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Pincodes and post offices in Panchmahal District.

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KalolMorva (Hadaf)LunawadaGodhraKadanaSheheraSantrampur

Post OfficeTalukDistrictState
Adadra S.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Agarwada B.OMorva (Hadaf)PanchmahalGujarat
Agarwada B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Alwa B.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Ambali B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Amthani B.OKadanaPanchmahalGujarat
Aniyad B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Anjanwa B.OSantrampurPanchmahalGujarat
Ankalia B.OKadanaPanchmahalGujarat
Antalwada B.OKadanaPanchmahalGujarat
Arad B.OHalolPanchmahalGujarat
Bablia B.OKhanpurPanchmahalGujarat
Babrol B.OSantrampurPanchmahalGujarat
Bachkaria B.OKadanaPanchmahalGujarat
Bahi B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Bakkhar B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Bakor S.OKhanpurPanchmahalGujarat
Bakrol B.OGhoghmbaPanchmahalGujarat
Bamroda B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Bapotia B.OHololPanchmahalGujarat
Baska B.OHalolPanchmahalGujarat
Bedhiya B.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Bhadrala B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Bhadrod B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Bhadroli Khurd B.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Bhalada B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Bhalania B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Bhamaiya B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Bhamaria B.OHalolPanchmahalGujarat
Bhandoi B.OMorva (Hadaf)PanchmahalGujarat
Bhilod B.OGhoghmbaPanchmahalGujarat
Bhuvar B.OSantrampurPanchmahalGujarat
Bodidra Buzarg B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Bodidra Khurd B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Bor B.OGhoghambaPanchmahalGujarat
Boriavi B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Boriya B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Boru Bakorl B.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Borvai B.OKhanpurPanchmahalGujarat
Chalali B.OKalolPanchmahalGujarat
Champeli B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Chandranagar B.OGhoghambaPanchmahalGujarat
Chandrpura B.OHalolPanchmahalGujarat
Chapra B.OHalolPanchmahalGujarat
Charangam B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Chatkabeli B.OLunawadaPanchmahalGujarat
Chelawada B.OGhoghambaPanchmahalGujarat
Chhanip B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat
Chhavad B.OGodhraPanchmahalGujarat
Chhogala B.OSheheraPanchmahalGujarat

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