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Forum Responses: When you find no problem on pointing out other's behaviour and commenting about it, you should be re
Forum Responses: Sorry to take this thread off track but I would not let you go without having my own answer. Let
Forum: Only perfect practice can make one perfect
Forum Responses: Coming to the topic of this thread. I feel sometime very proud of being associated with ISC membe
Forum Responses: Vandana the ME of ISC, "but please note that the threads are about different behavioural traits.
Forum Responses: Of course I do have. May be this is why I am not into race to create so many threads. I feel boring
Forum Responses: This is typical Umesh thread about people behaviour. Here are some other thread of his which has be
Forum: Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect
Forum Responses: My first official earning was 900/- + 500 bonus in seeing my honesty and hard work. No one forget t
Forum Responses: I am not a sycophant just to get favour or benefit from others. I am straight forward and speak it u
Forum Responses: Sun, You are correct, a sports shoes is not require for exercise and it can be done bare foot too.
Forum Responses: Partha, Have you taken any photograph? If so, you can post it in photo section so that others too wi
Forum: I knew it was just matter of time to put my sports shoe on
Forum Responses: Since there are no frequent responses on this discussion and the time for this GD is coming to an en
Forum Responses: The entire debate for supporting this judgement are based on - How such bedridden or coma patient su
Forum Responses: #629604 Read my sentence, I have mentioned "not all people but most of them" may feel burden. You
Forum Responses: The most important part is , such law can ruin the life of older people. When after getting into 70s
Forum Responses: So far the outcome has from the member who are supporting are almost same and repeating it again and
Forum Responses: #629485 In short, we want to say that kill a life if he/she does not have any improvement. Why to
Forum Responses: #629483, Sushma, "I feel, members opposing the judgement are also doing the guessing work stating

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