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Forum: Different countries but politicians have the same motto.
Forum: 18,00,000 deaths in 2015 in India due to Air pollution
Forum Responses: Congratulations to all the winners. Ban on crackers was a lively thread with others being very inter
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Forum Responses: #612169: to your query no:2 - there is plenty of evidence to say that around Diwali time the air qua
Forum Responses: Great thread Mr.Partha about Maldives, It's a favourite destination for the newly married and young
Forum Responses: Most of them are viral fevers and viral illness related arthralgia ( joint pains) that can affect th
Forum Responses: Nice observation by the author. A palindrome is one wherein numbers and words can be read forwards o
Forum Responses: I think words are used with different meanings. Culture is something we get over years or decades of
Forum Responses: Nice thread and replies, I think we often pray to Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswathi to hav
Forum Responses: Yes, in many ways the poor celebrate the festivals a little later than others. Very nice observation
Forum: 19-10-1987. Stock Market Crash. Can we learn
Forum Responses: Being a common Indian we should read between the lines of the timing and statements of politicians.
Forum Responses: Hi. I've seen this with me before because of the unfamiliarity of the site. It should get credited a
Forum Responses: Hearty congratulations and best wishes for many more years at ISC. It is people at this senior level
Forum Responses: #612180. Yes, air and train travel has changed with a paperless option. While our parents travel by
Forum Responses: Nice list of reminders for a happy and safe Diwali. Often children and some adults, in their enthusi
Forum Responses: Nice post on Diwali, yes the light of lamps on the new moon night signifies light's victory over dar

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