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Pincodes and post offices in Simdega District.

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Post OfficeTalukDistrictState
Agharma B.OKolibiraSimdegaJharkhand
B. Biura B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Bagdega B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Baliajor B.OThethaitangarSimdegaJharkhand
Banki B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Bano S.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Bansjor B.OThethaitangarSimdegaJharkhand
Bargaon B.OKolibiraSimdegaJharkhand
Baribringa B.OKoliberaSimdegaJharkhand
Barsloya B.OKolibiraSimdegaJharkhand
Barwadih B.OKolebiraSimdegaJharkhand
Basain B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Behrinbasa B.OThethaitangarSimdegaJharkhand
Bhelwadih B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Biru S.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Bolba B.OBolbaSimdegaJharkhand
Bombalkera B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Bongera B.OKolibiraSimdegaJharkhand
Boroseta B.OKolebiraSimdegaJharkhand
Ch. Munda B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Deobahar B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Dhori B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Dumarpath B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Gariajore B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Garja B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Gatadih B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Genmer B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Gerda B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Gorarjora B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Gotra S.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Gutbahar B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Hatinghore B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Hethma B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Hurda B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Itam B.OKolebiraSimdegaJharkhand
Jaldega B.OKolebiraSimdegaJharkhand
Jampani B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Jitutoli B.OBanoSimdegaJharkhand
Jokbahar B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Karramunda B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Keonddih B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kereya B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kersai B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Keshalpur B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Khinda B.OKurdegSimdegaJharkhand
Khuntitoli B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kinkel B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kjijra B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kochedega B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand
Kodapani B.OSimdegaSimdegaJharkhand

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