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Pincodes and post offices in Alwar District.

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MundawarRajgarhTana GaziThanagaziAlwarBahrorK.g.basss
RamgarhLaxmangarh AlwarTizaraBansurLaxman GarhLaxaman GarhLaxmangarh
Kishan Garh BassTijaraNimranaLaxmzn GarhKathumarKishangarh BasKotkasim

Post OfficeTalukDistrictState
A.G.Dadhiya B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Adoli B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Agar B.OTana GaziAlwarRajasthan
Ajabgarh B.OTana GaziAlwarRajasthan
Ajabpura B.OThanagaziAlwarRajasthan
Ajerka S.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Akbarpur B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Aklimpur B.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Alamdika B.OK.g.basssAlwarRajasthan
Alanpur B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Alaora B.ORamgarhAlwarRajasthan
Alwar Bus Stand S.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Alwar H.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Anantpura B.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Arwa B.OLaxmangarh AlwarAlwarRajasthan
Aryanagar Alwar S.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Babari B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Babaria B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Bagarrajput B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Bagheri Kalan S.OK.g.basssAlwarRajasthan
Baghora B.OTizaraAlwarRajasthan
Baghore B.OKishan GarhAlwarRajasthan
Bahadurpur S.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Bahala B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Bahali B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Bahroj B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Bahror H.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Bahror Jat S.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Bahtookalan B.OLaxmangarh AlwarAlwarRajasthan
Balata B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Baldeogarh B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Ballupura B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Balluwas B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Bamanwas B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Bamanwas Kankar B.OThanagaziAlwarRajasthan
Bamboli B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Bambora B.OKishan GarhAlwarRajasthan
Bandra B.OTizaraAlwarRajasthan
Bansur S.OBansurAlwarRajasthan
Barer B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Barkhera B.OAlwarAlwarRajasthan
Barkokhurd B.ORajgarhAlwarRajasthan
Barodakan B.OLaxman GarhAlwarRajasthan
Barodameo S.OLaxaman GarhAlwarRajasthan
Barrod S.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Basai B.OBahrorAlwarRajasthan
Basai Kalan B.OMundawarAlwarRajasthan
Basaijogian B.OThanagaziAlwarRajasthan
Baseth B.OLaxmangarh AlwarAlwarRajasthan
Baskripal Nagar B.OKishan GarhAlwarRajasthan

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