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Pincodes and post offices in Jalpaiguri District.

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Jalpaiguri SadarFalakataAlipurduarDhupguriMalNagrakataMaynaguri
JalpaiguriRajganjMatteliMadarihattMadarihatBirparaDhupguri Sadar
Garu Bathan IIMekhliganjs.o.Madari HatMatelliRajganj BlockJalpaiguri BlockGarubathan

Post OfficeTalukDistrictState
Adarpara S.OJalpaiguri SadarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Alinagar B.OFalakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Alipurduar Court S.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Alipurduar Junction S.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Alipurduar New Town S.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Alipurduar S.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Altagram Magurmari B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Ambari Bagan S.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Ananda Pur B.OMalJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Angrabhasa B.ONagrakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Atiabaribagan B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Atpukuria Nayahat B.OFalakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Badaitari B.OFalakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baganbari B.OFalakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bagjan B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bagribarihat B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bahadur B.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bairatiguri B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bakali B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bakla Schooldanga B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bakshaduar B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Balaram B.ORajganjJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Balasunder B.OMathabhangaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bamni B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Banarhat S.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Banchukamari B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Banesh Jn B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baniadabri B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baniagaon B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barachaukirbash B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baradighi S.OMatteliJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barakamat B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barapatia Natunbas B.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bararangrash B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barobisha S.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barodaldali B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Barogharia B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baroshoulmari B.OMathabhangaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Baruipara B.OAlipurduarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Batabari B.OMatteliJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bataigole Bazar S.OMalJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Belocoba B.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Beltoli Bhandani B.OFalakataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Benkandi B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Berubari S.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bhabani Nagar B.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bhaktipara B.OJalpaiguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bhandani B.ODhupguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bhangamali B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
Bhangerhat B.OMaynaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal

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