanks a lot for giving me a chance to check all these once again.

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    Hello Sun
    To be frank, I googled for the state of Maharashtra - My state of Residence.
    State Song : Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha
    State Capital : Mumbai (Formerly known as Bombay)
    State Language : Marathi
    State Animal : Shekru (Giant Squirrel)
    State Tree : Mango
    State Bird : Green Necked Pigeon
    State Game : Kabaddi
    State Dance : Lavani
    State Flower : Tamnan (Lagerstroemia flowers , Regine)
    State website :

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    Sai and Dr. Apurva,
    Nice to see the states coming up with their own important details about their states. So for we could see Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
    I hope members from other state will also browze the net and post information about their respective states, to keep a consolidated record at ISC.

    Members, Please cooperate to add information to this thread.

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    Hi Sun,

    Here I have found out the details of my state Kerala. Tahnkyou for giving me an opportunity to know my state better and aslo teh otehr states of India.

    State symbol: Coat of arms(the emblem portrays two elephants guarding the state and national insignias)
    State Animal: Indian elephant
    State flower: Kani Konna (Cassia fistula)
    State Game: Kaalpandhu Kali (Football)
    State Bird: Great Hornbill
    State tree: Coconut tree
    State Dance: Kathakali
    State SonG : Sopana Sangeetham, or Nadan Pattukal (I'm not sure, any Keralites pls correct me)
    State Festival : Onam
    State Capital : Trivandrum
    State Language : Malayalam

    Dr. Apurva, you could have included your state symbol as well, as taht is important.

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    @ Sai

    The state bird of Andhra Pradesh is Paala Pitta - a type of bird which resembles the blue bird and this is known as the Indian Roller

    Proud to see a Telugu boy of the present age, having such knowledge about his state

    Thanks & Regards

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    Andhra Pradesh State Bird is Paala Pitta.

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    I am from uttrakhand It was really a nice post
    state flower- brahmkamal
    state bird- monal
    state animal- musk dear
    state tree- buransh

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    Hi, I am from Odisha and the details are as follows:

    State symbol: Stone carved horse from the Sun temple at Konark
    State song: Vande utkala janani (odia)
    State Capital : Bhubaneswar
    State Language : Odia
    State Animal : Sambar deer
    State Bird : Blue jay
    State Dance : Odissi
    State Flower : Ashoka
    State website :

    Aditya Das
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    Your responses are encouraging. This thread facilitate us to know the states of India and its importantance to the state animals, birds, art song, game symbol etc. I expect other members from other states to come up on this thread.

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