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Lingaya's University, Faridabad (2013 Communication: B.Tech. Electronics and Communications Engineering)

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Forum Responses: "they did X wrong so we can do Y wrong" - the typical language of trolls.
Forum Responses: It seems people are becoming more sensitive as more of their demands are met. The uneducated people
Forum Responses: We should always be skeptical, that is the base of a scientific temperament. A scientific theory whi
Forum Responses: Is it a trend nowadays to ignore what science says and accept all the rubbish that is unproven and s
Forum Responses: People experience a lot of things and some of those give rise to superstitions and misinformation li
Forum Responses: @Mohan, for a person who is the king of spreading misinformation like mosquito bites spread AIDS and
Forum Responses: @Mohan I don't know who said diabetes never happens in teenage. I said it is rare. "Many cases
Forum Responses: A review is important because your statements defy logic, Mohan. In humans, each tooth gets replaced
Forum Responses: I see the first sentence itself is poorly written. I should be written as "benefit of those who are
Forum Responses: Both sides of the girl seem to be burnt (which is illogical if burns are due to a phone blast) and i
Forum Responses: What might be distasteful to you might not be distasteful for others, did you consider that? The sho
Forum Responses: No Sun, there is no proof for the "creationism" theory. The term that science identifies is Evolutio
Forum Responses: The thread intro was so far from science that I didn't feel like posting any response because what t
Forum Responses: Open your article in Edit mode. Click on "Advanced Options (Click to Show/Hide)". It will open a se
Forum Responses: There is no work that only Brahmins can do. The world can work with or without them. Brahmins can to
Forum Responses: They give a physical debit card which can be used both at ATMs and online. MAB accounts just don't
Forum Responses: Birth by not an eligibility for anything.
Forum Responses: The comments by Mohan actually show why reservation system is important. The superiority complex tha
Forum Responses: John, Relax a little and understand that sometimes it is our fault that can lead to such issues. S
Forum Responses: #608545 - this is false. Chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It is the sugar present in chocolat

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