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Name Partha K.
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Who am I?
I am a balding middle-aged man who has just crossed fifty. Belong to fast-diminishing 'Bengali Bhadralok' community.

I possess some Degrees from some Universities.

Trying to serve people of India.

Varied and diversified, some of which are mentioned below (the list is not exhaustive):-
Sports (Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton and Chess)
Literature (Bengali and English)
Culture (Indian in general and Bengali in particular)
History (World and Indian)
International Relations
International Terrorism
Politics (mainly in Indian Context)
Military Theory and Military History
Personal Finance (mainly mutual funds and fixed-return instruments) and Insurance
Classical films

Learning and sharing.

Special Characteristics:
Kindly remember that I am politically incorrect. I question everyone and everything. I like to call a spade a spade and usually create problem for myself.


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