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About myself: I am a freelance writer by profession and other than writing just love reading fiction! I am loyal, trustworthy, frank & honest by nature. I like reaching out to help & be a mentor to those needing my guidance.

This is my eighth year as an ISCian.

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ISC Honours & Awards
1. 5th January 2009 - Best Forum Supporter
2. 23rd Mar 2009 - Best Forum Supporter
3. 13th May 2009 - Best Forum Supporter
4. 16th Jan 2010 - Wizard of English December 2009
5. 22rd Mar 2010 - Member of The Month February 2010
6. 23rd Jan 2011 - Star of ISC 2010
7. 1st Jan 2012 - 2011 Most Valuable Member Award
8. 5th Dec 2014 – Articles Wizard of November 2014
9. 7th Jan 2015 - Star of ISC (for the Year 2014)
10. 24 Sep 2015 - Articles Wizard of August 2015
11. 28 Feb 2016 - Jobs Wizard of January 2016
12. 24 Apr 2016 - Forum Wizard of March 2016
13. 10 Jul 2016 - ISC Webmaster's Special Award for Leadership
14. 28 Sep 2016 - Articles Wizard of August 2016
15. 26 Dec 2016 – Jobs Wizard of November 2016

ISC Promotions
1. 19th Jan 2009: Forum Editor
2. 14th September 2009: Lead Editor
3. 6th August 2011: Managing Editor

ISC Contest Winner/runner-up/other prizes: 75 to date. This includes article writing contests, active GDs and miscellaneous contests such as spot a change, riddles, TOW, etc.

All ISC awards & cash credits to date listed here

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