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    Our Culture is decaying!!

    Our Culture is decaying!! It is true on the basis of current fashion in youth.
    What do you think that whether it is decaying or something else ?

    Let us start our discussion here.

    Thank You.
    Pankaj Gupta
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    according to me yes,our culture is decaying.because now a days we are adopting western culture and by this way we are spoiling our civilization and culture. today's new generation is mainly responsible for that. the new generation follows western culture not our culture. now a day's we are giving more prefrance to money than relations.that's why most of the people don't respect to there olders.and they are aggree to break the relations for money.

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    I dont know what the culture mean to you all guys. Wearing modern dresses, dancing partying doesnt indicate a decline in culture, I think what had happened is the wish which was dumped in heart previously is now expressing with bang, but the soul, the spirit is still Indian in every heart with few exceptions.

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    Yes I agree our culture is being destroyed and we are the culprit, we are just following the external side of the western countries and forgetting our original concept of living, not only in dresses but also in our daily routing and behaviour we are very fastly adapting western culture and the pace is such that its not too far when our original culture will be a history.

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    stubborn nature is certainly not the path to development.
    adapting the best available is what everyone desires,our culture is changing for sure but calling is decaying is certainly not fair.
    i totally agree with anil when he says that in the era of modernisation youth has became more expressive but still the indian ethics of
    1. paying respect to elders and women
    2. abide by rules is still intact
    we are talking about our cultre degrading due to influence of west and it is the west which is appreciating and trying to model the indian culture
    we need not talk like hippocrates and speak of getting influenced,we have indian spirit embedded in our souls and we live always pass on right messages to the generation to come after us.

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