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This is K Mohan from Hyderabad. Education is an importance aspect of our life and re-learning it is the hall mark that will enhance our knowledge further. In this respect i was searching for a nice web site that can suit my needs. Then i stumbled upon this good site called ISC.

From the day one i was attracted to this site. Unlike other sites, this one is purely dedicated to the cause of students. I started contributing my articles and posts and become an active member in due course.

In the Nov 2009, i was awarded wizard of the forum section. I always make a point to visit this site daily and never absent even for one day.

With the simple understandable English I started responding to all the forums and today my name is seen all over the forums of ISC.

Now I am the Platinum member of this esteemed site with many recognition and accolades. I could achieve this fete in just two years. And I am first member in this site to achieve first google adsense century through forum only.

I take pride in mentioning here that I am the only member of this great site to reach 1,00.000 point milestone through the sole contribution in the forum pages.

I was also active member of Mywindowsclub, Globalreviewchannel, Haramaraup.com, Andhraspider.com,Hyderabadspider.com, Bengalspider.com and tamilspider.com.

I wish to associate with this site as long as my life goes.
I created a new record by getting google adsense only through contributions in the forum section.

You can contact me at https://twitter.com/mohansainikpuri or



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