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    Some million gallons of fuel loss at traffic signals - Action needed

    As the population is increasing, the use of vehicles is also increasing rapidly. Due to this increased use there was heavy traffic at the signal and there are number of traffic jams. During the red signal, more than 95% of the people were not bothered to stop their vehicle engines. This leads to a great fuel loss and economic loss to the nation.

    Petroleum Conservation Research Association's (PCRA) has created some awareness programmes saying that if the signal time is more than 14 seconds, then the people should switch off their vehicle engines. But despite these efforts, the engine keeps on running even if the signal time is more than 2 minutes. Some people don't even switch off their engines even when there is a traffic jam. But high percentage of fuels is wasted, while waiting for the green signal. Due to these practices, few million gallons of petrol and diesel are wasted. Along with these money spent to buy these resources is also wasted. We are also indirectly responsible for rise in fuel prices as we are wasting these fuels unnecessarily.

    Yes, I agree that government should consider implementing more efficient traffic management and conducting more awareness programmes. But we have equal responsibility here. So dear ISCians, I request you to please switch off your vehicle engines during idle time. Please follow this simple tip and try to spread this message to your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. Also share your views on this serious problem.
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    Hello Friend,
    I am agree with your opinion and i want to suggest some idea for this topic. I think we all people responsible for wasting the fuel, specially on traffic signals. I think first of all the people should need to aware from it and then any action can taken. I think the time of signal less or more is not matter, if the signal time is less, in the main city's it may cause of traffic. I have one solution of this problem company's should develop such kind of engines which automatically turn off after 10 seconds, when the vehicles are just reaches on signals and stopped but they are not turned off. I also want to say that the fuel wastage is not only done at traffic signals, but it is also happen whenever we talk to other person of another vehicle without caring the turn of the vehicle. In the end Government and Company's can not do any thing, until the people not take actions.

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    You made a valid suggestion and every citizen of this country who travels on the two wheelers or cars must follow the rule that they should turn off the engine at the traffic signals. It will not only save the petrol or fuel but also the pollution and noise level at the traffic signal junctions will reduce drastically. More over if some friends are working in same office and live in nearby areas, they can pool the car travel in rounds and thus save petrol.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @ Balbir singh
    Thanks for adding some more value to this post by your ideas. Yes there is every need for automated engines but until then people should understand the problem and react to it.

    @ Mohan sir
    Yes sir, the pooling of cars is always a great idea and it yields great results if it is followed regularly. Thanks for adding some more points which are really informative.

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    Hi, Raghuram your suggestion is very informative and useful. Fuel and petrol are non-renewable resources means once they lost never we get back them. So it is very good idea to reduce the use of these fuels at some extent. Yes, it is also benefit the environment to reduce the pollution.

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    Dear Raghuram,

    This is a very good and educative thread. I too agree that 99% people do not stop car engines while at traffic. This indeed leads to heavy loss of fuel and that is a reason why the fuel price is increasing. If the government has taken an initiative to develop our public transport, then more people will start using it and there by we can reduce the traffic and also the fuel consumption.

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    @ Kamal Kishore
    Thanks for replying. Yes,they are non-renewable resources for which we are spending huge money. So there is every need to protect them.

    @ Chitra madam
    Thanks for appreciating the thread. Public transport need to be made more effective so that people will be more interested to take them. It reduces lot of fuel consumption and pollution.

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    Yes you are true. When people don't switch of their engineer then it is bound that alot of fuel will be wasted and hence we will be the only one who will face problems in future as well.
    Veena Sharma.

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    @ Veena madam
    Thanks for replying. Yes people may not foresee the need in the future. But it is going to be a biggest problem in the future. So it is very important to start taking action immediately.

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