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Pincodes and post offices in Solapur District.

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SangolaS.solapurMadhaBarshiSouth SolapurAkkalkotMalshiras
N.solapurPandharpurMoholMangalwedhaKarmalaNorth SolapurAkkaikot
MahdaSnagolaNort SolapurMalsirasPamdharpurUttar SolapurMangalwedha

Post OfficeTalukDistrictState
Achakdani B.OSangolaSolapurMaharashtra
Achegaon B.OS.solapurSolapurMaharashtra
Adhegaon B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Agalgaon S.OBarshiSolapurMaharashtra
Aherwadi B.OSouth SolapurSolapurMaharashtra
Ajnale B.OSangolaSolapurMaharashtra
Akkalkot S.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Akluj S.OMalshirasSolapurMaharashtra
Akola Wasud B.OSangolaSolapurMaharashtra
Akole(KH) B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Akolekati B.ON.solapurSolapurMaharashtra
Akulgaon B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Akumbhe B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Alegaon B.OSangolaSolapurMaharashtra
Ambe B.OPandharpurSolapurMaharashtra
Anagar S.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Anawali B.OPandharpurSolapurMaharashtra
Andhalgaon B.OMangalwedhaSolapurMaharashtra
Anjandoh B.OKarmalaSolapurMaharashtra
Anjangaon Khilobache B.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Anjangaon Umate B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Ankalge B.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Ankoli B.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Antroli B.OSouth SolapurSolapurMaharashtra
Arali B.OMangalwedhaSolapurMaharashtra
Arali B.ON.solapurSolapurMaharashtra
Aran B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Ashok Chowk S.ON.solapurSolapurMaharashtra
Ashti S.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Auj B.OSouth SolapurSolapurMaharashtra
Aundhi B.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Aurad B.ONorth SolapurSolapurMaharashtra
Awati B.OKarmalaSolapurMaharashtra
Babalad B.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Babhulgaon B.OBarshiSolapurMaharashtra
Babhulgaon B.OPandharpurSolapurMaharashtra
Badole BK B.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Bagehalli B.OAkkaikotSolapurMaharashtra
Bale B.ONorth SolapurSolapurMaharashtra
Balwadi B.OSangolaSolapurMaharashtra
Bardi B.OPandharpurSolapurMaharashtra
Barhanpur B.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Barloni B.OMadhaSolapurMaharashtra
Barshi S.OBarshiSolapurMaharashtra
Barur B.ON.solapurSolapurMaharashtra
Basalegaon B.OAkkalkotSolapurMaharashtra
Bavi B.OMahdaSolapurMaharashtra
Bavi B.OBarshiSolapurMaharashtra
Bazarpeth Mohol S.OMoholSolapurMaharashtra
Belati B.ON.solapurSolapurMaharashtra

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